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Great Online Courses, Assets and Add-ons from our Friends


Blender Secrets

PDF e-book with hundreds of short and useful Blender tips


Procedural Texturing in Blender Course

Level up your procedural texturing skills in Blender

Rig anything with Rigify Course

Take your Blender rigging skills to the next level

Anatomy in Blender - Sculpting Course

Learn how to sculpt a full body male character in Blender

Blender Rigging Course

Learn everything you need to know about rigging in Blender

Hard Surface Modeling Course

Learn to create stunning hard-surface assets in Blender

Real Time Motion Graphics Course

Take your Blender motion graphics skills to the next level

Space VFX Elements Course

Learn to create stunning 3D space scenes in Blender
Created by Gleb Alexandrov and Aidy Burrows

Stylized 3D Art in Blender Course

Learn how to create stylized and non-photorealistic 3D art in Blender

Hard Surface Rigging in Blender

Take your hard-surface rigging skills to the next level

Polygon Runway Course

Learn to create stunning low poly scenes in Blender

50 Modeling Issues From Hell Course

The ultimate 3D modeling troubleshooting tips for Blender

Master Car Creation Course

Learn to create stunning high-quality cars in Blender
Created by Chris Plush (

Stylized Character Creation Course

Learn to create cute stylized characters in Blender

Fundamentals of Digital Lighting in Blender

Take your Blender lighting skills to the next level

Assets & Add-ons

Human Generator Blender Add-on

Create realistic human characters directly in Blender

Graswald Blender Add-on

High-quality asset pack and add-on for Blender to create realistic nature scenes in no time

Fluent Add-on

Stressless hard-surface modelling tool for Blender

Cycles Material Vault

Get 110 high fully-customizable Cycles materials for Blender 10% off
Save 10%

Scatter Blender Add-on

Powerful scattering add-on for Blender, to create nature scenes quickly

Flared Add-on

A realtime lens flare generator add-on for Blender

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