Welcome to CG Boost!

Here I want to share some insights about my new brand called “CG Boost” and how it relates to my former ZachariasReinhardt.com brand and the Weekly CG Challenge!

What is CG Boost?

CG Boost merges my former brand ZachariasReinhardt.com (including the YouTube channel) and the Weekly CG Challenge (including SculptJanuary). I wanted to optimize my online business to better help aspiring CG artists online. Since I left my freelance career behind, it was a perfect time to re-brand and re-organize my business with the new name.

Our big goal at CG Boost is to empower aspiring CG artists to bring their Blender 3D skills to the next level and eventually make a living with what they are passionate about.

From December 2018 till beginning of March 2019 we worked on bringing all the stuff I do online, under one roof called “CG Boost”. 

This contains three main areas:

  1. First of all, we have the CG Boost Academy, which is the place where you can find our online courses to supercharge your Blender 3d skills. With the launch of CG Boost we also introducing our new student exclusive community on Facebook to help you better along your journey as CG artist.
  2. The second big part is the CG Boost Challenge, which is a revised version of the Weekly CG Challenge for 3D artists only. We will do this 3-week-challenges each month with many cool prizes to win, provided from some of the best companies in the 3d industry. Also, you can join our strong CG Boost Challenge community on Facebook, to give and receive feedback from other artists and help each grow.
  3. The last big part is the CG Boost Magazine, which consists of Blender and other tutorials, advice videos, artist interviews and more. You can expect the same quality content as I was publishing before!

Weekly CG Challenge vs CG Boost Challenge, what has changed?

CG Boost Challenge evolved out of the Weekly CG Challenge, which we were running for about 4 years, with 143 challenges and many incredible artworks created by our great community.

Actually, we came up with the name “CG Boost”, after we were searching for a new name for the Weekly CG Challenge. At one point, we changed its duration from an actual “weekly” challenge to a two-week-challenge, so the name “Weekly” CG Challenge was not fitting anymore. After doing a quick search online, I saw that cgboost.com was already taken by someone else, but not in use (it was basically an empty website). I found a way to contact the owner and asked if there is a chance to buy the domain. To my surprise I quickly got a reply by someone I’ve already met at the Blender Conference a few months before. It felt like winning the lottery. He agreed on transferring the domain to us in mid 2017.

Thanks once again, Olav!

What has changed in comparison to the Weekly CG Challenge?

Our main plan was to optimize the challenge, to increase the quality of how the challenge is presented and managed but also give participants the possibility to create even more stunning art.

A challenge for 3d artists only!

For the Weekly CG Challenge we allowed basically every art that was created with a computer, like 3d renderings, digital paintings, animations or Sketchfab 3d models. From now on, we only accept 3d still renders, which makes the judging process fairer and since we are experts in the 3d industry, this was a logical step to take.

Also, in all Weekly CG Challenges, the amount of 2d paintings, animations and Sketchfab entries were very low compared to the 3d renders, so a separate category would not make sense. We’re thinking about doing specialized challenges for animation and Sketchfab 3d models in the future, but there is no final conclusion yet.

We changed the duration of the challenge!

Each challenge runs for three weeks instead of two weeks, and we will only run one challenge per month. Between each challenge we make a one-week-break for judging and preparing the next challenge.

What about the Facebook community?

The former Weekly CG Challenge Facebook group with an active community of (currently) ~13k members becomes the new CG Boost Challenge community.

The participants can still post their work-in-progress renders and final entries, to get feedback. However, to participate in the challenge, they need to submit their final entry via the submission form on the website.

We also improved the judging process, which now allows us to invite guest judges, to have a critical eye on your entries.

What about winners and prizes?

This will be handle as before: We will pick three main winners and two honorable mentions. The winners can pick a certain number of prizes from a prize pool provided by our great sponsors. We have even more awesome prizes now!

We also made some adjustments to the rules and other smaller improvements to the challenge.

Click the button below to learn more about the CG Boost Challenge and how to join in.

Samurai Challenge

Join our current CG Boost Challenge for 3D artists.
Improve your 3D skills and win great prizes.


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