Sculpting in Blender 2.8 – Has it improved?

In this video we will take a look on how the Sculpt Mode in Blender 2.8 has changed. Also, I make a proposal on how we could help to improve the sculpting tool set in Blender.

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Here’s what we will cover:

  1. Opening Blender 2.79b files in Blender 2.8 (02:13)
  2. How the new layer system works (collections) (03:42)
  3. How to switch to sculpt mode (04:16)
  4. UI changes in sculpt mode (05:25)
  5. New Tool Shelf (05:58)
  6. Sculpt mode shortcut changes (06:50)
  7. Add brushes to the Quick Favorites menu (07:34)
  8. New toolbar in sculpt mode (08:14)
  9. New Tools settings tab (Properties editor) (09:16)
  10. New Gizmo to change the view (09:56)
  11. New overlay options (10:42)
  12. New viewport shading options (11:21)
  13. Simple sculpting example (17:27)
  14. Conclusion: How do I like the “new” sculpt mode so far? (20:55)
  15. Proposal: How we can help to drastically improve Blenders sculpt mode (21:58)

Resources mentioned in this video:

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