Ancient Robot Challenge

2nd CG Boost Art Challenge for 3D Artists with Prizes worth ~$3,920!

Artwork by Sergey Grechanyuk


Welcome to the second CG Boost Challenge with the topic “Ancient Robot”!

This art challenge is for all 3d artists wanting to improve their skills and get the chance to win prizes worth ~$3,920!

This is our second challenge at CG Boost, however, we have quite some years of experience in running digital art challenges. 2015, we initiated the SculptJanuary event, which is still running today and shortly after that, we established the Weekly CG Challenge, which eventually became the CG Boost challenge after 143 challenges!

This challenge is for 3D artists only. The main goal is to improve your skills and create a 3d render for your portfolio. Besides that, you have the chance to increase your online exposure and win great prizes worth ~$3,920 provided by some of the best companies in the 3d industry.

In the spirit of growing together, you can join our Facebook community of aspiring artists, ask for or give feedback to help each other improve.

Before you get started, don’t forget to read the rules.

The challenge ends on Wednesday April 24th, 2019 at 23:59 CET!

Good luck everyone!
~Zach and the CG Boost team

Update: KIT OPS joined as sponsor for the CG Boost Challenge! They are providing one license of KIT OPS PRO as prize, an advanced kitbashing add-on for Bender. Learn more!

The topic for this challenge is “Ancient Robots”.

Traditionally, robots, androids and similar machines belong to the genre of Science Fiction. But what if the age of robotics already started several hundred years earlier, in our past? What would robots from ancient Greece or the Middle Ages look like? Or maybe imagine a daring adventurer discovering the remains of gigantic robots from a forgotten civilization! Is all there is left just a bunch of rusty crap? Or is there still life inside the mechanical brain, just waiting to be reactivated?

Please make sure to read and follow these rules carefully, to ensure that your final entry is eligible for the judging process.

  • Your entry must relate to the challenge’s theme (we encourage you to be very creative with that)
  • Your entry must be a 3d rendered image (no animations or Sketchfab models)
  • You can use any 3d tools, renderers, add-ons and techniques of your choice
  • You can use any visual render style of your choise (like photorealism, NPR, low poly etc.)
  • You can submit only one work
  • Your entry must be a new and original creation specifically made for the challenge (no existing projects)
  • Your entry must be create by only one person (no group)
  • 2d or concept art is not allowed (but can be used to plan your final 3d scene)
  • No fanart allowed
  • Paintover and Photobashing is not allowed
  • Minimal post processing is allowed (like color adjustments, adding elements like smoke, fire, particles etc.)
  • Entries that contain illegal content may be disqualified and removed
  • You must submit you work before the deadline is over
  • The challenge ends on Wednesday April 24th, 2019 at 23:59 CET
  • The winners will be announced on Wednesday May 1st, 2019

Before submitting your entry, make sure that it meets all the following deliverables:

  • You have to submit one (1) final render containing at least one (1) robot (no multiple shots)
  • Creating an 3d environment is optional
  • The final work must be submitted as a rendered image
  • Your render should have 1920 pixel on longest edge (landscape format should have 1920 pixels width, portrait format should have 1920 pixels height – any aspect ratio is fine)
  • Image size should not exceed 2 MB and should be in *.jpg format
  • No Logo / Watermark allowed
  • 3D models laid on wallpapers are not allowed
  • You have to submit a work-in-progress render of your scene along with your final submission to show the progress of your work

We judge the entries according to these three criteria:

  • Visual Appeal
  • Storytelling
  • Technique

It’s not required to meet all three judging criteria in order to win. You can have great visuals and technical skills without a story or great storytelling with lacking visuals. However, the better you meet all criteria, the bigger your chance to win.

  1. Create a new 3d rendered image, based on the challenge’s topic
  2. Make sure that your image meets the demands (read more above)
  3. Use this submission form to submit your entry before the deadline is over
  4. Your entry will be published here on the challenge website once it is accepted
  5. If there is any problem with your entry, we will get back to you
  6. We will announce the winners on Wednesday May 1st, 2019
  7. If you don’t want to miss who has won, sign up to our mailing list here.

We will pick three winners for this challenge, which will receive prizes. The prizes will be distributed like this:

  • The 1st winner can choose 9 prizes from the list below
  • The 2nd winner can choose 8 of the remaining prizes
  • The 3rd winner gets the 7 remaining prizes

Click here to see all prizes.

Where do I ask questions about the challenge?
Ask them in the comment section below.

Can I submit multiple submissions for a challenge?
No. You can only submit one (1) submission per challenge.

Can I submit an artwork I started before the challenge?
No. Your entry must be a new creation specially made for the challenge.

Can I create fanart or use a concept art of another artist?
No. Your entry must be an original creation created by you. We can’t accept copyrighted or patented content for legal reasons. Designers of fashion, games, movies and other media do protect their brand and people who breach these rules will be disqualified. Homage or recognizable styles fall outside these rules, but do linger in a gray area. Keep this in mind when designing your entry.

Can a team participate in the challenge?
No. This challenge is for individuals only.

Can I use photographic elements?
Minimal use of photographic elements is allowed, as long as the main part of your entry stays a 3d scene.

Can I use photobashing or paintovers techniques?
Photobashing and paintovers are not allowed. However, you are allowed to enhance your image with color and brightness adjustments or adding effects like smoke, fire, particles etc.

Can I use third party assets?
Yes, but in a way to support your scene. The external assets can’t be the main focus of your scene.

Can I update my submission during the challenge if I notice a mistake?
Yes, just re-submit your work, and we will replace it. Please add a quick note on what you have changed. The only condition – you cannot change the idea of the work, or modify it drastically. Only reasonable changes are allowed.

Can I share my artwork online before the challenge is over?
Yes, it is your artwork, you can do whatever you want.

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Submitted Entries


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Read above how these prizes will be distributed

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