Working in the Motion Design Industry – Interview with Remington Markham

In this video Zach talks to SouthernShotty (Remington Markham), Motion Designer and content creator focusing on 3D characters from Louisville, US. Remington is a full time animator in a 3D studio, he is a creative director at, and he runs a successful YouTube channel, where he shares tutorials on cute 3d character creation in Blender.

In this interview we will learn how he is making a living in the Motion Design industry, how he quickly grew his YouTube channel and why sticking to a certain art style can be beneficial for your art career.

Here’s what we will cover:

  1. How did you get into the world of 3D? (00:02:17
  2. When did you get back to Blender? (00:05:39)
  3. How was your professional career till today? (00:09:02)
  4. Is your job at the studio a full time job? (00:12:24)
  5.  How did you get your jobs? (00:14:01)
  6. Did you ever had success cold emailing people? (00:19:29)
  7. What are your income streams? (00:22:36)
  8. What role plays Patreon for you? (00:27:09 )
  9.  How does the Skillshare platform work? (00:30:30)
  10. What role plays Instagram for you? (00:34:33)
  11. How important is reaching out to other content creators for you? (00:38:04) 
  12. You have a unique art style, what is your secret? (00:43:08)
  13. Would you recommend to focus on one art style only? (00:49:37) 
  14. How do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years? (00:52:00)
  15. What resources have influenced you the most? (00:55:23)
  16. Why do you call yourself SouthernShotty? (01:00:00)

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