Making a living as 3D Artist on YouTube – Interview with Curtis Holt

In this video I talk to Curtis Holt, 3D artist and content creator from London, UK. Curtis is interested in coding, creating games and creating art with Blender. He is teaching what he learns on his YouTube channel, and is making a living by sharing resources with the community.

In this interview we will learn how he started his YouTube channel, how he is making a living with his YouTube channel and why focusing your content around your personal interests is so important.

Here’s what we will cover:

  1. How did you get into the world of CG? (02:04)
  2. What was your video game about? (03:40)
  3. Were you interested in art since your childhood? (06:02)
  4. Do you still do coding or are you only focusing on art? (06:47)
  5. What was the main motivation to start your YouTube channel? (08:44)
  6. What is the hardest part of running your YouTube channel? (12:54)
  7.  What do you define as “creating content”? (14:28)
  8.  Would you stop doing YouTube videos, if you find a better way to promote  your resources? (15:45)
  9.  How do you grow your community? (17:31)
  10. Do you make a living from running your YouTube channel? (19:04)
  11. What is your most effective income stream? (20:33)
  12.  Do you get more money on Gumroad from free products or paid ones? (21:11)
  13.  How much content do you need to put out per month? (22:22)
  14.  How do you connect to other Blender YouTubers?(24:49)
  15.  Does your YouTube channel benefit from the collaboration with other YouTubers? (27:38)
  16.  Why did you join the Weekly CG Challenge? (26:59)
  17.  Why do you stick to the same colors in your art? (27:44)
  18. Why does your voice sound so robotic? (29:15)
  19. What are the most important lesson(s) you learned along the way? (32:47)
  20. What would you consider your biggest success so far? (35:39)
  21.  Why to take care of your time investment? (37:16)
  22. Which artists, books, YouTube channels, courses etc. influenced you the most? (38:50)
  23. What are your future plans? (42:32)
  24. Do you want to go on with the type of content you’re creating now? (43:55)
  25. Did you try different content to see how your audience reacts? (45:45)
  26. If you could learn a new skill right now instantaneously, what would it be? (49:05)
  27. What is the best purchase you have made? (50:34)
  28. How do you keep inspired? (51:30)
  29. Advice to successfully start a YouTube channel? (52:31)
  30. Is it worth starting a YouTube channel? (54:51)

Resources mentioned in this video:





Blender Launch Pad

Kickstart your Journey as 3D Artist



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