My Best Decision of 2018

In this video I’m revealing my best decision of 2018!

Do you know this feeling, when you are on the wrong path, and you know there is a better one for you, but you are afraid to change and make a big decision? I had this problem too.

Change doesn’t always mean something bad. Change can be very positive and healthy for your life. In my career as independent 3d artist I had to make some smaller and bigger decisions, which resulted in change. The larger ones where probably going from employment into founding a venture together with my elder brother and closing the doors of it after over 4 years of investing time and energy.

This may sound bad, that we had to close it, but it was a conscious decision we made, to open the doors to other possibilities. Everything I was going through, was very important, I learned a ton and I wouldn’t be who I’m today.

So, luckily most of the changes in my life were going into a positive direction. But if I look back, sometimes I stuck to something for too long, although I knew there was a better road for me.

Today I want to share two big decisions I made which changed my life to the better. One I did a few years ago, while I tried to write a book. Yes, I tried and didn’t make it. The other decision, which I did last year, completely change the way I’m working today. Both helped me to get where I’m now and maybe I can inspire you to think about your life.


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