Create High Resolution Sculptings in Blender

Blender is not ZBrush, in terms of achievable poly count, but you still can do some pretty decent sculptings in Blender. And if you know the secret tips and tricks, it will get even better.

In this tutorial you will learn a workflow on how to create high resolution sculptings in Blender 2.79, while maintaining a smooth running viewport (probably not for potato computers). 

Also, a big THANK YOU to Cycles Material Vault for supporting this video.

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Here’s what we will cover:

  1. Smoothing out uneven Dyntopo sculpting surfaces (02:47)
  2. Do a quick Retopology using the free tool Instant Meshes (06:30)
  3. Transferring a Dyntopo sculpting to a retopologized mesh (07:33)
  4. Optimizing the viewport speed (12:19)
  5. Sculpting high resolution details using the Multiresolution modifier (14:25)
  6. Use brush textures (alphas) for adding more details (16:36)
  7. Learn an alternative workflow for adding high resolution details (22:21)
  8. See the finished creature (24:54)

Resources mentioned in this video:


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