Substance Painter Launch Pad Reviews

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Just scratching the surface so far

I am just scratching the surface of the course, but am very happy with the results so far.

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Dean Gibson
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Dec 28, 2020

A must-have course for efficient texturing workflow

I love the format of this course… Short, concise videos covered on each chapter, allows focusing on specific topics instead being too broad. I learned one topic, then apply it, then learn another topic and so on.

Martin (the instructor) makes the course very enjoyable. He is very clear and shows his thinking process (not only execution steps). Also, he invites you to try additional options to check that suits best for one’s taste.

In my case learning the entire workflow (Blender to Substance Painter and then Blender) is totally a plus! I don’t know how many hours I would have had to invest to figure out how initiate this workflow… such a timesaver!

Way to go!

Luis Velez
LSI productions
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Oct 13, 2020

If you’re looking to kickstart your texturing workflow, this course is for you!

This course is great, comprehensive and contains (almost) every important information about Substance Painter.
If you don’t know anything about texturing and SP, this course is for you! Martin explains everything clearly, lots of downloadable stuff, subtitles and everything that makes learning easy.

Highly recommend it!

Tamás Orvos
3D hobbyist
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Sep 21, 2020

Serious work but too tedious for me

After about 25% of the course I must admit feel a bit discouraged.

Substance in itself seems to be very interesting and the effects are gorgeous.
I trust you when you say it saves a lot of time – but maybe I am not advanced enough to benefit from it.

I wish the course had more exercises and let me discover progressively the interface rather that a long list of “this button does this”, “this menu does that”.
Maybe the practice comes later in the course… I will see if I find the courage to restart.

I don’t know if I am the only one but I expect from a course, from time to time, some kind of rewarding stuff to do, that makes you proud of – In that sense CG Boost Blender 2.8 tutorial was absolutely fantastic and convinced me to buy the Blender 2.8 Launchpad.

I just hope my comment will help…

Didier Legrand
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jul 29, 2020

Great Tutorial!

Very complete tutorial to learn how to do texturing with Substance Painter.
All complete steps with good monitoring of the texturing process. I know something about Substance Painter, but it has been a great help to achieve the best quality works.

This is an example of how I used the knowledge learned in the tutorial:

WWII American Infantry

Awesome tutorial!
Highly recommended.


Jesus Alberto Olmos Linares
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jun 23, 2020

I love this course!

I’m only beginner in 3D.

I need as realistic models as it possible in my projects and Substance Painter helps with it.
This course (and all courses of CGBoost academy) very interesting, full of helpful information and easy to learn.

I love this academy and want to see more courses from you!

Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:May 21, 2020

Amazing Course

I’m only about halfway through but had to say I’m in love with this course.

I’m not only learning how to use the software but why certain workflows are established. That’s the main issue I have with many tutorials.
It’s a step-by-step process but knowing the logic behind why you’re doing something is typically lost, which doesn’t help you understand the theory of what is going on.

Martin is a great instructor, just like Zach, and appreciate his thoroughness and pacing. Can’t wait for more courses.

Jason Fuhrman
CG Supervisor
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:May 9, 2020

Awesome course!

I really loved this one!
It’s a comprehensive look at all the major function of Substance Painter.
Martin is a great teacher. Recommended!

Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Apr 3, 2020

From zero to hero in 10 chapters!

Even if you have no previous 3D knowledge, this course is going to give you a good, solid start and you can obviously develop your skills further after this amazing start.

Muhammad Labeeb
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Mar 1, 2020

Highly recommended

Martin hit all the right notes in this great course on Substance Painter. His preparedness and delivery were spot on– not once did he ramble on. Very professional.

I appreciated the fact he kept the lessons short and to the point. Very easy to follow.

I leaned many new things about the Blender to Substance Painter workflow and highly recommend this product! Thanks, Martin!

Chipp Walters
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Feb 10, 2020

Best course for Substance Painter noobies

Absolute jump start for somebody new to Substance Painter like me.
After two years of lurking Substance Painter I found these great courses which is easy to follow and very understandable.
I Switched from Max to Blender 2019 and renewed my passion to learn new skills and software. CG Boost has big influence on this as well as switching software.
Do this course if you want to get a grip how to use Substance Painter with Blender.

Petteri Puura
Designer, Visualist
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Feb 6, 2020

Is this possible?

At first glance you will think: “It is not”.
It is not possible for you to start with no knowledge in Substance Painter and after a few lessons and explanations (and funny jokes) you just have gain so much understanding of Substance Painter, its workflow and how you can experiment with it.
This course is not just someone that explains to You what needs to be done, but how and why and most importantly how you can use that knowledge to your own projects.
Is amazing how project-based courses enable you to jump right into the action!

I’m amazed with this course, Martin’s explanations and funny jokes and the high standard quality that CG Boost always delivers!

Manuel Herrera
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Feb 3, 2020

Amazing PBR Texturing Course

Three weeks ago, I started out as a complete beginner, but the course’s short lectures (all focused on a specific topic) helped me to get my 3D-models polished in an astonishingly short amount of time.

I develop an augmented reality game for my Bachelor’s thesis about the construction of a Roman military camp. Though I reached out to Martin concerning specific issues with my private project, he responded almost instantly and gave me the crucial tips I needed to finish my work as intended.

Martin’s Substance Painter Launch Pad course is an absolute recommendation for anyone who wants to bring her/his models to the next level.

Andreas Wohlschlager
Informatics Student
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jan 24, 2020

Substance Painter makes also sense for hobbyists!

As a hobbyist, I struggled a bit to spend money on an additional tool. Isn’t Blender sufficient?
Answer: If you worked with Substance Painter you will understand why CG Boost provided this course. Maybe it’s somehow possible to get similar results with Blender. But Freddy would say: “Too much to do in one lifetime”. And that’s the point. If you are interested in professional-looking results on your projects without spending thousands of hours in learning how to achieve something that is (in the best case)somehow close to the Substance Painter results, this course is for you. And even if you would reach such a level in texturing with Blender, it will cost you again thousands of hours. After this course, you’ll be able to reach professional results in only a few hours.

A second open question for me was if Martin would be able to create a course on a such high level as Zach did. And I think Zacharias found a great performer for his team!
I finished the first part with the Flybot and looking forward to the release of the second part 🙂

Here my result from the 1st part.


Eric Wahl
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jan 10, 2020

Excellent course

Martin Klekner is a great instructor very knowledgeable and this course is a must-have if you want to learn Substance Painter.

His workflow is great and there isn’t much variance in the procedures for applying paint/decals etc., so that was nice. I came into Substance Painter knowing very little about the program and now I have a workflow and making models in Blender are going to look much better now.

With that being said, the course is in early access at the moment of this testimonial and there are a few issues I had with getting OBJ files for certain parts but if you run into that issue just reach out to the author (there’s an easy ‘leave a comment’ part for each part of the course and the response time is very quick). I personally cannot wait to fully finish this course when the rest of it is released.

Bottom line? It’s awesome, go buy it and Substance Painter and make your models look much better in the process. 🙂

Travis jesso
Industrial Radiography
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jan 8, 2020

Learning and having fun with help from CG BOOST

I am currently studying and enjoying all CG Boost courses and tutorials and find them inspirational, informative and entertaining. I highly recommend them and consider them good value for the money 🙂

Dan Keith
Early Bird Box Company
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jan 5, 2020

Substantially Great

I purchased the software quite some time ago because I could see the potential. Since then though I was never able to find a comprehensive yet lean tutorial/course… that until now.

I enrolled in this course full of hope and expectations and I must say that so far (completed just 50% of the course), the expectations are well met.
I love the way the topics are outlined and exposed throughout the course. Again, if I had to describe it in one word I would say: Lean! It contains what is essential, it is well explained, well detailed and straight to the point. Very well done!

Giovanni Battista Minozzi
Enrolled in:Substance Painter Launch Pad
Date:Jan 6, 2020