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Cubic Worlds

Learn to create stunning Low Poly Animations in Blender


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Quality online courses to push your Blender 3D skills to the next level and a student only learning community.

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Monthly art challenge with awesome prizes for the winners and a strong community of aspiring artists.


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We help you boost your Blender 3D skills!

Effective 3D Artist Training Website 2021

Becoming a successful CG Artist was a long, and sometimes lonely road. I want to teach you everything I’ve learned along the way, to make your journey less painful and more fun.

In the last 16+ years I’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of CG Artists just like you. Since then, I’ve won the “Artist of the Year Award 2018” awarded by JLE Group for my excellent teaching performance…

Master 3D Environments in Blender

Learn to create epic large-scale Environments


Blender Launch Pad

Kickstart your Journey as 3D Artist


Sculpt January 2022

Challenge your sculpting skills over 31 days with a set of 31 topics

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