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Course with a lot of detail

At this moment I have only been able to do 18% of the course, but what I have done so far I have liked a lot, and I have already learned many things. The course is very well organized, and brings all the necessary resources for its completion. I really like it, and I don’t rule out taking another course when I can finish this one.

I am a freelancer and I don’t have much free time to dedicate to learning. Although I have been doing advertising 3D work for years (with other software), it was only a little over a year since I started using Blender.

I have wanted to be able to do more complex nature scenes for a long time. This course seemed like a good way to learn the basics and advanced of natural environments. For me 3D is work, but also as a hobby.

Xavier Mestres
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If you understand my language, I can post my opinion in Japanese

I am a beginner, but I like this course.

It is a difficult course, but I make copy screenshots from the videos, so I can review them later, if I don’t find them where they are. This takes some time.

In the videos some scenes were changed, sometimes he uses the same numbers and values, sometimes it is changed.

I don’t understand why they need to be changed, then I need to google for it.

Sometimes my PC freezes, even though it has very high performance. Why?

But I like this course, I keep watching.

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Taking the next step forward

Definitely recommend this to anyone looking to up their skills after completing beginner courses from YouTube.

Every environment is packed with information with different ways to achieve a result, so you can pick the method you’re comfortable with most for your future projects.
The course is also filled with useful resources like dust, water and shrub leaves (swayed by the wind) animations that can be appended onto your project files easily.

Since I’m writing this during the early access, I’m hoping for more advanced/newer features of blender that could be added like geometry nodes, maybe some paid add-on tutorials and one that covers EEVEE rendering techniques for environments.

A final lesson on basic video editing, combining clips from different lessons to get an output similar to the trailer for the course, would be the perfect icing on the cake.

The course is well worth the amount, especially since you get to share your renders, get feedback, even send your files if you are facing any issues.

Tushar Ganesh
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Desire to create eye catching scenery

I’ve not gotten very far as yet, I am a caregiver and life gets crazy at times. However, the information I’ve seen so far excites me. I can see that you are not just taking me through a how to do 1 scene. But preparing us to move forward to be a creator on our own.

Karen Trevino
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Fantastic Course unlocking the hidden power of Blender for landscape creation.

I have only progressed through about a 3rd of the course so far, but I have already learned some great tricks and techniques for creating terrains and landscape scenes in Blender. Martin’s teaching style is always light-hearted and fun to follow along making the learning process more enjoyable.

I wouldn’t say this is a course for complete beginners as I think a base understanding of Blender is expected to be able to follow along, but all the techniques are very well explained and the wealth of course resource you can download to go along with the lessons is insane (you may need a spare hard drive for all the extra content).

As well as the core techniques you learn for the creation of the terrains themselves there are also lessons covering all the elements that make up a landscape scene, skies, clouds, water, atmosphere and also a lot of clever tricks to fake it.

Another thing that impressed me with the course is how responsive Martin is to the students taking the course. He seems to reply to almost every question or comment posted. He even got me to send him my scene, so he could figure out why there was some odd looking shading on some of my terrain. Oh, and yes he did discover the problem and fix it.

Keith Talbot
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I wished that the course had some more advanced chapters

I really liked the course, but it’s a little basic, but it’s fine. I wished it had some advanced chapters to. And I want to learn how to make realistic looking environment with Blender’s future versions, which has geometry nodes. I really wished there were a file that I could download, that includes the whole chapter with one video file, because it’s a little annoying to change the video every 2 or 3 minutes.

Yousef Yaqoobi
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A Great Course indeed

Well, I jumped in with the early bird offer and I see the course rapidly developing, faster than I can follow and do the lessons anyway.

I’d say you shouldn’t be a complete beginner for it, admitting though I’m not hugely experienced neither, even though all the steps are covered and well explained and if really stuck you get the necessary help and support to get out of the mud.

As far as I know this is currently the only course of its kind and covers all sorts of areas to make you able to create all sorts of various environments in Blender.

So I can highly recommend this course for anyone interested in this topic.

Andreas Queitsch
Blender Hobbyist
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Terraforming – only your imagination is the limit

I am still at the very beginning of this course, but this much is already clear – this new course is – just like its CG Boost predecessors – quite excellent.

As I usually do several topics and courses in parallel, I am particularly struck by how clearly structured and comprehensive this course is.
The special thing is that not only a single landscape is created, but you are given tools for entire worlds.

If you are looking for a well-founded basic training, this is certainly the right place.

Markus Ungersboeck
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The world in your hand!

If you are one of those guys who knows his/her way around Blender, but feels stuck in a shell (like me), Martin is here to liberate you.
All you need is to have patience and boom, generate any kind of landscape. Thank you CG Boost!

Sreehari K M
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Really great

I started one year ago to work on Blender. Previously I had only a little contact with 3D. This course has been a great impulse to my learning.

Jose Maria
Math Teacher
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Amazing course

Great course, amazing results, and really easy to follow along. Having lots of fun and would definitely recommend checking it out. 🙂

Also, everything is explained in a fun way.

Arjen Plakke
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Just what I expected with some humor

I bought this course to try 3D modelling environments as opposed to draw them as concept art. In part to speed up the process to a detailed environment, in part out of curiosity. I learned a few new things about Blender and had fun going through the material, of which I still have a few episodes left. 3D modelling is something I do for fun and as a hobby and this was the perfect introduction to environment art, letting me take my own steps forward realizing some of my visions and concepts in more detail.

Stefan Ivarsson
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Best Course for advancing in Blender

I’ve been a Blender user for a number of years and always struggled with large environments – I just couldn’t seem to get the realism that others got. This course has blown me away. I’m using techniques I didn’t even think were possible and learning so much. Don’t look at the number of lectures or hours – this course is worth it. You will go over each video way more than once, picking something new out every time. I learn something new every time I log in. This course is not a paint by numbers course – it’s about leaning a technique and then playing with it to fulfil your aims (not copy someone else’s), which ultimately pushes your learning along at a greater pace.

This course is worth its weight in gold and is very entertaining too. The results you will get from day one are well worth the cost of the course. Highly recommended.

Ian Watts
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A very enjoyable adventure

I am very happy with this course.  It is very easy to understand and the explanation is not long-winded. Martin also inserts some jokes that can keep us entertained, at least for me…

Various methods of creating different environments are presented in this course. Very worth buying.

Muhammad Dary Hakiim
Dary Hakiim
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THE course for 3D Environment Artist!

“This is the way”, a great warrior (and Chilean actor) once said.

And this is perfect for summarizing the quality of this course, what we learn and how we are learning…

The chapters are easy to follow, the teacher (Martin) it’s a lovely person and he and the community has guided us to become better CG Artists.

I’m really happy for taking this course, and I will choose it over and over again, because you don’t found this quality of content in other sites, short videos, great quality, a lot of knowledge.

We are not a community like others.

We are a family.

Thank you, Martin, Thank you, Zach and thank you CG Boost family for all the knowledge that you share with us!

“This is the way”.

Pablo Figueroa
BarbaGris Studio
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This course is really great! If you want to learn something about environment creation this course is for you. I did the first chapter, and I am very happy with the result I got. I learned some great new techniques and tricks that I can implement into my work flow.

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