My 3D Art Progress in 14 Years (Blender & Cinema 4D)

Today I want to show you how crappy my art looked 15 years ago!

Ever scrolled through Artstation and wondered how all these people can create these amazing art pieces, while your’s look like crap? These must be lucky people with inherent talent for sure, right? And I know this can really steal your motivation. Will you ever be able to create art like that?

Unfortunately, when looking at these amazing art pieces, we forget about one important fact: All these great artists started small and created crappy art in the beginning. They went on a long hard journey, learning, practicing and also failing a lot (besides having fun). It would be really helpful to see how these people started and how long it took them to get to the point where they are today, to get a realistic view on what it takes to become a great artist.

To illustrate this problem a bit better, I have crafted a video (which was quite some time in the making), to show you on my own story, how I started with digital art and Blender in 2004 and how my art progressed over the time (starting with crappy art like you can see below).

Watch the video above to see how my 3d art progressed from 2004 to 2018 and learn how I started with Blender 15 years ago. I will show you many of my art pieces and animations, so don’t miss this video!

One of my first 3D renders created in Blender (2005)


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