The Power of Personal 3D Projects – Interview with Martin Klekner

In this video I talk with Martin Klekner, director and CG artist from Prague, Czech Republic. During his professional career he has worked in the CG industry and now he is working on a personal 3D animated short film, made with Blender, besides running a YouTube channel.

In this interview we will learn how he got into the CG industry, working for VFX and game companies, how he is making a living as freelance CG Artist and why creating your personal 3d projects is so important.

Here’s what we will cover:

  1. How did you get into the world of 3D? (02:20)
  2. Was there a CGI class in film school? (04:57)
  3. Was the connection to the VFX company the reason you started your professional career? (06:27)
  4. Why did you decide to go to film school? (07:58)
  5. How was your professional career from your first job till today? (10:50)
  6. How did you get your freelance gigs? (18:14)
  7. What part of “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” you’ve worked on? (21:05)
  8. How did you go on making a living while working on your personal project? (28:18)
  9. When and why did you started to use Blender? (33:53)
  10. What was your experience on building a course for CG Boost? (37:39)
  11.  Any other projects you are working on right now and what are your future plans? (41:07)
  12. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned while working as a professional CG artist? (42:49)
  13. Which books, YouTube channels, courses etc. influenced you the most? (45:16)
  14. If you could learn a new skill right now instantaneously, what would it be? (53:20)
  15. What was the best purchase you have made? (56:48)
  16. How do you inspire yourself and how do you keep inspired? (59:27)
  17. How do you manage your time? (01:01:02)
  18. Any advice for people that want to start with 3D? (01:03:09)

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Substance Painter Launch Pad

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