Cubic Worlds Reviews

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Nice idea to build the whole scene “only” with cubes. Low Poly in its original form.

Very well-structured workflow, many tips in between that make working with Blender easier. There is a lot of emphasis on the design of the individual parts and the overall design of the scene. The structure and elaboration of the animation is simply ingenious. Rebuilding is a lot of fun and I learn a lot.

A big compliment to the entertaining teacher.

Maria Spanier
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jul 22, 2021

Thank you CG Boost, this course added a lot to my knowledge about creating animations with Blender. Especially for beginners like me. All parts are very detailed and easy to understand. I am very happy…

Roni Indra
Beginner 3D Artist
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jul 10, 2021

Zach always has excellent courses about Blender, not only Cubic Worlds, Master 3D Sculpting, Blender Launch Pad, etc. All of them with great quality, fun to watch, follow and updated with the latest Blender version. Bringing content, techniques and experiences in all videos.

Marcelo P Freitas
Software Architect
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jul 10, 2021

Zach introduces a fascinating technique of low-poly animation in this course and, as always, explains the important details very well. I was particularly pleased with the sound design section, which is superbly guided by Richard Albert from preparation to completion.

Even though I am not a 3D artist and don’t want to become one and only work with Blender for my own edification, I have great pleasure in learning in general and in the courses of CG Boost in particular. At the moment I am designing my own “Cubic World” and I am looking forward to the result. In any case, I’m having a lot of fun.

I can highly recommend this course if you have advanced basic knowledge of Blender and enjoy producing presentable results.

Rita Krüger
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jul 6, 2021

I am about halfway through the Cubic World course, and it really is an amazing course.

I do recommend that you do not skip over the earlier chapters, as there are a lot of tips and tricks that you might pick up along the way.


Thank you, Zach.

Heinrich Gilbert
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jun 29, 2021

I bought the course to see a new, easy-to-use technique for animations. Although the course is intermediate level, it is really well organized, not only for the division into chapters, but also for the indications at the beginning of each video on what the lesson will be about. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

Santino Baronetti
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jun 28, 2021

This course is really awesome. If you are interested in an isometric, cubic design course with stunning pop-up animations, this is a must-have. I got 3 courses from CG Boost already, and their quality is really top-notch. Zach is an outstanding teacher with a great way of teaching things.
Thanks for this awesome course, CG Boost.

Manuel Scheller
3D Artist
Enrolled in:Cubic Worlds
Date:Jun 26, 2021