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Master 3D Sculpting in Blender

Learn to create Stunning 3D Sculptures in Blender
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Start off 2021 creatively!

Challenge yourself over 31 days with a set of 31 topics.
Sculpt every day and improve your sculpting skills.




How to Participate

  • Create a sculpting inspired by the topics we provide for each day of January 2021 (see list above)
  • Post images of your results on social media
  • Tag your posts with the hashtag #sculptjanuary and #sculptjanuary2021
  • If you get all 31 sculptings done in time, share a collage at the end of the month

Info & Advice

  • Sculpt in any medium (digital, clay or other)
  • The topics & categories are suggestions
  • Participate every day, every other day, one day each week or just do whatever is best for you
  • Set yourself deadlines or limitations (e.g. one hour per day)
  • Build up buffers (sculpting multiple topics a day is recommended)
  • Combine topics (sculpt an artwork incrementally one topic at a time)
  • Try out specific things (no time for grand projects)
  • Don’t be a perfectionist (the sculpts are allowed to be rough)
  • Reuse setups (like brushes, base meshes, lighting & rendering to save time)
  • Don’t spend too much time on materials, textures and rendering (it’s about sculpting)
  • Above all: Have fun and challenge yourself!

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Sketchfab is one of the big supporters of this event. It is a great platform to share your 3d models and embed them on social media, just like YouTube videos.

We encourage you to upload your SculptJanuary sculptings on Sketchfab by using the hashtag #sculptjanuary2021.

In this way everyone can take a look at your sculptings from all angles, and they will show up in a special SculptJanuary gallery on Sktechfab.

Also, you have a good chance of some extra attention by Sketchfab!

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RT @afeso_art: Day 19: Extraordinary Vegetable. I've had to skip a few days so far, but here's a carrot dress as the extraordinary moon go…

We encouraged people to take the official "rules" more like suggestions and to instead get creative as long as they…

Browsing through the past topics is really fun. Lots of creative ideas going around 😀 Keep going! Almost halfway d…

Fantastic work on such a tricky topic! Next up for today is "Pointless Tool". Have fun! #sculptjanuary2021…


Another day over! I'm really curious what you will come up with for "Relentless Movemen" 😀 #sculptjanuary…


Lots of awesome scultps from yesterday! Have fun with the new topic "Luxurious Garment"! #sculptjanuary…


RT @goonspoons1: #sculptjanuary2021 Day 4 - "Sneaking Insect" Stag Beetle with a Shuriken. He's getting there with the stealth. #3dmodell…


Questions and Answers

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