Blender Launch Pad Reviews

This course has an average rating of 4.9 stars (based on 383 ratings)

Fantastic foundational course for Blender!

After dabbling around with various YouTube tutorials, I realized I needed something more structured in order to learn Blender. This course fit the bill! Zach carefully goes over virtually every aspect of Blender (except rigging and character creation), giving a solid foundation in Blender that can serve in many areas of specialization. The videos double as excellent refreshers anytime a certain aspect becomes rusty … the old adage “use it or lose it” is certainly true for Blender, so the videos come in handy for that.

The community aspect is an added bonus, providing a place where you can share your work, get feedback, see what others are working on, cheer others on, and feel supported.

Highly recommended!

Karen Korwal
3D Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 19, 2021

Great Starter for Blender

I already had a good grasp of Blender, having done many YouTube courses and the free CG Boost beginner’s course, which is also exceptional. So I didn’t complete many of the sections, but of those I did complete, I always learned something new. The course is very well-structured, well presented and is the best beginners course for Blender.

I highly recommend it for complete beginners and, for those who can model already, the animation and texturing sections are splendid.

I will take a look at the other courses in the academy.

Ian Merrilees
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 18, 2021

Worth every cent

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin. My Blender experience has quadrupled (or more!) with this course. The presentation of the information is well-thought-out, the speed is just right, and the instructions are clear. I purchased this before the extra chapters were added on, and considered it well worth the cost then. But then Zach and crew added the UV and texturing chapters, and that alone they could have charged extra for.

I recently purchased the Cubic Worlds course; I am confident it will be just as informative.

Glenn R Mueller
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 10, 2021

One of the best investments in my life!

Project Idea:
The main project idea is super interesting and offers a lot of space for creativity and changes within. It also covers most of Blender.
There are also other mini projects in the course, after the big main one that cover more advanced topics, and interesting techniques.

The support:
There is a lot of support and commitment from the team. They have a very honest business model, which is very rare to see. The course videos get updated if there is a massive change in Blender, the quality of teaching never drops. I leave questions under the videos and the next day at the same hour I get the answers and guidance for all of them. What is also crazy is the fact that I started the course after a year and I found out that Zach has added even more chapters to cover advanced topics and techniques, which was all for free. That is one of the reasons why I would only pay to CG Boost courses in the future. Every other course I tried would be outdated really fast since Blender is evolving really fast, except for CG Boost courses you buy a texturing course, if texturing changes CG Boost will update their course and not force you to buy a new one. This is especially good for people who tend to procrastinate, I personally started the course after a year from buying it.

The price:
They offer great discounts for students, and they have other offers depending on what you will do with the course. They also have an affiliate program, where you can gain the money you paid for the course back by helping in selling the course through a link.

Thanks CG Boost and Zach,
Will see you in Cubic Worlds!

Abdullah Al-Azzawi
Biomedical Engineer Graduate
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 29, 2021

Perfect aproach for beginners

Hi! I just have done this course and I have to say it was a good way to restart my 3D journey (have worked previously in 3dsmax). All the lessons were straight to the point and very well presented and also every technical aspect, after being presented, was put down in a practical exercise.

I got this course with the idea to use Blender in my workflow of creating illustrations and cover artworks, and why not some small presentation clips.

I think this put a foundation to my Blender knowledge.

Thanks for creating this course in this manner!

Bogdan Alex
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 24, 2021

Back to 3D dreams

Best Blender course I have ever attended. It helped me understand how Blender works, what is important in 3D art and how to enjoy every aspect of the 3D world. I’ve tried to learn Blender many times – mostly by watching YouTube videos. Unfortunately, with disappointing results. Zach is a wonderful teacher. I watched all videos and made all exercises with great interest. I enjoyed it a lot. Little jokes here and there makes this course really accessible. In my job, I deal with 3D scanning and industrial engineering, but I always knew that there is an artist in me. I gave up my artistic dreams some years ago, but thanks to this course they came alive again. Thank you for this BOOST. Regards for the whole team.

Dominik Slowik
Survey Engineer/CAD Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 23, 2021


Original: OK, estoppel aprendiendo much con este tutorial, y no solo con Las herramientas y ejercicicios, tambien con concepts que no extending hasta agora.

Translation: OK, I am learning a lot with this tutorial, not only with the tools and exercises, also with the concepts I didn’t understand until now.

Albert Campillo
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 18, 2021

Better than a 3 year 3D degree

So I started 3D back in 2013 and got my degree in a 3-year period and I can honestly say, if I knew then what I know now I would have never wasted my time and parents money with that. This course and lots of practice is all you need to start your 3D journey to becoming a great artist. Thank you, Zach, for sharing your skills and knowledge with us.

Ps. Not all heroes wear capes.

Michiel Mybrugh
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 14, 2021


Best course to begin your 3D journey! He teaches every little problem that you might run into. I would recommend anyone starting Blender to buy this!

Anubhava Shrestha
Video Editor
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 2, 2021


Hi Zach, I have almost completed the course and really enjoyed learning from you. Your dedication is seen in how you take the time to explain complicated tools and methods. Your voice has a nice ring of enthusiasm and keeps us confident and hopeful that one day we will become as good as you are!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 1, 2021

Recommended for everyone

It’s been almost 2 years of using Blender. I picked up the basics following free tutorials on YouTube and dabbling a bit in personal projects – but I did not feel I got anywhere.

Then I came across CG Boost. Did the free course and felt it was a good pace and a nice way of learning. After that I bought the Blender Launch Pad course, and I was amazed at how much more Blender has to offer. Zach really explains all the tools in an easy-to-understand way, and you will be amazed at how much you will learn.

100% recommended for beginners and people who want a more in-depth course of Blender and all its tools.

Pedro Luis Ambrosi
Cave Diver
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 27, 2021


Extremely good course!


Wolfgang Ebner
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 24, 2021

Realy great course

Very structured program, huge, basic knowledge. It helps me understand Blender and allows me to work independently, of course at a basic level. I don’t need to look for tutorials on YouTube. In this course I did the whole process from design to rendering, in short lessons, at the same time I know when to use some basic tools. I am very impressed with the way the knowledge is conveyed in an understandable way

I highly recommend it to anyone, both beginners and those who are already familiar with art but want to transfer it to digital 3D.

Dimitrij Drole
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 21, 2021

Great explanation

The tutorial is easy to understand, and the explanation is really good, I really like it.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 21, 2021

Perfect spices for your 3D Journey

I’ve done a lot of courses in my student life and I can honestly say that this one is a must. Super interesting to watch, very fun to do and extremely easy to understand. If you’re just starting out 3D in Blender, you’ll definitely have some fun time following these lessons.

Thank you so much to CG Boost for putting out courses with such an incredible quality.

Cheers from France

Alexandre N. Richards
FX student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 20, 2021

The Best Learning Experience

I started learning 3D back in 2018 with Cinema 4D and transitioned to Blender 2.8 middle of last year (2020) mainly because of the new interface. The Blender Launch Pad course really filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge and I see it being very useful for me to look back if I face any challenge on a specific area for future projects.

Thank you, Zach and the CG Boost team for making this course. Highly recommend for everyone who just starting out or wanting to do 3D for a career (or even for fun if you love to create cool stuff!)

Azrul Adil
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 20, 2021

Beginning of a great journey

Thanks a lot for creating this course. Before enrolling to your course I’ve known the basics of Blender already as I’ve completed some free courses earlier. However, your course was far superior in the terms of fun and in explaining things. You’ve explained everything in such a way that I rarely had to re-watch a lesson in order to understand something. From all the chapters only the light feels like not being explained enough, but I understand that it’s such a huge topic that it would be impossible. What I missed during the course was deeper explanation of physics especially regarding smoke-like effects. However overall you deserve 5-star rating. See you in the next course!

Maciej Wolski
Marketing specialist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 14, 2021

Perfect Course for Beginners

It’s such a fantastic course with the perfect pacing for beginners. The videos were not too long or too short. Explanations were excellent. I learned a lot, and it really filled a lot of gaps in my knowledge which I couldn’t figure out from free YouTube tutorials. I loved the exercises: honestly when I saw that car animation or that barrel I never imagined I could have done something even remotely close to it, but you made it easy.

Now I feel much more confident and really looking forward to the next course and applying all that I learned to my own art.

Yusri Ghouse
Team Lead
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 10, 2021

Great 😄👍🏻👍🏻

I really love the course. The first three chapters where a bit simple because I already did some tutorials and have some experience with Maya for approx 10 years ago. Love all the tips and tricks. Just finished the car modeling, it was great fun.

Kees Klompmaker
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 6, 2021

Best way to start learning Blender

Zach’s Launch Pad course is very systematic and sequenced thoughtfully for people who are starting out in Blender. It builds up prerequisite knowledge for each stage in a coherent manner, explains the tools in Blender clearly and gives ample opportunities to practice new skills. It’s easy to stay motivated as the pitch of the course is just right – enough handholding for beginners not to get lost and also just the right level of goal-setting to motivate us to aspire towards the end-product.

The level of support on their forums is also phenomenal. You can post your questions on each lesson, and you will get a useful reply in very good time. Given the fact that this is an online course with no face-to-face contact, and with all the difficulty that comes along with trying to support students with something as complicated as a 3D software program, I’d say the CG Boost team is doing a fantastic job.

Thank you to all at CG Boost and to Zach for creating this course. You guys are helping people like me to fulfil their aspirations.

Andy Loh
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 3, 2021

Blender Launch Fab Pad!

I have been really keen to learn more 3D after working with Maya years ago. But due to personal budgets and working mainly with 2D software, I decided to get back into 3D, that I should learn Blender. After trying out several free YouTube tutorials, I wanted to invest in my learning, so I found the CG Boost academy and saw the Launch Pad course and immediately signed up. And I am so glad I did. I really loved the pace of the course and how well explained it all was. I have to admit, after doing the sci-fi car section, I did the sections covering the texture painting and node shaders which did confuse me a bit and still do somewhat, as I did find it a little intimidating. However, it has still given me a great foundation to build on. And even better, should I get confused again, I can come back to these sections and rewatch them and hopefully get it to sink in easier.
I thoroughly rate this course and if, like me, you are new to Blender and want to get a good foundation into this great piece of software, I highly recommend investing into the CG Boost courses. I myself cannot wait for the low poly animation one. I am now going to look at the sculpting course too!

Christian Chessell
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 3, 2021

One of the best courses I have ever taken

After a few years of pause from Blender, I found this course to be a perfect launchpad to pick up my rusty skills while learning some new tricks on the way. CG Boost team does a wonderful job in explaining everything in detail with a bite-sized lessons that are easy and fun to follow.

Merle Palk
Toadman Interactive
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 30, 2021


After wandering through a myriad of tutorials on Blender, I found the right site. Zach’s lessons are extraordinary and meticulously organized, with each intervention on every type of request. The explanation is simple and even when the topics become a bit more complicated, Zach simplifies them in an exemplary way. I hope that after this course Zach will tackle a course on Blender rigging and animation in more depth. I am very interested in the subject of making short films of cartoons in 3D. Thanks, Zach, for what you do. Grandeeeeee …

quadro direttivo istituto bancario
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 22, 2021

Understanding Blender

Blender Lunch Pad is the perfect course to get started on Blender. The course is easy to understand and can’t be lost. You get to know almost all the important tools of the software to make a small car animation.

Very good course and a very good way to advance with a good base.

Njel Djob
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 20, 2021

Great tutorial

I am just learning how to 3D model and really enjoying the step-by-step learning of this program. Pace is perfect and even better is anytime I run into a problem, someone from GC Boost quickly answers and helps me solve the problem I am having with my model.

Brian A.
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 19, 2021

Outstanding learning experience

Love the way Zach has broken things down into shorter (approximately 5-minute) chunks. Long enough to get substantial material, short enough for brain to handle. Plus it makes going back to review — stuff much easier to locate.
I’m appreciating the point he makes about learning from a single comprehensive source. I’d been Googling around for whatever I happened to think I needed at the moment, and that’s fine, but to have an extensive immersion from a single perspective is way helpful.
There’s plenty of space to riff in and try out my own ideas, and there’s always a good safe place to return to when my experiments go awry.
It’s one thing to master the tools, another to have some artistic sensibility, and yet another to be a gifted teacher. Zach is a triple threat — much appreciated!

Tobi Kinkerton
Human being at large
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 18, 2021

Different (better) than I expected

I’ve completed many basic tutorials. I expected this to be just another. What the course turned out to be is a VERY detailed explanation of tools I had been using all along, but barely understood.

It does take some effort to take in all the detail and I fretted about how I would ever remember all of it all. But then I realized that that wasn’t required. The course is wonderfully organized, and I will be able to look up each of the topics to remind myself of specifics, as I need them.

Ganz großartig!

Mike Lutze
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 16, 2021

Best Blender course EVER!!!

Don’t hesitate. Buy the course right away if you are thinking about learning Blender. I was totally blown away by the level of professionalism, technical know how, humor and level of teaching that Zach has created with this course.

As someone who has followed Blender for the last decade, it’s been incredible seeing how far its has come, and it was a no-brainer to purchase this course when I decided to become a little more serious in learning Blender. The flying car project is amazing and totally sold me, is well constructed giving you a feeling of progression as you learn all the little bits and bobs of how Blender works to create a really cool little scene.

Plus the additional UV mapping and texture painting that was added is just so awesome. A rusted barrel has never looked better! I learned so much with texturing and nodes don’t look so complicated anymore.

Zach is an outstanding teacher and his passion for Blender and teaching is felt in every video. The little scenes created to show different tools and techniques when using Blender, is definitely appreciated instead of always starting with the default cube.

I will definitely be referring back to certain sections when I need a recap going forward.

Thank you so much Zach and crew for an amazing course. Looking forward to my next one already!

Clinton Jones
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 9, 2021

Definitely one of the best courses out there for beginners in Blender

Zach and the CG Boost team really did a great job with this course. The learning curve is so smooth and joyful that sometimes I forgot it was supposed to be a learning experience, not a full-blown interactive story. I recommend the Launch Pad Course to anybody that has an interest in Blender and especially for beginners. Thank you again for this experience and bake you later!

Postelnicu Bogdan
Senior Graphic Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 6, 2021

A Fantastic Beginner Blender Course

I am entering Blender 2.8 as an absolute beginner, hoping to eventually develop 3D graphics skills for video game creation. I am an old hand at using computers, but not Blender.

The Blender Launch Pad course is a fantastic resource. In two weeks I have seen my modeling skills jump a great deal, though there is far to go. The course creator clearly has a lot of experience at Blender and is not just putting up an image. The course creator knows exactly what is needed to learn how to use the software very well and explains how to do so in a both fun and level-headed way what you need to know to develop those skills.

While I am not one to be overly critical, one does need to be able to make good choices when paying money for a course. This one is worth every penny.

Milburn Brock
Beginner 3D Graphics Student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 5, 2021

This course is just the best way to start your 3D artist journey

After 2 months learning Blender with some tutorials on YouTube, I wanted to find something that teach me all the fundamentals of Blender without missing anything.

And then… Boom! The Blender Launch Pad course came to me!

All the Blender tools and techniques are so well explained that I know I can sign up to the other courses Eyes closed.

Thank you very much CG BOOST!

Morgan Massaï
Industrial Drafter
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 5, 2021

An abosolutely brilliant course

Zach Reinhardt takes you from learning the essentials of moving around in Blender to modeling, animating, using physics, particles, and much more. I’ve gone from a newbie user to one who feels self-assured in the basic 3D modeling process, and ready to move on to learning intermediate skills in Zach’s Master 3D Sculpting in Blender course.

If you want to learn the basics and then some of using Blender, or maybe feel a bit overwhelmed by poring over tutorials on YouTube and applying them to your own work then Zach’s Blender Launch Pad Course is right for you. I highly recommend it. If you feel all too overwhelmed by learning the basics of Blender and that perhaps there is too much to learn, then this class is for you.

Sebastian Montrose
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 28, 2021

For me the best Blender course

I am excited about this course. Step by step the functions and tools of Blender are explained to me. It is also great that there is a Blender file for each chapter. So you don’t have to see only the grid all the time. There is enough opportunity to try out what has been learned. Later you can use the course as a reference book. I am thrilled.

Andreas Wolf
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 22, 2021

Fantastic Course

Long story short, if you are interested in learning Blender, do yourself a favor and give the Blender Launch Pad a try. You won’t regret it.

Coming into the course I had very little prior experience with Blender or other 3D tools, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, given that I don’t consider myself to be particularly artistic or creative. Non-the-less I decided that learning Blender would be a fun challenge and having completed the course, I am over the moon that took the plunge and bought this course rather than sticking to free resources.

I really enjoyed the course and have learned a huge amount along the way. The journey from complete beginner to rendering out an incredible detailed 3D animation is hugely rewarding.

The course is both great value and really well-structured. It covers a wide range of topics without being overwhelming for a beginner like myself. Each new topic (e.g. modelling, shading, particle systems, lighting, animation, UV mapping, texturing etc) is first introduced in a “fundamentals” chapter, explaining what that topic is all about and showing practical examples of how to use the tools in Blender to achieve that task. Those skills are then put to use in a practical chapter, building up a fantastic professional looking 3D animation piece by piece.

I particularly appreciated the variety and quality of example Blender files that were used during the “fundamentals” chapters. These are downloadable at the start of each chapter and allow you to get hands-on and try out each concept/tool/technique as you go along with interesting and nice looking scenes & objects. As a beginner it was great to be able to experiment with each tool/concept using scenes/objects that I wouldn’t yet have the skills to make myself. This made it much more engaging and valuable than just trying to understand the tools with simple primitive objects in an empty scene and really sparks inspiration.

Zach explains everything really clearly and goes into just the right amount of detail. The examples used often told a story (for example, creating lights for workers in the example construction scene) and included little jokes along the way which really made me laugh.

Overall, the course was worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Blender.

Matt Wilson
Blender Newbie
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 14, 2021

I can definitely recommend this course

It was a really great course with everything I needed for a structured overview of Blender. I’ve learned a lot, and it’s really good for beginners. The style of the tutorials is fun and motivating. This made it easy for me to follow the themes as well as understand and apply what was shown. I’m already looking forward to my next course.

Hedda Begkas
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 8, 2021


Great course, especially the texturing part!

Johan Schmidt
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 7, 2021

Excellent course for all skill levels

This course came highly recommended by a peer of mine who was experienced with Blender, and wanted to dive deeper. I picked it up as a complete noob. The first 4 chapters are all foundational info which I REALLY needed to get started in design. The sample blender files made it, so I could try out the things that were being discussed as I was watching the video. I went over to gimp and watched a short video on that, and did not realize how much the foundational info had helped me. I’ve now created a car, rocks, trees, and grass from scratch and am moving on to shading. Super fun!

Jeff Strickland
AWS Technical Account Manager
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 1, 2021

Learning with a clear target

I do not have the time to roll myself in any course, but this kind of course is super useful!

I haven’t finished the course yet, but I am looking forward to work on it.
I use blender almost for 4 months now, and this course (by now) is showing me some efficient modeling techniques in a super easy way to learn.


Marc Folch Olivella
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 25, 2021

Commencing countdown 5,4,3,2,1 LAUNCHED!

I’ve always been intimidated by 3D but not anymore. The course covers a lot of very important topics, and now I feel more confident and can’t wait to create my own projects.
The course is very easy to follow and although some parts might seem a bit complicated Zach has the ability to explain them in a very coherent manner. I’m more than satisfied with the course.
To Zach and the CG BOOST team: Thank you so much for your dedication, time and effort!

Pavlo Mezentsev
English Teacher
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 21, 2021

Fantastic foundation

The whole tutorial is very well explained, both in detail and in explanation. The results have been fantastic. Thank you very much for all this nice education.

Abdulsamed Ünal
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 17, 2021

Best Blender course out there

When I started this course I was almost a complete newbie at Blender and tried to get into it a few times, but I just did not stick with it until I got this course. I pushed through, and now I feel very comfortable making my own 3D projects that I never would have thought I could do.

I would like to thank the CG Boost team for everything they taught me. 10/10

Shaun Young
3D Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 16, 2021


Thanks. There is so much information in this course, so much to learn from, so much to apply from. It is insane. It’s definitely worth every penny and a very good start. Insane!

Ibrahim Al Kathemi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 11, 2021

Wide Explanation.

The course has a very detailed explanation approach. I really like to finish every video carefully listening to the instructor and I understand because of the easy way he explains every topic.

Also, the examples and files that comes with the course are very valuable.

Fredy Enrique Mena Andrade
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 8, 2021

Good course

Good Blender course for beginner. But the first four chapters are all about theory and very few intertwining practices that make new students feel a bit boring. Should combine a few small projects for more fun practice

Nguyen Truong Kien
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 8, 2021

Thanks for making this course!

I could not have imagined how steep the learning curve was for Blender or 3D in general for that matter, until having gotten into it and I honestly can’t imagine having found a better course for getting my head around some of the more difficult parts of it. A big thanks to Zach and the CG Boost team for what they do, and in putting this course together for everyone trying to start out with Blender. It really made the difference for me!

Cody Casburn
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 3, 2021

How to climb a cliff easily

I am a beginner in 3D Blender and spent a few months committed to the software and YouTube in this regard, but I did not see a thread in explaining the interface and all the tools to be able to start with meaning.

I discovered CG Boost Academy and saw that here a group of people works to explain the subject easily, making a difficult subject, an understandable subject and without secrets.
Zach Reinhardt is a great teacher and I already noticed that he is accompanied by a remarkable team in teaching Blender.
As for prices, they are very affordable for what we learn.

My advice for anyone who wants to learn Blender is to be persistent, willing and sign up for CG Boost and you will see that you will not regret it because we have access to a set of important information related to the world of Blender and this way our skills will improve more quickly.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 2, 2021

Time and Money well spent!

If you are a beginner don’t look any further – this is a fun and very useful course. It will save you tons of time figuring out what to do first, what’s important for beginner and what’s not. Lessons are easy to follow and even if you get stuck from time to time (which will happen :)) there’s Zach with his team and other students ready to help! The content is regularly updated with new stuff which is also great. I’m so satisfied with this experience that I purchased two more courses and can’t wait to dive into them.

Biljana Safarzik
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 31, 2021

Great way to get (re-)started with Blender!

I’ve been playing with learning 3D modelling and animation for years now, to use for personal and professional projects. Every time I got the motivation, I downloaded the software and watched a couple of tutorials, however after a short while, my motivation disappeared, since there was no goal or complete idea to work towards.

Finally, with time on my hands because of the lockdown, I decided to invest into a structured course. And boy did that investment pay off!
Zach’s teaching style and the easy-to-follow lessons and exercises gave me the structure, knowledge and goal to keep me motivated to learn. During the course I picked up on other resources and practices and got some inspiration to start my own little 3D projects.
The comment section of the videos was also a valuable resource, where I always found some useful tips and tricks to improve my workflow.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to start learning Blender or just to have fun trying a new skill. The results can be observed quickly and definitely keep you motivated and inspired!

Robert Puteanu
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 31, 2021

Great Tutorial

This tutorial is great for beginners. The beginning might be a little boring, but it’s totally worth it. I like how Zach is always very active and updates the course. I also like how if you run into a problem you can always ask in the comments.

Kevin Han
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 28, 2021

Nice course overall

I am very grateful for this course. I just finish it, and I can’t wait to play with Blender on my own stuff. I wish I had a PC powerful enough to follow the last chapters (texturing and baking). I think some chapters need to be done more than once to be fully understood (like texturing haha).

I can’t wait to try other courses (sculpting and environment).

Big thanks to CG Boost team.

Hind Vitry
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 22, 2021

The “take you by the hand” Course

I realy enjoyed this fully elaborated course.

My CG journey started, when I was 16 or 17 and decided to make something with Blender, because I had the need to create things, like the people, who are creating video games at this time. I watched AgenZasBrothers, because my English wasn’t that refined. But sadly I lost interest over the time to other things, like skating and parties. 😉

Now about 11 years later I want to revoke my old interest and try to develop some skills in 3D modeling, as well as texturing, to for fill by creative needs and maybe to become that good, that I someday can earn a little extra to invest in better equipment.

I started by watching videos from Blender Guru and Grant Abbitt, following some of their tutorial series. At some point I realized, that an all-in-one-course would perfectly fit my needs to get a basic understanding about Blender. So after browsing some time I read multiple times about this Blender Launch Pad Course. So I decided to purchase it and didn’t regret this.

The Course

The Course is very well-structured and explained in a good understandable English.
There are given a lot of basic information, but as well as hints and tricks and some troubleshooting for each topic. Exactly these troubleshooting improved the quality of the course a lot, because you can get a wider understanding of how Blenders mechanics work with each other.
The exercises are very well-chosen, so the students can make their own decisions about their own design. But a red string is given. This course didn’t get me out of my comfort zone at any time and I stayed motivated learning so many things, knowing, that this information is just the tip of an “Iceberg”. By only having free time of about 2 hours a day in average I managed to complete the course and never had the feeling of getting bored.


One thing, that I want like to criticize is, that in the informative parts of the course, are too few exercises to directly solidify the information, which were just presented.
So there could be some little tiny exercises maybe every 2 to 4 videos to ease the information flood.

Malte Dwinger
Car Mechanic
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 21, 2021

Best Course for Beginners!

Easier to understand through this course, than trying to learn Blender on your own, as it helps to understanding the basics very clearly and saves a lot of time. The thing I loved the most about this course was how the teacher interacted with the students by solving all the questions/doubts that we had during the course. Best course for the beginners. Highly recommended it.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 21, 2021

Fantastic resource

I decided to take this course to get comfortable with the animation and rendering parts of Blender. When I started Blender a couple of years ago I found it pretty challenging. I did tutorials and learned some things, but it was sporadic since it is sometimes hard to know what you need to know. I became functional but not at the level I wanted to operate in the tool, mostly using it to create models to 3D print parts for machines and daydreaming about someday doing animation.

With the latest releases of Blender getting better and better I felt it was time to get serious. I liked Zach’s style of teaching from the free tutorials, so I decided to go with the Blender Launch Pad. I wasn’t sure if it would be too basic in the beginning since I was comfortable making models, but I wanted to make sure I had a firm grip on all the basic functions. I am glad I did as I have learned something from every lesson.
Sometimes it’s just a different way to use a command I knew, and sometimes it’s a whole feature I didn’t realize existed. The lessons are perfectly sized in small chunks. You can watch one or two if your schedule is busy or binge all day. Everything is provided to hands on practice in fun scenes, so you can get comfortable with each lesson, and an online community willing to help.

If you want to learn Blender fundamentals in a structured sensible fun way, you can’t go wrong with the Blender Launch Pad.

Darryl Kilzer Sr
Graphic Artist at Other Corner Games
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 14, 2021

Very helpful for new users

As a new Blender user, this course was very helpful for me. It taught me about subjects that I know I would’ve avoided if it were not for this course. I recommend it to new Blender users who are intimidated by the software and do not have much direction on where to begin learning.

Ben Goodwin
Mechanical Drafter
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 11, 2021

My introduction to Blender

One beautiful day I realized, that all I want to do in my life is creating wonderful compositions in 3d. And the only thing can make my dream come true is blender. Blender just blown my mind and I started searching tutorials from all over the Internet. So I came across the beginner course from CG Boost on YouTube. I liked it so much, so I wanted to continue to comprehend the depths of Blender. And now I’m passing the Blender Launch Pad course. This course is special and covers all my basic needs in 3d modeling. Every day with this course making modeling anything in Blender easier. Short tutorials are really cool, same as the cheat sheets for improving and consolidating my skills.

Now I have much fewer troubles with more complicated tutorials even for older versions of Blender. I’m looking forward to be done with the Launch Pad course soon, and come to the next level of my 3d skills.

Alexander Ezhakov
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 10, 2021

Start of a new journey!

Almost everyone is hit by Covid. For me this meant to be home a LOT more and wanting to learn something new besides my full time job to maybe in the future have a backup when sh*t hits the fan. I was already interested in 3D but never had the time or did the research of how to do it myself. But now I came in contact with Blender, following some free tutorials and basically copying another persons work without knowing WHY I did things, felt like I wasn’t able of creating something myself. This resulted to me in wanting to get to know more of Blender and why certain actions do certain things. Then I found CG Boost with the Launch Pad course. I enrolled after watching the intro by Zach. His way of presenting and teaching was really clear and kept my attention. The build up by first getting through some of the fundamentals and then working with the same knowledge helped a lot in learning to work in Blender instead of copying… As I’m almost finished with the course I am already looking forward to enroll in the sculpting course by CG Boost!

Michel Swerissen
Pilot and maybe call myself a CG artist in the future 🙂
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 8, 2021

Nice course

I really enjoyed this course. It gave me all the tools to start creating in Blender.

Giuliano Maria Lodi
Bey Studio
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 8, 2021

The most fun I’ve ever had learning something

To the Crew, and especially Mr. Reinhardt.

This has been one of the most informative and interesting courses I have ever had the pleasure of taking. On multiple occasion while playing brand-new AAA games that just released the day before, I found myself quitting the game to get back to this course. The structure and enthusiasm that goes into this teaching format is outstanding and without equal. I hope to use these skills to further a career in game design and 3D modeling. May you all have the best success in your futures.

P.S. Already convinced into the modeling course.

Roger Walden
Motion Sick Gaming
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 6, 2021

This course is everything you need to have a solid foundation in Blender and 3D

It is fun, you learn a lot, and it is very digestible for beginners. The teaching style is very thorough and help is always there if you need it.

The price is worth it. For me, it is far preferable to learn through well-organized highly informative material rather than searching for the information on your own through various online tutorials.

I came to this course with prior knowledge about Blender, but I still found that it really filled in all the gaps for me. I now feel confident in my ability to create my own 3D artwork and animation, and I feel prepared to open myself up to more advanced topics!

Julian Eveneshen
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 5, 2021

Microteaching even at the North-Pole

First, there was no substantial knowledge of Blender…only some individual YouTube Tutorials.
This seems to me like a puzzle with a lot of tiles. Sure, each tile made sense, but a complete “picture” as fundament was not given.

Now with the “Blender 2.8 Launch Pad” from CGBoost there is a leading light for me in the darkness.
Four main reasons that convince me of this course:

1. The course can be completed even in the most remote corners of the world thanks to the download option – only electricity is of course the prerequisite 🙂
2. Each individual lesson is self-contained and can therefore be seen again from the context.
3. The course is structured logically from start to finish: first the necessary details of using Blender and then their implementation in a project.
4. For each individual part of the course there is a contact option for any questions.

As a whole, the course is didactically well-structured thanks to its graphics (building a house as a starting point to model various parts).
I think the price is absolutely justified. After all, I get something for it and can even keep it on my computer.
Criticism? The only thing that struck me is that you, Zach, say “Szee-Axis” instead of “Zet-Axis”… 😉

Jörg Hecken
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 4, 2021

Blender for everyone

Just past the 60% completion and can already see where this is heading…

This course has literally taken my blender learning from zero to hero. It has giving me so much confidence in the whole 3D world.
I now dare and do my own models, scenes and renders without scavenging YouTube for every thing I wanted to do.
The course covered everything you need to know and with the extra addition of the UV and texturing tutorials, you are set up for success.

Everything is nicely presented and structured, so I can always go back to see a specific topic in the future when needed… Thank you CG BOOST, Zach and team for providing this rich full experience..
Shame there is no more extra stars than 5…

Hamid Rohi-Bilverdy
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 4, 2021

If you are lost in this crazy 3D world, this course is your compass!

What Zach provides in this course is all you need to understand the basics of Blender and 3D in general. Short simple to understand lessons and with added UV and Texturing basics this is the best course to have.

Milos Kovrlija
Struggling 3D Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 4, 2021

Learning from CG Boost

I bought this course specifically for the texture painting and baking sections, and it did not disappoint me.

This course will teach you everything you need to know to start making models, from the modeling portion to uploading it to a 3D model selling website. I would like to see a comprehensive guide to making models for a game engine, going more into how to reduce file sizes to be more optimized and how to work with really low-poly objects to make them look appealing. Thanks for the tutorial and I hope you make more of them like this.

Brian Robinson
aspiring blender 3D modeler
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 1, 2021

Experienced Artist using Launch Pad to transition from 3Ds Max to Blender

Being a 3D artist in video games with around 10 years of industry experience I might have not really been the intended target audience, but I was looking for learning resources that would allow me to smoothly transition to Blender without going through thousands of random tutorials on the internet.
I have to say this Launch Pad course was perfect in that regard.

You will be guided through all chapters in a very structured way with custom-built example scenes that are easy to follow.
The whole course serves as a fantastic resource to look things up later and I very much appreciate the overall presentation quality.
Fantastic for absolute beginners or people transitioning over like I did.

Patrick Gladys
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 22, 2020

Great Course for Blender 3D Fundermentals

I finished my first animation. Thank you so much. I’m so happy I did this Blender Launch Pad course.

Jaehun Park
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 18, 2020

Best Beginner tutorial

I’ve been stressed by numerous videos on YouTube. CG Boost offers a system of learning step by step, giving us a clear, easy to digesting way to discover Blender. Of course Zach teaching is very fun, so you won’t feel stupid while problems showing up. He is not only interesting, but also prepare troubleshooting for each chapter!

I start my journey on Blender, but was not familiar with it, and I don’t want to start from making many machines (I will still practice them cuz they are a nice solution of understanding Blenders various functions). Zach is the best teacher for every beginner.

I’ve already bought other lessons, and I can’t wait to start after Blender Launch Pad!

Yen-Ling Wang
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 18, 2020

Blender Launch Pad Course is a great foundation

I started working with Blender at the beginning of the year. After watching multiple tutorials on YouTube I found CG Boost. This course breaks down Blender in a way that I now understand why certain tools are used and how to use them. All the exercises allowed me to learn how to use Blender. I completed some exercises multiple times.

Allowing the videos to be downloaded to watch locally is a great option. I have gone back to watch these videos several times. Now with the newly added content the course keeps getting better. Anyone who is wanting to start learning Blender, look no further. This course is the place to start.

Bryan Sailer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 17, 2020

Blender Launch Pad Review

I’m going OK, but it’s frustrating at times. When following your course it gets confusing at sometimes because you explain things that are relevant but not in the context of what is happening at the present time of the course. For example in the particles section you explain what is going on, but I feel, you talk too much about things pertaining to the subject and over explain, and it just confuses me.(no offense meant). Look Blender is not an easy program to use, or get to know easily, I get it, but over explaining somethings does not help, when you’re just starting out. But I’m getting there. I have had to remake the car five times, because I don’t know how to solve an issue that happens, like the geometry does not look right, vertices overlap, and I don’t notice them, weird things happen, and it well, just confuses me. But overall I’m prepared to get on with the course and finish it, no matter how long it takes me. Every time I’m working on it I’m learning new things about the program. So it’s not all a waste of time.

Raymond Canzius
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 16, 2020

Wonderful course!

So detailed and so clear, this course gives a knowledge management to operate with this wonderful 3D program. From the first issue to the last one continuously with a big breath!
Thank you so much for explain these things in a simply and funny way!
Thank you so much Zach!

Arturo Lozzi
Comic Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 15, 2020

Very Great Course

Hello dear Zach!
Your course is absolutely great!
Learned so much from it, and the explanations are perfect!
I made a few small changes to the car though, with a Logo of a company I’m working at.
I would upload it to show you, but I’m not sure where.

Michael Aizenshtein
3D Planning Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 11, 2020

My barrel

I have already done many tutorials on Blender, because when you work alone, you need several ways of seeing things or doing them. Well for me it’s the best of all.
Progressive, visually pleasing, the explanations are clear, precise and complete and the icing on the cake, the projects that are proposed to us are interesting, make us review the entire course and take us much further than we could imagine initially.

For example, for my part, having never made an animated film, I realized that I was capable of it thanks to this course.
In this course we take pleasure in doing things, especially the little film which makes everyone smile because it is so nice.

A very big thank you to Zach … while waiting for further training.
Jean Paul

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 29, 2020

Simply the BEST learning course for Blender!!!!!

I really feel it’s been night and day between my understanding of Blender before and after this course.

The content, the structure, everything is just perfect and incredibly easy to understand when explained by Zack.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 27, 2020

An excellent course. Can’t recommend more highly!

This course has been completely brilliant.

I originally did the CGBoost’s free apple bowl scene course because when I first saw the car animation one, I thought there was no way I would be able to do it, having never done any 3D work before. The apple bowl scene was fantastic and I learned a huge amount and gave me the confidence to try the Launch Pad.
I am so glad I did. The course is very well paced, exactly the right information, Zach is clearly an expert and I had complete trust in and respect for the skills and knowledge he was sharing.

If you are thinking about doing this course, just go for it; and I’ve not even mentioned how ridiculously good it is for value-for-money!

My only wish? That I had found these courses sooner! Thank you, Zach and the CGBoost team. I can’t wait to continue learning and experimenting, and also, complete the bonus material at the end that you have been adding!

Here’s my video so far. I am going to keep adding to the story:

Ash Williamson
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 26, 2020

Just perfect!

Hi guys! I’m a blender beginner and I’m taking some different courses in parallel, I have to say this one is just perfect.

Zach takes his time and explain everything with a lot of patience, repeating the shortcuts, explaining multiple times the same things so you can assimilate all those informations… It’s really a great value for the price and the project he proposes is very interesting.
Also, more content is added while I’m taking it so as I said, to start learning blender this course is: JUST PERFECT!

Thanks again!

Daniel B
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 20, 2020

Just the best

Excellently put together course, split into sensible chunks with no waffle or wasted screen time. Great for beginners or returning old hands like myself and will stick with Zach and the rest of his excellent courses.

Patrick O’ Connell
3D Design and Animation
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 3, 2020

Amazing course!

Hi Zach, I have been following your channel on YouTube from a long time and I recently bought the Launch Pad course together with the sculpting course (but this one I didn’t begin yet).

Your way of teaching the techniques is very easy to follow, I am still in 65% of the course but I loved what I saw so far.
Keep up with this way of teaching.

I am sending this from Brazil where we have a big Blender community.
Thank you very much for this course.

Alexandre Rizzo Araujo
ALX Consultoria, Treinamento e Serviços
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 26, 2020

You are in good hands with CG BOOST

During the courses you can ask questions each chapter or lesson, you will get help and advice. The chapters are clearly arranged, in addition you learn a lot. I can recommend CG BOOST, I like the concept.

Clone Borg
Electronic Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 26, 2020

This course is a treasure

First of, thank you, Zach, for this incredible course. Truly, this is the most comprehensive and interesting course out there. The amount of information, simplicity and practical approach is invaluable.

Don’t get me wrong, there are other great courses online, but I will never forget this final animation we made together with Zach. I return to this course all the time when I need a refresher, because there’s no way I can remember this much of information. But this will come with practice.

You and a team did such a simple-to-follow course on such a difficult topic. I wish you a good day and many other projects to accomplish.

Bohdan Skochii
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 26, 2020

A must to learn Blender easily

This course is really a must to understand the basics of Blender and to take a big step forward in its techniques and sections.

Everything is explained in a clear and understandable way.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to approach the 3d world with that fantastic software that is Blender

Marco Turchi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 24, 2020

Launch Pad Course changed my approach to 3D projects

Prior to taking the Blender 2.8 Launchpad course I have been following multiple tutorials believing that I was learning Blender, but what I was actually learning was how to follow someone else. This course is set up in such a way that I have been able to learn about the different tools that Blender provides. Not only have I learned about the tools but how and when to use them.

My confidence has increase to a point where I am not as intimidated while trying to create the stories / scenes that are in my mind. The important points that I have taken away from this course are:

1. Always use reference pictures.
2. Pay attention to the size of objects in reference to each other.
3. Each project takes time and multiple changes before you get to your final product.
4. The only way to improve your skills is to continue to work on your skills.

Bryan W Sailer
Wireless Contractor
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 19, 2020

Worth every cent!

I’m at the 60% completion mark on this course, and I feel I’ve already learned more in the past few weeks than in the past year of following Blender tutorials. The course is put together in a nice progression of learning some basics, then going ahead to working on the project, then going back to more advanced basics, then back to the project, and so on. It doesn’t get boring. Zach’s method of explaining things is right to the point; he somehow manages to cover a lot, but it’s not overwhelming. And as someone who isn’t totally new to Blender, I was tempted to skip past some of the ‘basics’ lessons, but.. Don’t do it! I still learned a lot of new things in those lessons, and other things that I wasn’t so clear on suddenly made more sense to me. Also, if you get stuck, just post a comment and you get a response very quickly. And when it’s all done you get a very cool animation that you’re not going to believe you made yourself! I’m already planning my second one!

Glenn R Mueller
Charter Communications
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 17, 2020

Blender 2.8 Launch Pad – An Amazing Course and Instructor

As a complete beginner, I’ve learned so much from this course. It’s an amazing resource and an excellent foundation to build on. Not only that, but it’s incredibly entertaining.

Project files are included for nearly every lesson, which help demonstrate the fundamentals of the Blender UI, along with fun exercises. The course is well-organised, with short videos, making it easy to go back to previous lessons for reference. The main project – a flying car scene – utilizes all the concepts. It’s a fairly complicated animation for beginners, but it’s broken down in such a way that makes it surprisingly simple.

Zach’s teaching ability is excellent. I can’t stress that enough. His explanations are concise and easy to follow, with the occasional bit of humor. He not only teaches us how to model and animate, but offers tips on inspiration and motivation, and explains the concepts of 3D software and how Blender works inside.

Blender 2.8 Launchpad has far exceeded my expectations!

Michael Tisdale
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 17, 2020


Thank you, Zach, you are so amazing and so detail in teaching. I’m grateful.

Raymond Hart
Array Kula
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 16, 2020

I have the right start in blender way!

I have learned a lot. I did many online courses and now have results. This course didn’t teach copying, it teaches how to create!

This is exactly what I wanted. Thank You!

Konstantins Mitrofanovs
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 9, 2020

Really nice and useful Training for Blender

I tried learning Blender for years, I bought so many books and tutorials, I was not comfortable with Blender, but this training works, I listened to the video, then use the blend file to try out what I have learned, and believe me it has made me comfortable using Blender, I fully recommend this course. Zach has done a lot of work to develop this course, so a special thanks to him.

Duleep Kumar Samuel
Indian Institute of Horticultural Research
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 9, 2020

Excellent introduction to Blender

I worked in different aspects of computer graphics for decades, but I am new to Blender. After randomly sampling a variety of tutorials from the internet I was looking for a solid, well constructed introduction that would not just show me how to do random acts of blendering, but give me a solid understanding of the nuts-and-bolts and workflows of this amazing piece of software, and that is exactly what I found that in CGBoost’s Launch Pad series. Not only is it direct, concise and comprehensive, but Launch Pad has up-to-the-minute information with new content coming in regularly. Zacharias is an excellent teacher who understands how to prioritize information in an effective step-by-step delivery that will get you where you want to be. It doesn’t overwhelm; it is exactly what it purports to be – a launch pad.

I highly recommend this course. It delivers an amazing amount of bang for the buck.

Kellan Hatch
Creative Director
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 8, 2020

Better than any YouTube video

Probably the best mixer course there is.
The reviews for this Blender course speak for themselves. You learn so much better than any YouTube tutorial.
Zacharias Reinhardt as a teacher is a blessing for this course, as he speaks English clearly and, above all, without dialect. For people like me who don’t speak perfect fluent English this is ideal. Everything is easy to understand and divided into small steps.

Best course to learn Blender, for beginners and advanced.

Michael G.
Hobby Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 4, 2020

One of the best courses for Blender!

This is the best course I did for blender.

I worked as a graphic designer and now went back to this passion and for that, I decided to learn more software and blender was my choice but so different from normal graphic software.
After I watched what’s into the course I already recognized how well organized and professional it is.

It was very easy for me to follow and everything was very well explained step by step.

The scenes which were created for every part of the course, brought fun in it and also a better understanding of the then visual details you can see, of how it really can look like.
Setting up your own account where you can look up, what courses and tutorials I have done, makes it very easy to go back and watch videos again if something was forgotten.

Diana Jojic
customer support/game master for a gaming company
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 25, 2020

Great so far!

After struggling with various videos and beginner books, Zach’s course is the most straightforward and comprehensive. I feel that by the end I will have great confidence in making my own designs with Blender.

Paul P
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 24, 2020

The best on the net!

This course is the absolute best course available.
It is affordable. A bargain at double the current price.

It is downloadable for those with slow internet access or to use as a future reference. Clear and concise instructions from a knowledgeable instructor.
Thorough explanations of each function, not just “follow me” instructions. Quick and professional feedback.

Access to a community of friendly and helpful users. Low poly examples that can be rendered quickly.
Advice for those pursuing a CG career. Bonus chapters added at no additional cost.

I have been tinkering with Blender but was never able to finish a project. Launch pad took me through the process from start to finish. This course offers an excellent foundation for those new to Blender and I believe even experienced users will gain valuable insight.

Timothy Wallace
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 22, 2020

The best course to learn Blender

The methodology is clear and very fresh.
The topics are explained in a simple way and the result obtained is wonderful.
I totally recommend this course to all those who wish to immerse themselves in the incredible world of 3d.

William Molina S.
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 21, 2020

Beginner friendly 3D modeling course

I am very interested of learning 3D modeling and I found this course very useful for beginners like me. Zach is very clear in explaining every concept, tools, how it works and what to avoid doing. Also, Zach was able to tackle only important concepts to learn for a beginner which makes the course easier to grasp and not overwhelming. It was also very helpful that every topic / video were short, direct to the point and specific for a particular tool or concept, this way it makes it easier to understand and keeps the course interesting as you go on each topic. I am glad I found this course because its like a complete all in one basics tool kit that a beginner needs for you to learn everything from modeling tools, shading, texture, UV mapping, lighting and animation! So thanks again Zach!

Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 21, 2020

Probably one of the best Blender courses.

Amazing and well-structured course for both beginner and intermediate users alike.
Zach does a great job explaining everything there is about Blender basics and 3D from scratch while showing you step by step how to get achieve the same results.

If you’re already familiar with Blender, you can pretty much skip the basics and start working on your project straight away and the great thing is the rest of the course will always be there as a great resource for you to review any topic covered during your project’s development.

Blender is an amazing software and it’s getting constant updates (at the time of this review it just launched version 2.9) but don’t let that deceive you, you can still follow along just fine since Zach updated a bunch of chapters with “from the future” notes telling you where stuff is or what changed, if he didn’t manage to update it yet you can always go through the comments of each video to check what people said about it or ask a question yourself, Zach and his team are always there answering questions or trying to help people.

Overall I’m very pleased with this course and thoroughly recommend it, it covers a lot of ground and you’ll definitely learn what you need to start working with 3D.

Gabriel Peterlini
3D Student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 5, 2020

A Proper Course.

I purchased into this course with a solid expectation to learn Blender, I had expectations of Texturing and Rigging, but once I started this course and was slightly disappointed not to be tackling these concepts, BUT I soon realized how valuable the other critical information and detail in the tools and very importantly the workflow pipeline in order to make a successful scene/project was.

I was blown away by the fact that I was actually learning now, not just copying something that someone says to do online by following YouTube videos, etc

How do I say this simply, there is no other course I have seen out there that is so well delivered and tutored. Also, one must understand the challenges it presents to run a course so in-depth with a product such as a blender which changes versions every other week and who are notorious for moving already complicated functions into other UI areas or make them disappear altogether.

I found myself googling where specific tools were when using a slightly more modern version of Blender than the course was designed around, but that said Zach did a great job of re-editing the video content to mention the changes, as well as assisted with the many questions within the discussion comments section.

I truly look forward to seeing more courses such as this.

Jade Hogg
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 3, 2020

A Perfect Course for a Beginner who wants to explore 3D Rendering in Blender

Although I do not aspire to be a 3D Artist or a Graphic Designer and also me having absolutely no prior knowledge to Blender or any other software found this course extremely useful.

This course provides you with great basic and overall knowledge about 3D Rendering through Blender. The Blender Launchpad Course has given me a new set of skills to use in my future ventures.
Although I do my own business, this course has me capable to do my own Graphic Designing and 3D modelling.

Thanks CG Boost!

Sajal Gupta
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 1, 2020

Best course to become 3D artist!

As a video editor, I have only little knowledge about animation at first, only related to motion graphics in general video editing software.

I started learning Blender around 2 months ago and have never imagined that I would be able to make a professional looking 3D animation.
This course is really great because it shows the step-by-step process. Even the slow learner will be able to follow.

I am really glad that I took this course and it really worth it!

Amirul Ramli
Motion Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 1, 2020

Such a great course!

I loved going through this course and would like to see more like it.
I especially like learning the tools and workflows in a manner that results in a finished project at the end of the course.

Justin Svetlik
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 30, 2020

Good start. Thanks for taking it in small bites.

I’m a hobbyist just getting started with Blender.
I first did animation work long, long ago using clay and Super 8 film. Yes, that long ago. Now trying to get back into amusing my grandchildren.

I’m very new to this tool, and so I really appreciate that the training is done in very small bites and is accompanied by project files that allow me to practice everything as I go. It has also been very helpful for me that I can download all the files and move along at my comfort level.

In this very early time I am learning about some deficiencies of my system. I clearly need more memory if I am really going to tackle using this tool and I need to adjust the sensitivity of my mouse. It is too sensitive, so I sometimes end up with huge movement and get lost in scenes. Those are clearly equipment problems and not problems with the course.

On a final note, I’m appreciating the community emails and forum posts. It’s really great seeing the work and progress of others and while I have started my first project I already have some clear ideas about what I want to work on.

Jonathan Hunter
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 30, 2020

One of the best course for complete beginners!

Just amazing!

There are plenty of courses in the market and also very talented people. But Zack’s teaching style is so unique. He makes sure you don’t loose interest in the technical jargon, instead boost your confidence in learning more and experimenting.

This course is highly recommended for anyone, but if you are a complete beginner then this is the course you need.

Thank you, Zack.


Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 29, 2020

School of Blender

I am from south India(Tamil Nadu) and there is no proper procedural way for learning 3d animation things and I struggled a lot to learn the Blender because of its very own uniqueness (i.e) Open-source.

I really liked the way you explained throughout the course, and I am very excited to see your future courses on Blender 2.8.

Zach, you changed my label from beginner to intermediate level in Blender. I learned everything from scratch and the science behind the concept of 3d art.
I am a blender user for more than 2 years but no one made the clear way for the basics but you ruled that area by this course.

Please don’t say this as a tutorial, it’s almost like a diploma in the blender.
Finally, thank you, Professor Zach Reinhardt, and heartful wishes for your future.

Ragul C
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 28, 2020


This online course was very helpful. I enjoyed it a lot.
Zach’s videos are beautifully done and super easy to understand for beginners.
Thanks a lot, man for introduction to this amazing software.

Vojtěch Petr
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 28, 2020

This is the best Blender course I’ve ever had in my life

Thank you for giving me this kind of precious opportunity.
I’m really glad to find this course and try it.

It looked hard for me since I’m totally Blender beginner, but I found that I don’t have to worry about that because your explanation is easy to understand and very kind 🙂

I’d like to spread this great course actively in Japan.
I will continue to support you in the future. Thanks!

Ruka Kameyama
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 23, 2020

A strong and solid fundamental

Thank you CG Boost for this great teaching. Your lessons are made for total beginners and advanced users of Blender. I use Blender for a while, but I never had the time to learn it from the real basics. It’s a real boost. I hope you will create some new courses!

Nino Zehnder
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 13, 2020

An awesome kickstart

I have tried over a few years to get started with Blender, having spent most of my design life in After Effects and some other 3D software programs. Each time, the program seemed overwhelming and too difficult. After trying some YouTube tutorials, CG Boost’s 2.8 Launch Pad course was recommended.

Zach’s launch pad course is brilliant. There is plenty of attention to detail, but without being cumbersome or too much to understand. All the information is clear and well-thought-out, whilst still being able to put his teaching into context with the design project he uses in the course. Within no time I found myself finally managing the navigation, understanding the fundamentals and even beginning to pre-empt the tools and paths needed to design in Blender. It’s a great course length, giving you ample time to get used to the program as well as gain a little pride as your design starts to take shape. By the time the course was over I felt more than capable of tackling some of the next steps in 3D design in Blender.

Thanks Zach – a great course, taught well.

Scott Ogier
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 11, 2020

A great class

This online course has helped me a lot in my journey of CG and has gives me confidence in my possible CG future. I would 100% recommend to a friend so hopefully they could learn as much as I did from this course. I also plan on doing some other courses to even further my CG knowledge because this one was so good!

Caleb Jordan Humerickhouse
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 10, 2020

This course seriously boosted my 3D skills!!

What a great course! I worked with 3D MAx a long time a go and wanted to get back into building in 3D. Because Blender is free I really wanted to learn the basics. Your course delivered! I now know all the fundamentals and can find my way around Blender. I liked the concept of the sci-fi car and the crash in the desert. I have learned a lot and feel I have enough knowledge now to take it a step further on my own.

Although I really would like to see a tutorial on texturing. I hope you can make up for the promise in the course about adding a lesson on it later. 😉

See ya and I will tell everybody about this course!

Duko Stolwijk
Visual Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 7, 2020

Edible and easy to digest

The course is designed beautifully. The tutor literally holds your finger and teaches you to walk through the software first. After teaching you about what is what, the project starts. And that also is divided into small chunks which are edible and easy to digest. You can have your fill according to your appetite.

All in all, this is the perfect course for starters which covers everything you would need to start your journey as a 3d artist. And the final result you have at the end of the course is an ideal addition to your portfolio. Definitely a 5 star!

Hamza Masood
Oaktree Designs
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 5, 2020

Great Tutorial for Beginners

The Blender Launch Pad is full pack tutorial for beginners which gives all the information on tools. Even though I’m at 50% only I have learned most of the fundamentals.

Hoping after this course I will learn the techniques in applying the fundamentals. I’m just doing this training while I’m working as an IT operations analyst which is far from this 3D industry. I will build up my portfolio, so I can change careers where I will be happy on what I’m doing.

Alvin Zapanta
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 5, 2020

Tutorial of tutorials

Really well paced. Easy to follow. Explains as we go along.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 4, 2020

Amazing Blender Course!

I am not new to Blender, but I have definitely learned a lot from this course, and I can say that my projects will turn out better because of it. The lessons were short and easy to follow, I never got bored watching them. I was struggling with online tutorial videos and had a hard time making models of my own that looked good, but seeing and learning how a professional plans out a project has giving me the knowledge and skill to make my own 3D models look even better. This has been a great course, it is the first one that I have paid for and I loved every part of it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to use Blender or improve their skills with Blender.

Corbin Baird
R&D Intern
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 4, 2020

A Great Way to Start

I’m about a 3rd of the way through this course but I completed the Beginner Course with the Apples before I started this one, so I’m familiar with how these courses work. Launch Pad goes into greater detail about how the various features of Blender work before you start the actual project. In some ways I wish I had done the 1st few chapters of this one before the Apple tutorial, as I have no background in 3D design and Blender is about as far from user-friendly as one could get. If you try to learn it on your own or search up random YouTube videos, you will experience no end of frustration.

If you are like me with no experience and a slightly mushy brain, you will like this course. It is well explained, broken into bite sized chunks and perfectly achievable. If you are a little bit experienced, you can easily identify the sections you might safely pass over.

This level of training would also cost a whole lot more elsewhere. I took courses in Photoshop and Illustrator years ago at my local community college and paid around $800 cdn per course. (Cover your eyes Zach!)

There are advantages and disadvantages to distance training. I can’t get instantaneous answers when I have a problem (although many of the answers are in the chat under the video) but I can work on my own computer and don’t have the hassle of driving anywhere. And honestly, I’ve never had to wait more than a few hours for help and nothing has ever been unresolvable.

I also like that CGBoost has a whole community on Facebook and I can look at other people’s ideas and see what they have to say. I haven’t ventured into Discord but that is out there too. An interconnected community is, in my mind, a good sign of a well respected and quality program.

Kelly Coccimillo
Elementary School Teacher
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 3, 2020

The Best Place to start the 3D Animation Journey

I’ve searched YouTube videos and danced around for years trying to get a grasp on my 3D journey. At a time I got discouraged and backed down but then I came across this course and I can confidently boast and say that this is the best place to start a 3D animation journey. The teachings were extremely easy to understand and remember. Well done CG Boost. I look forward to more courses. Especially on making short CG movies!

Metseagharun, David Adanoritsewo
Midiatrix Studios
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 2, 2020

Amazing Course

This course is extremely good. The results I have had from the two courses I have done so far have been absolutely beyond my expectations. I cannot wait to learn more.

Ben Woodcock
Network Specialist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 25, 2020

The best way to get started

I started this course 2 weeks ago with the idea that it would teach me a few useful tools and improve my Blender skills a little bit. I had been doing several other courses before this, so felt confident that there wasn’t much this course could teach me. I was incredibly wrong.

This course solidified all my understanding of the concepts covered, teaching me how to fully utilize tools that I had only scratched the surface of before. My skills and knowledge of the systems within Blender skyrocketed and following along with the videos allowed me to easily create the final animation.

I would recommend this course highly and I wish that it had been my first introduction to Blender.

Jonas Land
Blue Jam Projects
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 25, 2020

Excellent tutorial.

I have years of experience with compositors (Flame-AE) but never since now have tried to enter 3D Animation world. The Launch Pad course is a great way to start.

Yiannis Kentrotas
Ribeye Production / Compositor
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 24, 2020

Exactly what I needed

I’m not new to digital art, but I am new to 3D modelling and to Blender.

After following along with a car tutorial on YouTube and hitting so many obstacles where I just didn’t know what I did to not get where I was trying to go, I picked up this course from the recommendation in that same YT tutorial, and I’m so glad I did!
Zach is a really talented teacher, engaging, technical, thorough, has a lovely sense of whimsical humor, and is disciplined enough to not let you get to the good stuff until you have some clues, and by then you have so many clues you actually feel like you know what you’re doing, because you do!

This is the perfect course for a novice like me, so glad I found it.
Thanks so much for making such a wonderful course Zach!

Samantha Vale
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 24, 2020

The Best introduction into Blender.

The best Blender introduction so far.
I have been playing around with Blender for a while, started a few courses, but did not finish any of them, but this time Zach got me hooked into the end.
Easy to follow, crystal clear explanations, and the videos are very nice to the eyes, you can see very clear what is going on. It was a joy to see my advancements, I wanted more and more as I was progressing through the course.
Also, as the course is made of short videos, many of them addressing a particular subject, makes it perfect for future reference.

My gratitude for getting my enthusiasm high at this troubled time.
Thanks, Zach.



Gustavo Daniel Somma
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 23, 2020

Blender 2.8 Launch Pad is Great!

CG Boost’s Launch Pad tutorials are excellent!
Each one is extremely informative, well organized, easy to follow, and fun to watch.

Zach is an excellent speaker, easy to understand.
I wish I had started watching them sooner rather than trying to figure out Blender on my own.

Allen Gawlik
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 21, 2020

No regrets.

I really enjoyed this course and especially the instructor that took me through.
I especially liked the detail with which the instructor taught instead of making it a sort of tutorial where you follow along with what the instructor is doing.

The detail with which the course was taught made me truly understand the concepts and tools used in a blender and how to use them such that it helped me build my confidence in doing 3D art and animation on my own and from my own ideas.

Thank you so much, Zach!

Kofi Omari Asante
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 21, 2020

Best Instructor

Zach is by far the best Blender instructor. There is no one out there that could be more thorough than Zack. I love learning the Blender Launch Pad and am inspired and excited to learn more from him.

Please don’t stop teaching Zach. I can learn so much from you.

Sheri Grant
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2020

Ticks All the boxes

I really enjoyed Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course. I think it was well planned and laid out, easy for me to follow.

The work load (Fundamentals & Exercises) was just enough, so I could finish everything with enough time. Learned so much about the topics (Modeling, sculpting, animation and rendering) and not feel overloaded and rushed.

Looking forwards for more! 🙂

Salman Shafiq
Graphic Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 14, 2020

Best course for beginner

Excellent explanation! Great course!

I’ve always wanted to make something in 3D, and I know Blender, a free tool. I tried to teach myself on YouTube, but it didn’t go well, so I took the lecture.

It’s very satisfying to learn tools from the process of creating a scene. I’m also very satisfied that I can take lectures again whenever I want. Even someone who procrastinates like me can finish this course. All the course time was also appropriate and were not burdensome.

I really recommend to beginners taking this course.

항상 3D로 뭔가 만들고 싶었고, 공짜 툴인 블랜더를 알게되었습니다. 유튜브 강의로 혼자 독학해보려 했지만 잘 안되서 강의를 듣게 되었습니다. 한 장면을 만드는 과정을 통해 툴을 습득한 그 자체로 아주 만족스럽습니다. 강의를 평생들을 수 있다는 점 또한 정말 만족스럽습니다! 강추!

Chanmi Yun
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 14, 2020

This course was made with a lot of care.

I’ve tried many Blender courses but have given up on most of them because I could easily tell they were made to make a quick buck. But from this course, I get the feeling that it was made with a lot of care. The exercises and demonstrations were made with beautiful visuals which really helped me stay focused since I wanted to open the exercise files and explore the details.

I’m convinced the instructor really wanted to make a great course to help others learn from, so I will be recommending this course to as many people as I can.


Nicholas Chan
Lead Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 12, 2020

Dope AF

This course was incredible. After a month or so of viewing tutorials on YouTube, it was great to have a proper all in one beginners course.

Definitely feel ready to begin my journey as a 3D artist.

Brendan Love
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 7, 2020

Most complete introduction to Blender I have taken

I have taken a few courses of Blender before and had some experience using the software but this course has been the most complete I have taken.
It has everything needed to know to get started with all the foundations.

The course is well-structured and easy to follow, when I forgot a tool or technique it was easy for me to remember which video or chapter I had to jump back to review what I forgot.

Before taking this course I wasn’t very clear on what to learn next but after taking it I feel more prepared to move forward.
I highly recommend this course.

Moisés Peláez
Indie Game Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 7, 2020

Strongly recommend this!

Hi everyone! I wanted to thank you, Zach, for providing this course and everyone else who is working with you so that the CGBoost academy is kept up and running. At first, I didn’t recognize the privilege it is to take this Launchpad-course, but now after completing it and searching for more educational content, I am here to thank you for all you are doing for this community.

Beginning at the awesome courses you provide here in the academy, all the free content that is released on the YouTube channel, the newsletters and all the other cool stuff you are doing out there. Thank you for helping me to get better at something I would love to do as a job when I am out of school.

As a student I was also provided with a discount which is not a common practice as far as I can tell, at least I didn’t find it very often when searching for it. Thanks for that! Also, thanks to your newsletter, I got into learning the 10-finger-system, and I am typing so much faster than I used to.

I will recommend this course to everyone who wants to get started with blender, and I am thinking about taking your sculpting course (If my wallet allows it) since I am heavily stuck on a sculpting project of mine.

Without further ado I will thank you again for providing such an amazing atmosphere for everyone who wants to learn Blender and other stuff related to digital 3D. I strongly recommend this course for getting a head start into the blender world.


P.s.: Danke Zach, habe die Zeit wirklich genossen und bin gespannt auf das 2.8 Update vom Sculpting-Kurs 🙂

Noah Bujnoch
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 6, 2020

The best Blender course out there

As someone who has taken classes in Cinema 4d and decided to switch to Blender, this is simply the best and most affordable 3D course out there!
The structure and bite-sized video chunks, as well as the finished project are awesome.

Thanks Zach!

Ben Larracey
Multimedia Specialist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 5, 2020

If you are serious about learning Blender, this is the perfect course to start with.

Okay at first I want to say that the course is made with love and passion, it really shows. Zach is such a nice teacher, who also takes time to read the comments and help people who are stuck at some point.

I like the way the course is build and how Zach put in the effort to make it interesting, by making every Video visually appealing. It’s simple, but still good-looking and it serves its purpose to make the student engage more with the subject matter. It also makes learning easier. For the little you spent you get such an amount of stuff and the best of it is, that the course gets updated from time to time.

I had a blast going through it and so can you!

Dennis Dirks
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 3, 2020

Absolutely THE BEST!!!

I have been trying to learn Blender since version 1.0.1 was released about 25 years ago. The books that I bought had vague and/or poor explanations.
It was a very frustrating experience.

This course has given me detail and precise explanations. Once again, absolutely the best!!!
The complex concepts are extremely well explained in simple terms. As a result, software functionality and methodologies are FINALLY understood. Besides the invaluable amount of tips and recommendations, the examples provided are very detailed.

This is the course you need to take if you want to learn blender. I just cannot recommend it enough. Excellent, Excellent, Excellent course!!

Max E Calvo
Permaximum LLC
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 1, 2020

Even an old dog can learn new tricks!

I have been using older versions of Blender for several years and initially enrolled in this course to become familiar with the 2.8x version. I have not been disappointed. The content is provided in easily understandable chunks and the short videos are great to return to if you ever need to review any particular aspect of the software.

I have always learned better by following along with a hands-on project that spans the entirety of the course. Total beginners can copy every move exactly but it is easy enough for anybody with previous experience to add their own touches to the items created. I am about halfway through the course after one or two weeks and have enjoyed every lesson.

I stumbled along teaching myself in the past with online projects, etc, but have learned so much more in the last couple of weeks. Work commitments never allowed me enough time to focus on this software properly. Now that I am retired, and isolated at home with the current COVID-19 pandemic, the perfect storm for learning has arrived!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone. You will save yourself a lot of time and energy, if not money.

I will definitely be carrying on to the Sculpting and Substance Painter courses after this one is completed.

Steven LePoidevin
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 30, 2020

One of the best course I went through lately.

Great course. Probably one of the best courses I went through in the last few years all genre combined. The pace was great. The length of the videos was adequate. It was detailed and the files to support the course was a great add-on. Bravooo and thank you 👍

K. Diamesso
Was Personal Project
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 28, 2020


Do not hesitate to buy this course! It assumes you have no knowledge of Blender and takes you from zero to one hundred in not time. Zach explains everything in detail and you’ll feel like a pro afterwards. Five Stars!

Tom Rasky
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 27, 2020

Stunning step by step guide!

I have promised myself to learn how to animate in Blender to improve my information design skills.

I want to visually improve how academics and technical people communicate to everyday people about complex issues like how resources flow into and out of cities to influence their behavior towards a more sustainable, community-driven approach. I was very intimidated because I had no idea where to start and it was very far outside of my comfort zone.

I tried a few online courses, but they moved too fast or used a lot of jargon or skipped over the many bits I didn’t understand.

Zach’s course covers everything you can possibly need, along with the fundamental aspects that explains the jargon, the technical background and enough to get you comfortable in playing with the concepts.
Then he includes the blender files that he uses to explain things so that you can follow and try things out, step by step. The videos are short and well categorized, so you can go back and find the exact thing you want to watch again. His presentation is very professional and very well-prepared.

It was a pleasure to do this course, and I am so excited to apply my new skills!

Bernelle Verster
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 23, 2020

A good start

The Launch pad course is a really good start, doesn’t matter if you are new to Blender or not.
Zach explains everything in detail, so if you are new to this, doing this course won’t be a problem. I haven’t finish this course yet, but I can tell you that it’s promising!

If you are willing to pay for a course in Blender, Zach’s Launch Pad course is a perfect start!

Indra Bergmans
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 22, 2020

Laid Back, Fun, and Helpful!

This course has been incredibly fun to follow.

It has been easy to understand, and any questions I’ve had were answered by the course instructor.
I recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning Blender, and anyone who is interested in 3D, as the fundamentals concepts and ideas can be carried over to other 3D software.

Ridhwan Mohammad Noor
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 22, 2020

Absolutely Stunning Course

While this course stayed focused on fundamentals, it felt like a very advanced course was being taught because there were many small details that I didn’t already know.

I recommend this course to anyone who’s getting started, or even if you have a bit of experience – I feel highly confident in saying I think you will find yourself picking up a lot of gold nuggets.
Thanks for the great course, Zach.

Kyle Manning
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 22, 2020

It was really good blender course.

This course was really easy to understand for blender beginner, and Zach answers everyone’s questions.
Very good support. Thank you very much.

I would like to try another course too.

Sachiko Yoshida
Graphic Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 19, 2020

I simply loved it!

Hey Zach,

I have to tell you, I am super impressed with this course. More often than not when you follow a tutorial or something, it feels more like you copied something and barely learned anything. Well, you do, but it is rarely the case the principals stick and you feel like you can now start doing something similar on your own.

This is the big game changer here. Not only did I manage to fairly easily complete the course, what seemed hard in the beginning, judging by the result, but I also do feel super confident in all the things I learned and that I indeed now have a solid foundation to build upon.

Besides some changes in recent Blender versions, that made some light and shadow settings a bit more tricky, it was nice to follow. I enjoyed the structure as well, how you explained the basics and everything in theory first, before going into practice.

The only issue I have, after rendering everything that I have some pixels of white flickering randomly in some frames. But I guess I will share this in the last section and just ask about it. So all in all, amazing course and thanks a lot for getting me and so many others up to speed with Blender and 3D basics in general.

Best regards and hope, even though it is still Corona, you have a nice upcoming weekend.
Christian Glanzner

(Hätte das Ganze natürlich auch in deutsch schreiben können, aber da hier alles so schön englisch aufgebaut ist, bin ich mal bei englisch geblieben.)

Christian Glanzner
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 19, 2020

Great Introduction to Blender!

After following many good tutorials online there was always something missing.
Launchpad fills all the gaps, explains all the facets of each component with the details that will allow you to not just recreate Zach’s car in the desert scene, but create your own unique worlds.

The knowledge packed into this course is the foundation for any artist learning Blender.

Tranny Cyborg
Freelance artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 18, 2020

Want to learn blender… Go buy this course now!

Wow… where to start… 10 days ago I decided to try out blender for the first time, and did Zach’s free course over a couple of days, it was so good, I decided to jump in and purchase the Blender launch pad course, I’m so glad I did. It’s prob the best 3d course I’ve ever done (I’ve done many other 3d courses for Modo).

Zach’s teaching style is methodical, well paced, easy to digest and beautifully presented. Each lesson was great fun to go through and do the exercises. Just the right length, not too long or too short, and the course content is all beautiful to look at it. I went through the whole thing in 7 days, glued to my computer! This course gets 11/10 stars from me, I can’t praise it enough.

Also, the course is so well-organized and the main tools individually broken into lessons, when I’m working on my own projects, I can jump back in to the relevant tutorial when I want a reminder how to use a tool.

I’m looking forward to the materials bonus hopefully coming soon, and I’ll def have my eyes open for future courses from CGBoost.

Thanks again!

Toby Powell
Web designer/developer and 3d designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 17, 2020

A great introduction to your CG career

After reading several reviews online and being recommended by Grant Abbit, I decided to dive into this course with knowledge of Blender, but not to the extent of what I got out of it. This course tells you the basic and intermediates of the software without overwhelming you in the process. Going through each section of the course brought me more ideas on how to go about the project that you are tasked with, as well as tackling other projects. Ranging from modeling objects, to lighting and animating them. This course gives you a lot to work with while making it engaging and fun in the process. This course is a must for beginners and is highly recommended to even brush up on your skills. You may find out something new that you never knew before.

Miguel Torres
Freelance Artist/College Student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 17, 2020

Amazing, simple and FUN!

First, Zach has done an amazing job compiling all the information in a concise, clean and as the heading says, FUN manner. His teaching style is informative and the language, spot on. He adds humor to every lesson, making what could be dry and lackluster into a memorable, lasting skill set and experience.

He takes you from a-z of all things Blender, and gives you a project for each lesson that eventually leads to the course’s main objective, to create, rig, animate and ultimately render your final project.

If you’re looking for something to immerse yourself and really learn Blender, then this course is it.

LakeFX Productions
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 16, 2020

Very helpful,Thanks!

I’ve tried to learn blender many times, but never got it til today when I completed the launchpad course.
The course was very helpful and settle good foundations to continue growing up in Blender knowledge.

Thanks, Zach!

Martin Lopez Funes
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 12, 2020

The Best Blender Training Hands-Down

There’s a lot of training for Blender by a lot of qualified experts.
However, Zach @CG Boost has managed to put together a comprehensive training course that is worth every penny – actually more.

Here is why.

  • His material is extremely clear and concise.
  • It is broken down into very understandable short topic-based lessons that build a comprehensive set of skills.
  • And what really sets the training apart is you use each of these skills to build a very cool model of your own.
    You can customize the model if you like or you can strive to copy it by applying the techniques with each lesson.

I feel this is the best training I’ve ever had!
You can not go wrong with this training if you are looking to learn Blender or refresh your skills.


Alan Smudz
Self Employed
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 10, 2020

A great course with very manageable chunks and an entertaining teaching style by Zach

Even though I had prior knowledge about 3d modeling with 3ds max and from the Master Car Creation course by CG Masters I felt overwhelmed and a bit put off by all the UI changes in Blender 2.8.

I’m glad I decided to invest in this course (and the 2.8 Beginners Course as well) because Blender is an amazing tool.

What is amazing as well is this course! All chapters are divided into very manageable and comprehensible chunks which makes it fun to follow the course. Whenever I felt I already grasped the concepts explained in a certain video or chapter I could just skip to another one and learn in a pace I was comfortable with.

Another feature that really helps is the comment section beneath each video. It helped me tackle some problems that arose because of changes in Blender between versions.

All in all I would recommend this course and the 2.8 Beginner’s Course to everyone interested in learning how to use Blender and in learning about 3d modeling/animation in general!

Teun Steenbekkers
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 9, 2020

Right to the point!

Even though the features of blender seem endless, this course manages to address most of the features and functionalities clearly and understandably.
It acts both as an excellent tutorial and a valuable resource of information for later reference.

Georg Engl
welding engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 9, 2020

Give me more!

I like that course.
It is easy to understand, easy to practice and do, very good explained and it shows me a lot of secrets I didn’t know before.

Please give us another course with more tips and tricks!!
I need more advice to: Rigging, Animating and Video practicing.

Frank Reiser
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 7, 2020

Definately a Recommendation

This course describes everything you need to know as a beginner in detail. Even advanced users can learn a lot from Zach!

Matthias Werschmann
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 5, 2020

Comprehensive beginner course

What I like most about Zacharias’ teaching style is his tendency to explain and demonstrate concepts succinctly; he doesn’t waste his words or your time reiterating over and over. He explains once, clearly, and then it’s covered.

He also includes a massive amount of detail in his tutorials. He’s very thorough. In my opinion, it was worth every cent. Launchpad shows you how to achieve a lot with just the basics.

Danial Coggan
Dustrius Films
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 5, 2020

A big thank you!

Hi Zach,

thanks for all the great effort you put into this course. I totally did not waste a single cent on the course – everything is well explained therefore easy understandable. I like that you split the course in theoretical and practical lessons.

Thanks to you, I am now able to create nice low-poly scenes and animations like this:

Looking forward to Cubic Worlds!

Manuel Santner
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 4, 2020

First 3D course

As my first 3D course I found it very informative and very thorough, it’s a strong foundation in understanding the many features in Blender.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn 3D animation.
It has greatly helped me in understanding the many processes that take place in order to create a high quality animation.

Thank you, Zach!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 5, 2020

Interesting, yet hard

Simply put, it is a great and easy to follow tutorial.

The fact that you chose to make it in very small videos of 2-10minutes, was a great decision. It is really nice and if we need to look up something, it is definitely described in a small video. Easy to progress.
But… 3D stays 3D. It is still hard and requires a lot of time to keep going and learning. That’s the hard part.

And the community and Discord channel is great. Maybe thinking about a Reddit subreddit??

Ibrahim Al Kathemi
Student Chemical Engineering
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 4, 2020

Super Course!

Really enjoyed going through this course. Zach is very good at walking through everything and explaining in just the right details. He covers many things I would have never thought to try, but doesn’t go in too deep for novices like me.

I’ve tried Blender many times before on my own but gave up quickly because I got very lost on my own. This course got me through learning great fundamentals and has me excited to keep going now! I fell that I now “get” Blender for the first time.

Thanks to Zach and CG Boost for this!

Mark Toboll
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 2, 2020

Journey to becoming a 3D Artist

I would like to thank the instructor for his being such a great mentor. I gained interest in becoming a 3D artist in the first quarter of 2019, I started off by learning Photoshop for like eight months, then in 2020 I finally decided to step up by jumping into Blender.

As an absolute beginner, I simply started off by watching random tutorials on YouTube which never worked for me. Then I decided to research for a well detailed paid course online for sometime until I landed on this Launch Pad. I learned a lot of things which I don’t think I would have learned while watching random YouTube tutorials.

I can thoroughly recommend anyone who is willing to add on his artistic skill and would like to take it to the next level. This is the right place to begin. Its worth the pay, and no regrets.

Faishal Jaffar
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 2, 2020

The perfect way to start with Blender

If like me you want to give 3D art a try, look no further and start with this course. Zach is an excellent instructor: everything is explained plainly, and he covers all the essential topics.
As for the course, it is well-designed: from the ratio theory/practice and the format, everything is thought out to encourage learning.

In the end and before you know it, you will have created an awesome animation you will be proud of while acquiring skills that you can re-use for other projects.

Thank you, Professor Zach! You helped me discover a new passion.

Damien Charré
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 30, 2020

Fantastic Foundation Setting

Clear and organized, this course did a great job making me feel comfortable with most aspects of Blender.

Definitely worth more than its price tag for sure.

Chris Munneke
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 31, 2020

Decent Tutorial

Enjoy the content, structure and logistics. However, the instructor feedback is lacking. I like the fact I can download the videos, practice materials and it really is an excellent introduction to Blender.

However, the lack of instructor feedback, especially after the promise of feedback is a little disheartening. Had the feedback been there I would have given it a 5 star. I wish I could give it 4.5 but as I can only choose between 4 and 5 but can’t click in between.

Worth the money, and if you want a solid base this is the place.

Peter T
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 31, 2020

Great kickstart course

Thanks for all the effort that went into this course.

Learned so much so fast, even considering that this is not by any means a short course.
Very comprehensive and it puts everything into context for a broader understanding of 3D.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 26, 2020


This course is absolutely a must for everyone wants to learn blender 2.8x from scratch.

It leads your troughs to the most important aspect of using blender: create your 3d objects.
I learned a lot from all the videos: you can follow step by step and have simple but very detailed tips over the most important aspects of editing 3d objects, materials, lights and animation.

Highly recommended also to those who have already started to learn Blender and want to improve their knowledge.

Antonio Parisi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 25, 2020

A great way of starting my own 3D career

It took me a while to finish this course. Job assignments and daily routines slowed me down but I managed to finally finish this course.
The course itself is quite comprehensive for absolute beginners so it helped me better understand the cumbersome UI. Now comes practice with personal projects and perhaps lucrative endeavors, that remains to be seen.

I can’t recommend this course enough so anyone that asks me about how I learned this and that, I’ll surely talk about how Zach’s launchpad got me where I am.

The only main issue I find is the way the whole course was organized. I liked more the sculpting course’s approach: Teach practice and theory at the same time. This course’s structure, divided with theory and practice later was a bit tiresome but I get why it was built that way. But all in all, great course.

PD: Please update the sculpting course to Blender 2.8

German Acevedo Kaufhold
Test Automation Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 25, 2020

It was not what I was looking for

First thank you for this effort but unfortunately it’s not what I was looking for. Probably I’ll buy your next tutorial “Cubic Worlds”, but for this one I will pass, sorry.

Thanks and good luck 👍

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 24, 2020

The Best Blender Course

I am pretty new to Blender, having only completed a few other courses before starting Blender 2.8 Launch Pad. Those other instructors were certainly helpful, but I feel like I’ve learned the most about Blender taking this course.

Zach really did a great job laying out the course curriculum. He provides examples and theory lessons to give you a great overview, then you get to apply the lessons to the car scene. I believe this was very helpful for me to grasp many of Blender’s features that I had not seen before.

After completing the Blender 2.8 Launchpad series, I have a very nice animation that I am proud to show off. Looking at my completed project makes me feel like I animated my own Pixar short film. Blender is such a cool program that is capable of amazing things.

Going forward, I will certainly be able to come back to these lessons, and Zach’s instruction, to help me on future projects. I’m already on the waiting list for his Cubic World series and will be excited to start that when it is released.

Awesome work Zach and many thanks for answering my questions along the way!

Scott Jackson
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 23, 2020

Amazing, Amazing, Awesome

What a great course!

I’d been playing around with blender and learning from YouTube for a few weeks and wanted something to cement the knowledge I’d gained. This course was it, Zach’s funny teaching style coupled with short, sharp lessons really works.

Thanks so much and I can’t wait for the next one!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 20, 2020

Blender is now my main 3D modelling tool, thanks to CG Boost.

This course was phenomenal.
From starting with the basics to developing a full 3D workflow, Zach was the BEST at teaching me a solid Blender foundation to launch my work forward.

Highly recommend this course, it’s perfectly thought out and documented for your Blender learning needs.

Joshua Balla
Independent Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 19, 2020

Perfect to create a good base knowledge

I have been using Blender for a few months and although I knew how to work with it, I didn’t know how to make good-looking stuff.
Even if the course is pretty basic, I learned a lot of new things that will help me a lot, so I’m pretty satisfied with the purchase.

Nice job xD

Pablo Lopez Sanchez
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 18, 2020

I got up and running with this course

Thank you so much for your course!
I was a lot taken back by the price at first because I was just starting to learn this stuff. But I quickly learned it was worth every penny.

I love how each lesson in building the car scene involved a new lesson and tool to learn. I learned a lot this way and wouldn’t be this far along already without your course.
I love how everything is set up, how you took it slow, you explained everything clearly, and your updates for newer version of blender.

Great job and thank you!


If you ever do an indeterminate course based on rigging animation or VFX I will definitely take it.
So just take my money now. Lol


David Wachala
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 18, 2020

3D noob to 3D dude.

Hi Zack, thank you so much for this course.
I have learned so much and now I feel much more confident.

There is only one thing that I would have liked you to teach in this course and that would so show how to add sound to our videos.

Thanks again for a great course.

Jeff Bathurst
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 15, 2020

Absolutely worth it!

When I saw promo video of this course, my first words were: “I can’t make it”.
After this course I could say: “I can make everything” and maybe much more 🙂

Really recommend it!

Michal Jonak
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 13, 2020

A great tutorial

Very well explained, at a nice pace.
Even if the explanations are very detailed, it let plenty of room for our own interpretation (for example, I followed the car modelling based on a blue print of my own car).

Thank you, Zach.

Claude Suritz
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 13, 2020

Great Content! But, PLEASE edit out the deep breaths!

This was an amazing set of videos!
Very well done and I learned and ton and am not at all disappointed in what I spent vs what I learned. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

However, nearly every video starts with a deep breath in, and they continue often. It gets to the point that it is all I can hear, and I am almost motivated enough to make a sound clip of all of them back-to-back and send it to you. 🙂

Can you please at least remove the deep breath at the beginning of nearly every video?

Scott Detweiler
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 18, 2020

I love Blender

Hello Zach. I’m an executive producer, with several years in the industry of VFX and Animation.

My work is more on financial, manage of teams, deadlines and relationship with clients, but I’m very interested in learning 3D.

My background is in composition and motion graphics 2D, but now I’m very interested in CG tools, Blender specifically.
This course is very helpful for me.

Martin Lopez Funes
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 11, 2020

Fast Track learning

Loving the course, I’m a bit over halfway so far. Very well-rounded and brilliant how it’s all broken up into many short videos, as you can quickly scan back through past lessons to tackle a specific future problem you will inevitably encounter.

Excited to keep learning and creating awesome visualizations that were previously nonexistent.

Thank you, Zach, for all the thought and hard work you put into the course!

Lionel Henshaw
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 11, 2020

An absolute must if you’re new to Blender 2.8x

This course is an absolute must for anyone seriously interested in learning Blender in general and, more specifically, 2.8x.

Not only it is very well-structured, but the amount of topics covered is so much (modeling, materials, particle systems, lighting, animation and rendering) and in so great detail that it very well gives the necessary foundation for any personal projects you may wish to face in the future.

I was a bit overwhelmed with the transition from 2.79b to 2.8x (the new version seemed to me like a completely new piece of software), but thanks to this course now I feel familiar with I have been able to jump over that personal obstacle that I had.

I’m already waiting for Cubic Worlds!

Pedro José Lorca
University teacher
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 10, 2020

Getting back into CG

In the late 90s and early 2000s I was working in CG using Max & Maya, I then decided to peruse other employment opportunities and has been over 15 years since I have done anything in 3D.

Recently I have decided to get back into it as a hobbyist and decided on Blender.
This course has been amazing, a great foundation in Blender!

Highly recommended for anyone who is starting fresh in 3D or someone returning like I have done.

Mick Lynn
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 9, 2020

Best course ever

The best course ever, I went through lots of YouTube tutorials and none of them are done this way.
I was constantly struggling, but since I started Zach’s lessons I finally understand what I’m doing!

Zach have talent to teach, I will recommend those courses to everyone.

Paulina Minkina
Kitchen designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 8, 2020

This course is absolutely awesome….man.

Hey. I have been working with Blender for a year now from starting 2.79 to 2.82 at the moment, I have really put the hours in.

This course was recommended to me by Grant Abbit at Gabbit Media and I really feel it has taken me to the next level, however I cannot think of a better place to learn all the absolute basics of Blender in such a concise, ordered and organized format – it is so well laid out.

The final result has been amazing and is actually being used for a promo video for gigs for my best friends band Beak (I placed their logo on the doors and bonnet), the band totally love it.

Great stuff and highly recommended.
Jon Walsh.

Jonathan Walsh
Designer @ Zomer Apparel
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 7, 2020

Perfect timing!

Thank you very much !
I was looking for a beginner course to learn Blender 2.8.
(I’m coming from Cinema 4D).
In one week, I was able to work easily with Blender (navigation, modeling, animation, rendering).
It’s very complete course with a nice and one same project from start to the end.
The learning speed was perfect (not too fast, not too slow).
The price is very attractive for what you get.

Don’t wait, jump to Blender with Zach !!!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 7, 2020

The best Blender course I know worth every €

This was the best Blender course I have seen.

There are others out there, also free, but I really like the profoundness of Zach’s teaching.
I liked the structure of all the short video’s instead of long one’s. Very nice to follow and satisfying to complete one by one.

It’s a great future reference!

Bart Valkenier
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 5, 2020

Superb Course

Zach has really gone out of his way and explained every step in this course – its excellent!

I’ve used Blender before and am not new to it but was a bit rusty. I got a refresher to the new Blender version 2.8 and very well explained and detailed out by Zach.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone getting to know Blender or even someone getting back.
Zach’s explanation style was so well thought of and creative and I can actually see how passionate he is about his work.

Great stuff Zach – looking forward to the other courses once I’m done with this.

Jason Morris
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 5, 2020

Starting The Grind

So far the course has been a blast, I’ve been learning stuff I had no clue about.

I have messed with Blender before but never to a level of full commitment because I could never figure certain things out.
While doing this course I have learned some of those things.

Hector Moreno
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 1, 2020

Complete and in-depth Blender course

When I started this course I had already taken some blender courses (even paid ones) but none of them reviewed topics such as particle systems, animation, rendering that’s why I decided to take this course.

Starting from the very basics of the user interface to the modeling section I learned new aspects of 3d design and blender usage that I did not know before.

Overall this is a great course very much worth the money it cost.

Pablo Domingo
Computer Scientist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 2, 2020

CG Boost Launch Pad Review

A great course and resource for someone (like me) who is new to 3D.
The format and presentation were excellent.

Honestly the only issue I saw was later in the course the need for CG Boost to stay up to date with the current version of Blender.
But if you check the comments, workarounds are addressed.

Over all, I very much enjoyed the course and I look forward to checking out their other courses. In particularly the Cubic Worlds when it gets released.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 2, 2020


Thank you very much for the amazing course! This is certainly the best beginner course ever.
I have tried so many videos but I can tell that this was the best one!

Mohammad Abdulrahman Alansari
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 30, 2020

This is the best software course I ever had!!!

When I decided to learn blender, I tried to search for videos from YouTube and other web courses, I found CGBoost finally.

First I tried the free beginner course, It’s amazing! Then I enrolled in the paid course, even better!
Zach doesn’t just teach the software function, but also the 3d art knowledge, the way of thinking as a 3d artist, common problem solution, online support, and share lots of free 3D sources.
The course is a lot of fun.

I used 3D max 10 years ago when I was an interior designer and nowadays work as a fine artist. I had some 3D software experience, but I learned a lot about 3D art after I took this course.
I haven’t finished the course yet, but I will definitely enroll in mastering sculpting, another course.


Don Li
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:May 1, 2020

Great course! Lots of info and fun to complete.

Zach is an excellent teacher, he keeps everything interesting while also throwing a bunch of information at you.

The teaching method is great as it starts from the complete base level with and builds from there into more advanced topics.
I especially liked that instead of just telling you how to do things, he explains why things work the way they do and uses several analogies to make everything even more clear.

Dylan Fettig
Self Improvement
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 23, 2020

An Amazing Course!

If you are a beginner and you’ve just downloaded blender and you’re so confused, get this course because without it, you will be lost for a while.

Even if you don’t need it, buy this course because of how much he has done for the community.

Ian Chambers
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 20, 2020

Beyond Expectations

What I’ve learned in this course is far beyond my expectations when I just had enrolled months ago. I think the course form as a coherent project is quite efficient for me to understand the whole structure of this software. YouTube tutorials are often in fragments which made me confused sometimes.

After finishing the course, I found that my notebook is too weak for rendering, I have to look for suggestions about a new computer, hardware, etc. Maybe you could also cover this topic in the course or somewhere else.

After all, thanks.

Dan Ge
Freie Universität Berlin
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 18, 2020

Launch Pad tutorial

Hello, I have found this course (like the first with the apples) really useful – so far the best I could find on the internet.

A lot of instructive information about the software and workflow, quite deep explanation of each individual tools and features – exactly this kind of knowledge I was looking for. Definitely I recommend this course to all new users who want to start with the blender.

I have noticed that in the dev section you mentioned that there maybe will be additional shading course like a bonus… I would love to learn more techniques of shading with using nodes etc.
But up to the point after the 2 courses I feel quite fluent with operating the basics functions in new blender.
Thank you !

Jakub Podlodowski
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 16, 2020

Just what I needed

This course is just amazing.
I’m a total newbie when it comes to the 3D world, I feel more confident now and it just motivated me to continue learning more about Blender and what you can achieve with it.

Juan Carlos Ceballos
Digital Director
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 17, 2020


I made it!
That course was great to learn Blender from scratch.

Zach is a good teacher, he is funny and to the point (I think it’s a German trademark… being to the point, not the fun stuff ;))
Every chapter is well thought, practical, easy to follow. With bite sized videos, it’s hard to get out of focus.
Even though I was not a complete beginner and took courses before this one, I must recognize that this one was the most understandable, and the most beginner friendly I reviewed so far.

Don’t waste your time on learning how to model a donut, enroll now!


Chris Lefevre
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 15, 2020

What an awesome course!

This Blender 2.8 Launchpad course was absolutely amazing.
The videos explain how to do everything very clearly and the exercises are fun to work through. I have been curious about how to use Blender and this course really helped me get more comfortable with it.
I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to use Blender.

Steven Tuckness
Software Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 13, 2020

To cheap for what you get

The best course I’ve ever completed!

Daniil Ponomarenko
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 11, 2020

Worth every penny

Learned a ton and loved every minute of this course. Due to time constraints, it took me a couple of months to get through it, but it was extremely easy to just pickup where I left off. Can’t recommend this course highly enough!

Bill Desroches
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 11, 2020


Once one completes this course they will have a very good understanding of Blender’s capabilities. Blender is a very complex program but Zach does an excellent job of covering the basic functionality with good explanations and demonstrations. It was well worth the fee for the course. I’d recommend it to anyone.

James R. Manchester
Revolutionary Power
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 10, 2020


I really enjoyed the course. It is well-structured which is great for beginners.

Thank you so much for your work!

Mirjam Nowotny
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 10, 2020

Old Dog learns New Tricks

I recently decided to give Blender 2.8 a try after hearing about its revised interface and improved workflow. This course has been the perfect entry into the basics of using the software.

Coming from a background in Cinema 4D I was really pleased to see Zach cover most of the basic tips and techniques that are essential for getting up to speed quickly, along with explanations of some “inner logic” of the software that are crucial for understanding similarities and differences between something you may already use.

The structure and flow of the course is perfect: learning the why and how of important functions first, then applying them bit by bit on example files, then finally on the main project. If you’re like me and enjoy wandering off the path a bit, there’s plenty of room along the way to modify the major project and make it a little more personal.

I have great respect for the amount of time, thought and preparation put into this course. It’s one of the best investments in online education I’ve made over many years and more than worth the price.

Dave Joly
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 9, 2020

Just awesome!

I love this course! I would say that I reduced my working time by at least 50%. Zach is an awesome teacher.
Clearly to understand and easy to follow. And some funny jokes are also included 😉
I can definitely recommend it. I’ve learned so much stuff in the world of Blender 2.8!

Marvin Vollbrecht
SAP Consultant
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 7, 2020

I mean… Wow!

I already had some knowledge about Blender from YouTube tutorials (in fact, some content there was pretty well-structured). However, after taking this course, I got so much knowledge and skills that I feel like I can take on virtually any project my eyes gaze on!

Also, Zach’s teaching style is simply beyond what I expected. The level of professionalism and enthusiasm is right on spot and well-balanced. No goofing around, just straight to the point in literally every single video in the whole course.

Anyone who is even fractionally serious about pursuing 3D as a career, or even as an additional skill tree to develop, this course is the one. Don’t look any further!

Illia Berezovskyi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Apr 3, 2020

If you actually want to get good at Blender, this is the best course for it!

Nothing really to add from the header!!!

The course is easy to understand and very professional.

Short videos that get to the point, something that I love and you won’t find on YouTube.

And something that I realized by checking through YouTube and tried to learn from YouTube, is that CGBoost is so far the only one that actually knows Blender and their little secret tricks to get where you want to go.

I had a lot of fun, thank you!

Harald Schubert
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 29, 2020

Awesome Course!

I can’t say enough great things about this course! EVERYTHING was very well explained in nice bite size chunks that you can either binge for a day or dip in and out of as you please.

I will be buying more courses from CG Boost in the future as the quality here was outstanding!

Simon Hilling
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 28, 2020

Wow this course helps me significantly

There is always this feeling nagging on you and tells you that you can learn something new and enjoyable in your free time. That’s why I have started learning and sharpening my skills in 3D modeling.
Launch Pad course is the way to go for me and others who want to pick up all essentials of 3D modeling In Blender quickly.
Clear instructions and experienced teacher will bring your understanding to a new level!

Maksym Voitovych
Independent filmmaker
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 23, 2020

Thanks for the kick in the pants, Zach 🙂

My interest in 3D graphics has sputtered off and on since helping out part-time at a steel fabricating plant in my working years, creating parametric models with Solid Edge.

Before retiring from my full time job as a custodian at a university, I invested thousands (my wife says I could have bought a nice car instead) on hardware and software including Alibre pro, Rhino, Clayoo etc. hoping to have some fun playing in this virtual sandbox in my latter years. But with no clear goals and a lack of structured training the interest, has fallen off and rekindled over and over.
But lately, thanks to the wonderful Blender community and especially Grant Abbit whom I follow and practice along with and Zach who was recommended by Grant, I’m falling into a steady routine and the interest level is growing just as I hoped it would some day.
Zach’s courses are well-thought-out and logically structured. Yes Zach, I have been taking notes from day one. Had to chuckle when you suggested that because it has always also part of my routine. Just love it when people agree with me lol.

All the best to the community-pros and hobbyists alike from an old keyboard masher.

Alan Randall
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 23, 2020

Simple but Perfect!

Is easy to see that Zach has a lot of knowledge and know how to transmit it.
The course is dynamic and enjoyable. I had a lot of fun and learn so much!
I totally recommend the course.

Marcos Alvarez
Biomedical Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 23, 2020

Awesome course!

I really enjoyed this course, crystal clear, direct to the point and with a bit of irony that never hurts! Recommended!!!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 21, 2020

This is the Blender course you’re looking for

I’ve tried a number of online Blender courses over the past few years, and Blender 2.8 Launch Pad is by far the best one I’ve encountered. The information is well organized, and broken down into manageable chunks instead having a wall of shortcuts thrown at you which is what many of the other courses I’ve experience have felt like.

This course has good pacing, plenty of support materials to use while learning, and more importantly is fun to go through. The models shown and the techniques used are relevant to how I want to use Blender, and the tips and tricks shown to deal with common problems are a goldmine.

If you’re looking for a solid course to learn how to use Blender, I’d definitely recommend Blender 2.8 Launch Pad.

Tom Eckstrand
Systems Architect
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 16, 2020

A clear, thorough course – very enjoyable

This is a great course both for beginners, and those who want to fill some gaps in their Blender knowledge (like me!)

I love the way Zach builds the course around an awesome low-poly scene and the result is achievable even for a beginner. I especially liked the inclusion of the creative aspects of building a scene, and I never knew about PureRef – it’s awesome and I will use it with my students!

Thanks, Zach!

Richard Bradley
Nelson College for Girls, Head of Digital Technologies
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 16, 2020

A good first step

Formerly I didn’t know about Blender.
I had to search for tutorials on the internet. It has taken me many times and it was not enough knowledge for me.
But after I enrolled in Blender 2.8 Launch Pad Course, I can learn a lot of things and I don’t have to search everywhere anymore.

This course helped me to use Blender confidently and solving some issues which I got it before. Although it is not everything about Blender, the course is a good first step for you to complete the next goals.
If you get any issues, don’t worry and share it with CG Boost because you will be supported.

Thanks a lot.

Vu Duy Truong
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 17, 2020

Deep, detailed and well presented

This is a great course.

Each segment comes with a Blender file used to illustrate course ideas. The level of granularity is high–so there is a lot to take in.
I like the idea that the course is designed around a great final project so you have special incentive to plow through the early chapters.

I knew some Blender 2.8 from YouTube but I feel this course is giving me a more complete foundation.
A great value, IMO.

Paul Jordan
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 12, 2020

It is a hobby

Hello Zach,
a month ago I bought the sculpting course and started with that, after a while I saw that I didn’t hat enough basic skills to follow it. That’s the reason I also bought the Launch Pad too.
Now I am busy with Launch Pad and when I am ready I will start again with sculpting.

I wanted to make sculptures because I have a 3D printer. The technical stuff I do already for a few years with Fusion 360. I had a hobby making animations with my Commodore Amiga When I was young (18). Calculating a nice image took one day. Nowadays it is going much faster. With some friends we had an animation club in the Netherlands. Maybe I will pickup making animations again.


Chris Gerrist
no company
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 11, 2020

A beginning is a very delicate time …

Let me start this quick personal review with a quote by Frank Herbert “A beginning is a very delicate time.” – that refers to Blender itself and also to a tutorial.

Maybe I came across Blender a little less than a year ago. What can I say, I was deeply impressed by all the possibilities the program offers. And everything even without a license fee!
But the unmanageable possibilities make it very difficult to get started. YouTube is a source for more information but the number of high quality videos is low and/or hard to find. Also there is the huge danger to get lost in thousands of videos. On the one hand as you can’t find what you are looking for and on the other because of so many great effects someone has done. At the end of the day you are at the same point as endless hours before.
At that time Blender 2.8 was brand new and due to a complete different interface learning content was even harder to find.

So why not take a basic course and see it’s worth the money.

In retrospect, a good decision.
The extensive fundamentals videos at the beginning almost scared me, but as soon as the actual project started, the course was great (hint: if you do the course and it’s getting boring just jump to the modeling exercise and come back later!). I had to restart my car model a couple of times as I’ve messed up the topology to the point of no return. But except of those initial problems it was easy to follow the course. Zach teaches in a pleasant voice, calmly without stress and leads you through the many steps to the result. You are always encouraged to realize your own ideas. At all times you know why certain steps are necessary – in my opinion this is an essential point for all teaching content. In many courses, little attention is paid to this. But it really doesn’t help to admire the teacher’s magic for your own development if you don’t know why he does this or that.
Another advantage of this course are the many ways to ask for help: via the website, Facebook or new also Discord. Blender is changing its interface almost every release, which can make a beginner sweat. Great if you get short-term answers from the community or from the master personally.

In summary a great way to start into the world of blender or if you just have little experience to learn and consolidate the basics.

Suggestions / Wish list:
As already mentioned, the basic videos were almost too much for me at the beginning. Maybe you should start with the project right away and gradually add the additional material or summarize it in a chapter later on.

There was also the question in the feedback survey: short vs. long videos. I can’t answer this question in general. To quickly look up how something works, short videos are very good (maybe max 5 min). If you continue to work on the scene they should be not too short (> 5 min). In case of this course you’ve found a good compromise.

Maybe a bit more on the topic: “rescue the mesh”. It is covered in the tutorial but it could be more for my taste. How to avoid topology issues, why should I care, how can I simplify / smooth the underlying grid if it got too ripple, …

Minor issue: The single videos should have also the chapter number in the name. I’ve downloaded the zip archives and started to extract them all in a single directory … what a mess. A lot of 01_*** which are not related to each other, so I deleted everything and extracted them each in the right subdirectory.

Markus Ungersboeck
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 10, 2020

The best 3D course out there!

I have taken a lot of courses over the years, from 2D and 3D art courses to 2D and 3D animation courses and game making courses. I have had great success with a lot of them but none more so then this course.

It is great! The explanations are top class and very easy to understand and follow.
The topic of the course has so much potential for you: to make a bigger story or a sort cartoon/film.Very well put together and so much fun to follow and learn.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Jeff Bathurst
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 5, 2020

Great work!


I watched Zach’s tutorials back when he was running the AgenZasBrothers YouTube channel. Now, I found my way back to Blender with the Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course. From the start to the end very well-thought-out and great implemented. I especially like short fun parts Zach sprinkles across the course.

Great course!
Absolutely recommendable and worth the money!


Nachdem ich schon bei den Agenzas Brothers vor Jahren die Tutorien geschaut habe, habe ich mit dem Launchpad Kurs wieder meinen Weg zu Blender gefunden. Von vorne bis hinten sehr gut durchdacht und toll umgesetzt. Mir gefällt es besonders, das es immer wieder lustige Zwischenpunkte gibt!

Toller Kurs!
Absolut weiterzuempfehlen und sein Geld wert!

Johannes Bitzigeio
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 1, 2020

It’s an awesome experience

This is my first experience with Blender or any 3D software, and I must say it was amazing.

I love the teaching method, it was precise and straight forward and it was full of understanding as well.
On finishing the course, I can say that I know my way around the software and how to create awesome stuff in 3D.

Thanks to Zach and CG Boost Academy. Looking forward to more courses like this.

OAE Studios/ Creative director
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 29, 2020

To the point!

If you’re a beginner like me with Blender, this course is a fantastic starting point!!!

The course is long (not a bad thing) and split down into bite size sections that are clear and well-thought-out and easy to digest.
It really does boost your confidence in using Blender!

I hope CG Boost continues its growth and adds more in-depth tutorials for Blender!

Peter Mundy
PM design
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Mar 1, 2020

To Infinity!

This is a very well-thought-out and clearly delivered course, one of the best instructional courses I have done.

Zacharias gives you all the information you need to know in a friendly and practical manner without sounding like he is reading every term and function from a manual.
The files that Zacharias uses to demonstrate each lecture are available to download under each video which makes it very easy to practice what you are learning and even try some other things out.

Although I am not a total beginner in Blender I learned lots of pro tips along the way and was blown away with what I learned using particles systems and the Animation Timeline and Graph Editor.

This course made me feel really happy in Blender.

Thanks, Zach!

Rory Baxter
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 27, 2020

A great start in a new world!

This course is just perfect!

I had no idea of 3D when I started. Now I know the tools to create, with this incredible free software. Zach is a great tutor, he explains so clear how the software works and how to apply the fundamentals to the exercises, that it is almost impossible to have problems or do mistakes. I had a lot of fun learning, I highly recommend this course.

Raffaele Acquaviva
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 26, 2020

This is simply the best for studying Blender 2.8

I read two books about Blender 2.8 published in Japan, so I thought that the basic operation was perfect, but this course was a great way to learn more.

I wanted to make a 3D work, but I was wondering what to start with? After watching this course I’m very satisfied with the idea of what to do to become a 3D artist and how to make an artwork. You won’t get bored by Zach, because he is fluent in English and speaks slowly with humor, in a way you can understand. You should be satisfied too, I highly recommend this course.

hotaka sakakura
Interior Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 26, 2020

One of the best courses I have taken

The Blender Launch Pad 2.8 course is one of the best courses I have taken. The organization of the material is excellent for beginners compared with other online courses. The videos are the right length for the transfer of knowledge, and they stay focused on the objective of the lesson.

The instructor does not zip around the screen leaving the user puzzled as to how a result was achieved. This course has been well-thought-out and covers the subject extensively. I have learned a great deal in a short period of time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn or improve their skills with Blender.

Mark W.
Retired Software Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 26, 2020

Well worth the money!

Going into this course I had gathered small background knowledge regarding blender and its basics. I wanted to begin to understand the software in a much more confident way and this course was perfect for that. Each basic function was described in detail, and Zach focused on explaining how/why the tools worked, instead of simply demonstrating how to use them.

Since the course is divided into short videos, it is easy to skip through videos you already know, allowing for a much more personalized pace. Zach also speaks very clearly and shows a clear interest in the material.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to build a strong foundation in Blender 3D!

Jared Ritchie
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 18, 2020

Never Too Late To Learn

After over 30 years in creative design, I am finally able to face my biggest dream and fear, learning 3D.

This course demystifies the challenges faced when coming from a 2D design background. Clear, concise, and well-paced teaching. Each section expands on the previous section flowing seamlessly. I am presently watching the course on time through and then going back a second time with interaction. To work on an actual project from beginning to end is exciting.

I totally recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn Blender and get an introduction into the world of 3D.

Tina Seay
Creative Consultant
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 15, 2020

Careful introduction to Blender 2.8

I’ve gone through all the videos and have learned a great deal about the ins and outs of Blender 2.8. Computer graphics applications are complicated because of the large number of object-creation options. This course provides a good balance between introductory material and comprehensiveness. I look forward to additional courses from CG Boost.

Paul Schubert
Retired Physicist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 14, 2020

One of the Best Instructors

I’ve paid for a handful of tutorials across a lot of platforms. I went from Blender 2.7x to Cinema 4d, and then to Maya. When Blender 2.8 came out I decided I needed to go back to Blender in which I totally forgot how to use. Jumping around so many different programs and paying for a multitude of tutorials for all programs, none of the tutorials stacked up to this one.

It’s super comprehensive and what I really appreciate from Zacharias’ teaching style is that there were separate and dedicated lessons for tools and concepts before jumping into the meat of the tutorial so that we fully understood what the tools were before using them.

Most tutorials tend to teach in the heat of the modeling and sometimes the information doesn’t stick or only feels applicable to the one application. The Launchpad course felt more like it was actually teaching me Blender vs teaching me how to create/do just one specific thing like other paid tutorials I’ve encountered tend to do.

Throughout the course, Zacharias explains why each tool is being used and because of the individual tool lessons you can always refer back to the dedicated lesson to expand on it if you forget how the tool behaves, which he is good at reminding you this as well.

This Launchpad course goes beyond just teaching you “how to make this specific animation” and into how to learn the program as a whole and apply it beyond this tutorial.

I think this should be THE tutorial to kick off learning Blender 2.8, because it’s the best tutorial out there.

Travis Young
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 13, 2020

Very great introduction to Blender

This course is great to introduce new people to Blender. Zach is very good at explaining tools. Sometimes I had some weird issues and it’s not only me, seeing the same problem people having sometimes in the comment section under the videos, but Zach always has a solution and helps people, it’s really great!

I had a ton of fun making the car and environment with this course and I can come back any time when I forget what certain tools do. Very great course!

Arsen Baltabaev
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 12, 2020

Blender 2.8 Launch Pad

I really enjoyed this course, it has a great tutor (Zach) and a good sequence. First you learn the fundamentals and then put them into practice.

There are a lot of good examples and the short lesson videos make it so much better than having several hours all together.

Thanks, Zach, for the course and the humor!

Neil Wright
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 12, 2020

Great for helping to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate knowledge

I came back to Blender in September after dabbling in it a little back in 2011, so I was fairly familiar with the very basics, however I was fairly lost with how to go in the right direction.

That’s when I found Grant Abbitt’s free courses, which were great but after finishing them I had the same problem as before, I was comfortably at a beginner level in Blender where I could model nearly anything low-poly, but I had no idea how to take my skill to the next level and move onto more intermediate projects.

That’s where I feel this course is the perfect step up, while the beginning was a little redundant for someone who already knew most of the shortcuts and modelling fundamentals, there were still bits here and there that I learned something completely new, and the further along I got with the course the more and more I learned. After finishing, I feel completely comfortable saying my skills are on an intermediate level.

I also don’t have my problem from the beginning now, I know where my skills are and thus know how to proceed and where to go as I now feel good enough to take on some more advanced courses.

In conclusion this course is the perfect way to get you on your way, whether you’re a complete beginner or someone looking to take the next step and polish up your skills after learning all the fundamentals from somewhere else.

Dominik Ruzsenszki
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 9, 2020

Great course

I really enjoyed this course, short sharp videos and a great tutor. I would certainly recommend to anyone interested in Blender.

Neil Wright
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 7, 2020

A well paced, fun and highly informative course

Having used CAD and Revit for some years, and having created a lot of 3D concepts, models etc. I thought I would find the transition into Blender quite easy – not so! Blender itself is very well programmed, and the 2.8 interface is a real revelation, but because of its power it can be very daunting for the beginner.

I have used 3dsMax in the past (a little) and found that pretty hard going, and the tutorials for it often doesn’t deal with the fundamental skills you need – moving into Blender was very similar, so I looked around for a course and stumbled across Zach on YouTube. What a difference!

The course itself is really well-structured with ‘bite-size’ fundamentals videos to introduce a topic, and to give you a strong understanding of it, this is then followed by the execution of the topic in the context of the model and animation created during the course. The training materials flow well, and are logically ordered, and the ‘bite-size’ nature of the videos means that you can easily find a topic again if you need to refresh your memory as you apply the techniques.

The final result is a testament to the quality of the course and the teaching method which gives you skills which you can apply to any, and every, project as you progress with Blender. I really can’t recommend this course highly enough for the beginner or intermediate user.

Nigel Hillyer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Feb 7, 2020

Course to go through to learn blender!

This is the best blender course out there! Zach is an exceptional teacher and I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn the ins and outs of blender!

Erik Hansen
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 21, 2020

from total noob to not so noob anymore 🙂

With the knowledge you get from this course alone you can make quite nice looking animation which is amazing.

At this moment I haven’t finish the course yet, because I started goofing around and drifted away from tutorials…as seen on the picture 🙂

Long story short, you’ll get enough knowledge here for blender to become fun.

Matej Sušnik
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 20, 2020

Amazing course for all levels

Wow, what a great course. The course was so simple to follow and so clear in presentation that anyone from any background and level could follow from start to finish and create an amazing animation.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start with Blender or just to sharpen his/her skills. Going through all the videos I picked up a lot of small tips and tricks I didn’t previously know about.

I give this course 10 thumbs up.

Thanks, Zach and keep them coming. Cannot wait for the next course.

Heinrich Taylor Gilbert
Private user and enthusiast
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 19, 2020

Thank You

Hi Zach. Thank you so much for this course. It really helped me a lot.
I just know Blender about few months ago and I feel like I want to learn more about it. I started searching for free tutorials on Youtube to improve my skills and then I found your channel. I started watching your free tutorials about the apples. I love your teaching style.
I am really careful when it comes to money, since I’m still in college. But then I decided, I want to learn your course more and it is not disappointing.
I want to be an intern in a game company and I just made my portfolio. I hope someday I can make a living in a 3D world.
Again, thank you so much!

Abdiel Wahyu Ramadhyono
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 18, 2020

Probably the best Blender tutorial out there for beginners.

I was looking for some beginner tutorial on Blender and I stumbled upon this course. I read some great comments about it, so I went ahead and purchased it. Let me tell you, it was worth it, 100%.

Well-thought-out structure, high quality videos with super useful commentary (even subtitles, downloadable content, etc). If you get stuck for any reason, no problem, there are comments under every section, so you can post your issue and Zach will reply shortly.

Highly recommended course for sure!

Tamás Orvos
Technical Assistant
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 14, 2020

Blender 2.8 low poly animation licence

It’s very funny and useful to create your own hobby.

Asad Hasanov
Azercosmos OJSC
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 14, 2020

All in One

This course is perfect to learn from scratch all the basics about 3D modelling and more.
Blender 2.8 is really amazing and thanks to this Launch Pad course we get really comfortable using it.
Even as a programmer I really enjoyed making some art and animation 🙂
Thanks for the ride Zach!

Franck Thomas
Senior Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 14, 2020

This course brings me back to Blender again 🙂

After the change of the user interface with Blender version 2.8 I thought about the best way to get familiar with it, without wasting time with try & error. The chance to asked directly and to be coached was one of the major benefits in comparison with normal YouTube videos. Also, to have a red line through the whole pipeline of creating a CG project helps a lot.

Everything is well-structured. And now, if I am struggling again with something that I did already in the course, I check the chapter again. That’s a great benefit to come back again and check for the topic in comparison to searching on the internet.

Here you can see my course result 🙂

Eric Wahl
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 10, 2020

Perfect tutorial, very suitable for novices (非常完美的教程,很适合新手)

I am a Blender beginner, and this Blender course is perfect and contains a lot of knowledge, so that I can quickly understand the way this software is used, and can follow the videos to make a perfect design. This is great for me to learn Blender and I also can increase the sense of achievement of learning software!

I am also learning the Substance painter course, which is a great help for me to learn 3D and textures.

I hope to be able to learn more about EEVEE or Cycles rendering, as well as still renderings, which is quite helpful for my career in graphic design.

Finally, I wish CG BOOST gets better and better!

There is a small wish from me, that Chinese captions will be added to the videos. This will greatly help people like me who have poor English knowledge.

“Little Artist” from China


同时我也在学习Substance painter教程,这对我学习3D和贴图有巨大的帮助。





Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 8, 2020

Great tutorial

I am 74 years old, but I have been working intensively with computers for 40 years, programming too.

My new goal was to learn Blender. I started following some free courses, including CG Boost’s. Then I found this course and it is very good. Everything is well explained.

My only problem is my English, this text comes from Google Translate. My native language is Flemish (Dutch). But that is just going back and looking carefully, and then I understand. After this I will certainly follow your next courses.

Hugo Sutherland
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 7, 2020

The Red Baron release;)

The course is excellent! 😉

You can find my end result here.

Wieslaw Skupniewicz
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jan 3, 2020

Love Letter

This course is an AMAZING match for me. The fact that I am able to take these lessons at my own pace has been instrumental in keeping me interested and has allowed me to grow at a rate that suits my availability and capabilities. The instructor is fantastic and very thorough with his content, while keeping each lesson fun and easy to digest.

Mohammad Ehsan Ehrari
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 27, 2019

Incredible in depth and detailed tutorial

This is really a fantastic and truly in depth course that give a student strong fundamentals in Blender. You won’t get better value for your education than this course.

Joseph Marble
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 21, 2019

Simply amazing!

I bought this course with a little skepticism to whether if it’s going to worth the money, time, and energy, which turns out that it is really worth it! I learned about the general workflow of 3D, how to do it in Blender, and also Zach’s way of teaching is very thorough and understandable! Definitely recommended to anyone who wants to start their 3D journey in Blender!

Harry Santoso
CG Artist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 21, 2019

Blender 2.9 Launch Pad Course Review

Before signing up to the Launch Pad course, I completed the free apples course. The apples course taught me how to create my own 3D scene from not knowing anything about Blender.
Most of the content in Blender 2.8 Launch Pad chapters 2-4 were already covered in the apples course, however I would definitely recommend the Launch Pad course as the future chapters build on what I had already learned.

Reuben Grey Ford
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 18, 2019

Delightfully visual course

It’s a very well constructed course. I love the way how all the chapters are so visually appealing. It’s the best thing out there right now if you want to get started with Blender 2.8. I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the results. Thank you, Zach.

Siddhant Jaokar
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 17, 2019

Informative and Straight to the Point

I was looking for a good Blender overview tutorial that I wanted to pay one-shot, instead of subscribing to a site and paying x$ a month for a gazillion videos of topics I didn’t need. There’s a lot of good Blender videos on YouTube, but I wanted a structured, start from scratch overview tute. I stumbled upon this tute and remembered Zach from YouTube and his excellent videos.

This tute, to me, has become the reference for how tutorials should be done in the modern era. Informative and straight to the point, with all the excess fat removed. Blender is an incredibly complex app (as are most 3D apps for that matter), but this tute will get you up and running in no time.

Zach, thanks for the tute, I’m glad I found you. Highly recommended.

Carlos Lopes
Video Producer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 14, 2019

This man make Blender like Windows Paint by this amazing course

This man is talented and clever in explaining the information, and he carefully prepared the course, and it was a different course by all standards, and I hope to see more in the near future, especially in the field of animation. Yes the price is high but it is worth it.

Mhmd Nopy
Civil Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 10, 2019

Teaching old dogs new tricks

I have wanted to learn Blender for several years and tried to wrap my head around pre-2.8 without success. I was a user of 3dStudio Max and found Blender “difficult” by comparison.

Since 2.8 I have worked through making donuts and some of Grant Abbit’s free tutorials (he is great!) but I just did not have the comprehensive understanding of Blender-ing.

I was reluctant to invest in Launch Pad because my interest is in photo realistic rendering and VFX, not games or cartoon art. But…

This course has been the best investment for truly learning and understanding Blender. I am about half-way through, and I am quite pleased by how the lectures are structured and presented. Zach has a pleasant demeanor and voice, which is important when you have to listen to someone for several hours!

If you are serious about learning Blender, I can recommend this course without reservation.

Joseph Azzarelli
Envision Digital Imaging LLC
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 10, 2019

Optimal course to study Blender

Really detailed, consistent and visual course. The main thing is that the theory is supported by a concrete practical task from and to. Thank you!

Valery Bondarenko
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 7, 2019

Can engineers use Blender ?

As I say in the title, I’m not an artist, but an engineer. I use a lot of CAD software and the result must almost always be a standard compliant blueprint. More and more often, as I grow with my experience, I use different kind of support to expose my ideas or project. Sketches, diagrams and things like unreal engine for reviewing a whole project. I’m always looking for some new way to communicate ideas ans make them fully understood by my audience.

I know Blender for a very long time and made several attempts to be a real user. And then came the 2.8 version which is awesome, much more easy to use than the previous ones. I attended some Blender workshop at the fablab in my city and decided that this time I would really try to get into it.

I watched a lot of tutorials on YouTube, and I really appreciate the ones made by CG Boost. So I decided to follow the Blender Launch Pad course. I found it really fitted for my needs as many fundamentals aspects are described. There are both technical points related to the software of course, but much know-how related information, which I used to set up “almost painlessly” my ideas with Blender.

For me this course is the perfect foundation for any who wants to express himself with Blender.

Stéphane NUFER
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Dec 2, 2019

Very nice course

But the video could have been a bit slower or ability to pause while not focused on browser, because the course is pretty fast and hard to follow, maybe also specify what file is used in the beginning of the video to remind student to download because I always forget.

Eric Ou
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 30, 2019

Great Course

Captures all the key elements required to get going with Blender, and more besides. In addition, it’s all presented in easy to understand, bite-sized chunks that are easy to go back and review and relearn.

David S.
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 29, 2019

Very well designed, motivating course.

I am an intermediate user, so I knew much of what was presented, but I still learned a few things throughout, and the videos were very enjoyable to watch. I wish I could have had access to this course as a beginner. The satisfaction of creating this great scene with such a simple work flow should be very motivating for any beginner.

John McGraw
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 29, 2019


It is a nice experience, I have for sometime tried to learn Blender but gave up because of too much information everywhere. The Launchpad course has been presented in a systematic way, making it very easy to follow and enjoy. I’ve made a leap in just a few days. Thanks, Zach.

Abel Obimbo
Architecture Student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 26, 2019

Great course, wishing for more to do after… hint hint….

Really enjoying the course so far into chapter 8 taken me 2 weeks but the videos have managed to keep me both entertained, amused and focused for that time.

So far learned a lot and more to learn from this box set another 7 chapters to go… I think the first 4 chapters will make a good reference to go back onto if I need to refer to any of the Blenders functions or tools.

Just wishing for more courses for Blender 2.8, they seem to be few in numbers.

Anyway any future course I’m sure to sign up I fear.

George Jacob
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 24, 2019

A Superb Course

Zach is a tremendous instructor. The course is thorough and clearly explained. Zach always refers to other lessons contained within the course where additional information can be found. As this is an introductory course there are a number of more advanced topics that are not included but I feel sure that these will be included in a future course which I look forward to.

Jeff Howe
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 22, 2019

Great for Level Zero 3D Artists!

3D animation had been something that I wanted to do for a long time, but with so many tutorials online such as YouTube, the teaching structure is often scattered, while not working on the fundamentals. From this launchpad course, Zacharias did an amazing job going through all of the basic parts of Blender that I would not even try to touch if I were to learn on my own. I feel fully confident in my new Blender abilities to be able to learn more advanced techniques with this program now!

Benjamin Leffler
Freelance Animator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 22, 2019

Great Course for the Money

Many blender courses simply drop you into the deep end and hope you’ll figure out how to end. They use terms without first explaining what those terms mean, and by the end of it I have more questions than answers. It’s really frustrating going from video to video, course to course, and not feeling like you have the basics down. Zach explains things in good detail, sometimes too much detail for my care. At the end of the course you’ll actually feel proficient in using Blender without worrying what X means or what Y does.

A suggestion for improvement: Provide full text transcript with screenshots. I have ADHD, and it’s much faster for me to read something than listen to a video.

James Prescott
College Student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 7, 2019

Blender 2.8 Launch Pad

I love this course, I got a lot of knowledge in Blender from it. It launches from very basic to advance. I recommended this course if you want to jump into Blender.

Aung Myat Kyaw
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 5, 2019


Nice to learn with the course. It’s not too boring. Thank you for make these videos to teaching animation. All the best for new course.

Noorul Aslam
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 4, 2019

All that I wanted to know about 2.80 and was afraid to start

First impressions and true gains after brief meeting with the course:

For a quite a time I was afraid to switch to 2.80, so I finally decided to dive into it with the help of Zach’s course. Now I regret for not doing it earlier :)))

The course is priceless, its structure, flow and pace is very pleasant to deal with. Even after few hours I dramatically enhanced and cleaned my workflows, learned lot of new stuff. The biggest benefit for me is the fact that I’m starting not to be afraid of doing things simple.

So I’m looking forward to all the new stuff that’s still waiting for me.

Thanks a lot!

Filip Valihrach
Hobbyist (occasional Freelancer)
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 2, 2019

So much fun with Blender

Recently I was looking at some old CD’s and found some old Blender files from 2005. I had played around with Blender for a couple of years until I discovered other modeling packages like Carrara, Amapi, Daz and Poser. These other programs had all the bells and whistles and made creating a scene much easier. Eventually I lost interest and other things in my life took priority. Looking back at it, these other programs didn’t give me the same satisfaction that Blender did. After a 13-year break, I decided to get back into Blender. I get the same satisfaction that I had in 2005, learning and discovering new things, however there was such a difference between 2.40 and 2.80. It seemed so much easier back in 2005, some commands had changed and others had been buried in other places.

I used YouTube extensively until l stumbled upon the 2.80 Launch Pad Course. The course is very well presented and very entertaining. I’m learning at an accelerated rate thanks to your course. Hats off to your presentation, you’re a natural, you’d make a wonderful teacher.

Martin Czernatowicz
Retired mechanical Draftman/Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Nov 1, 2019

The perfect Blender kickstarter course

I really enjoyed the course, Zach structured it very well. I ran into some trouble in one of my lessons, but I was able to troubleshoot and find another way because of a previous lesson. I will definitely be using Blender for my 3D needs and will be back for another CG Boost course.

Leaveil Claasen
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 30, 2019

From “I don’t know” to pure satisfaction

I had been trying to learn blender since I was in high school but I never find the inspiration to keep learning and practicing after a few couples of hours. Then I grew up and put that aside for a while. Now, about seven years later I wanted to learn this and start putting my ideas together and this course has helped me to not lose hope and to keep practicing.

I have learned so much in the past few days, from taking a plane and transform it into real things to animate them and create polish videos that you can share with the world. I strongly recommend this course, you won’t be disappointed by boring theory or not engaging practices.

Everything in this course has been carefully putted together and delivers satisfaction and results as you don’t expect.

Manuel Herrera
System Administrator who wants to be a Game Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 29, 2019

Blender Launch Pad

I am very much a beginner in 3D modeling with Blender. I aim to use it in conjunction with Hit Film Pro for video production. I have looked at Blender a few times over the last 2 or 3 years but was always put off by the (apparent) complexity. During the 2.80 Beta phase and following tips from the HitFilm forums I had another look and started a paid Blender course from a well known provider but it seemed too in-depth and progress was very slow.

Then I came across Zach’s ‘fruit bowl’ tutorial and found the presentation and explanation excellent. A short review of the Launch Pad course convinced my to purchase, and now I’m 50% complete and starting the car modeling.

I find Zach’s presentation very refreshing, especially with the use of ‘scenes’ to present the concepts, rather than just using objects in empty space. The first 4 Chapters present all the ‘theory’ clearly, in preparation for the actual ‘practice’. Now I have to try and remember all the functions I’ve learned.

I’m looking forward to completing the animation after seeing other users’ results.

Many thanks & compliments to Zach for this course.

John Payne
Retired Modeller (Beginner)
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 29, 2019

Great Course

The Launch Pad course was excellent. I was somewhat experienced with Blender but this was my first course to help me get used to using the new Blender 2.8. Zach’s presentation was very well organized, and he presented just enough to complete the task we were about use. Then we had a chance to use the new knowledge before learning a new skill. The short video he helped us create, was very motivating as it creative and fun! As I was working through the course I often got excited as I could see how the skills I was using could help me with my own short story ideas.

Excellent job, Zach!

Darrell Gallant
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 27, 2019

Best blender 2.8 tutorials for beginner

I have finished Lesson 05-17 (finish car modeling). I admire that all tutorials are kind enough and filled with joyful mood. The pre-made sample scenes have some humor too… Fun to load and make me try the next video. These are different points with other 3d tutorials. I have basic modeling skill of blender 2.8 now!

Yousuke Kita
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 27, 2019

Great Way To Learn Blender 2.8!

Highly recommend this course! I’m an experienced 3D designer, but always hated how Blender 2.x did things, so never consistently used it over other software. Now that 2.8 is out, that’s all changed and I’ve come back to it. This is a great course to re-learn this powerful 3D software. Even if you are a total beginner, don’t worry! Zach walks you through many of the basics to get you started. I hope CG Boost considers making an advanced course, I would be sure to sign up!

Leif Buckley
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 27, 2019

Thorough and Clear

This is the best Blender tutorial I have seen so far. Zach provides the content in short bursts in a very logical sequence. His instruction is thorough and clear. The best part about it is that while you are learning, you are building a very cool project.

Jason Moore
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 25, 2019

Very helpful course

I was using Maya until I completed my college, since I was using student version I couldn’t use it anymore, so I started learning Blender which is a free software and also I have heard that it is a powerful and fun to use software. I was watching your Blender tutorials on YouTube which was very detailed and very useful for me so when I saw that you were doing a paid course without second thoughts I decided to enroll it, it was very useful for me. The course was very detailed that it made me understand Blender very easily. The course really helped me a lot and it would be really helpful for me if you do more courses like this.

Thank you!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 25, 2019

A great introduction to creating a short cartoon/animation

This course gives anyone the knowledge to create a cinema-ready silent cartoon animation. Zach’s easygoing presentation style is a breath of fresh air. I particularly like that he does not include himself in the bottom corner of the videos, an annoying habit of many other trainers. This course is suited to anybody totally new to Blender 2.8. I chose to download the complete course to watch offline, and must admit that I have not contributed anything to the feedback area which is at the end of each video.

As an aside, at the time of enrolling in this course, I was just finishing Zach’s free course for Blender 2.8 which teaches you how to model and render a very realistic bowl of fruit scene. I discovered that my computer was rather sick and unable to render the scene properly. Blender 2.8 often got corrupted where the user interface would not display all the letters of menu items. I have a four-year-old iMac which is barely up to the task, apparently. It worked fine with Blender 2.79 which did not have the Eevee renderer. Hopefully I have solved the problem by installing Blender 2.8 on a separate HD partition running with Apple’s brand new Catalina 10.15 system.

Michael Bessell
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 23, 2019

One of the greatest CG Instructors out there

As a CG veteran with 25 years working in 3D, mainly in Maya, I found this tutorial a great guide to diving into Blender 2.8. All CG Boost content is great and well explained. Zach shows you absolutely everything you need to understand how to get into Blender. I love purchasing beginner tutorials about the topics I want to master and then proceed with more advanced stuff. This course may respond to a lot of questions if you want to learn Blender. I would like to congratulate Zach for his relentless will to teach with such clarity. YOU ROCK!

Juan Paulo Mardonez
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 23, 2019

General Review

I learned so much from this course and I love how you provided great examples to work from.

Plus there where so many files to download so I could follow along.

Jason Thomas
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 23, 2019

Thank you so much!

I first want to thank you so much for making this. It has been a great help to me! I wanted to do 3D art for a long time and felt like I was getting nowhere with teaching myself. But now I feel like my skills are improving and growing faster than I could ever on my own. I would love to do 3D art as a job and thanks to you I feel like I will be able to get the skills I need to reach that goal!

Gage Steen
AP (host)
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 22, 2019

A very thorough introduction to Blender

In the Blender 2.8 Launchpad course, Zacharias has put together a very complete and thorough introduction to Blender. This is one of the rare courses that provide this much knowledge and completeness and many tips for your workflow.

The presentation is lively and engaging, such that even the more theoretical sections are easy to follow. I haven’t completed the practical exercise parts yet, but the first modeling exercise is easy to follow even for a complete beginner as good guidance is provided.

The Blender 2.8 Launchpad course will certainly put you well ahead on your way to competently using Blender and ready to dive into more advanced topics.

Andrea Weikert
Software Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 20, 2019

Well done!

An excellent course to start understanding Blender. So useful, especially for beginners, with the amazing Zach’s teaching. In two words: strictly recommended!

Mauro Confalonieri
3D Hobbyist
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 13, 2019

My gratitude for your course!

Thank you, Zach, for your course! I had a certain experience already in Blender 2.79 and 2.8 when start your Launch Pad, but I found a lot of useful things which I didn’t use before. And I am steel continue finding out more from your course.

P.S. By the way, Happy Birthday, Zach! I feel a bit sad that knew nothing about the Blender when I was 15 🙂

Sergey Kurakin
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 11, 2019

By far the best course ever done in Blender

I came across Zach on YouTube with his apple scene tutorial series. The level of polish of his course and the fact that with such simple scene he managed to cover so many topics in Blender in such a thorough way blow my mind. So after I saw the add to this course (the Launch Pad), I decided it is worth the try. I suspended my subscription at CG Cookie and bought this course. I have watched the initial 4 chapters as I am familiar with the tool, but still learned a lot.

I love everything about Zach’s method of teaching. The pace is perfect, explanation are clear. What I love the most is his attitude, not patronizing, funny, reassuring, for example when he explains that he had done lots of trial and error before he figured out the proper values for the particle system. That was really reassuring for me, and helped not to be intimidated by the amount of parameters.

I think what I like most about this course, is that after almost one year of playing with Blender I know I am going to create something really cool (have already finished modelling and I love the result). The fact that it covers so many areas in Blender including animation is amazing, and it’s just what I needed.

Thanks so much, can’t wait to complete it and to see what next is in his sleeves.

Avi Rozenboim
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 10, 2019

A great introduction course for Blender

I learn blender mostly watching a lot of different tutorial on YouTube. This course gave me the perfect understanding about a lot of little things that I was missing, like shortcuts. But mostly thanks to this course I’ve improved my workflow a lot. The teacher, Zacharias, explains every topic very well. I recommend this course even to an expert Blender user, cause there’s always something you can learn.

Gianni Bussoletti
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 10, 2019

Excellent Tutorial on Blender!

I can’t say enough about the quality of this online course for Blender 2.8. Zach is to be commended for his teaching style and thoroughness. As a beginner myself to Blender, I wholeheartedly recommend this online course to anyone who is about to enter the world of 3D graphics and animation.

Looking forward to other online courses offered by CG Boost as well as their free and helpful YouTube videos.

Sam Morell
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 7, 2019

The base of the pyramid

This course is a must for every Blender beginner. It teaches you, using a step-by-step chapter system, how to make a fully animated scene from scratch.

Alexandru Maftei
Analyst Programmer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 3, 2019

Delivery is VERY FAST

I am taking this course WITH my client who is on the Autism spectrum. the dialog is REALLY FAST. I need to Pause to show my client where you are Speeding around the screen. He has amazing focus of attention, but it would be helpful if your CURSOR had some glow around it or some easier way of visually acknowledging where it is going.

When there is a REPEAT of the exact tools in different places…maybe if you had a moment where ALL of the LOCATIONS are HIGHLIGHTED at the same time…and just emphasize…
“All of these locations give you access to the tools we are discussing”.


Cynthia D Wing
BCBA – Behavioral Therapy (Autism specialty)
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 2, 2019

A 3D Modeling Course with Unrivaled Value

This course is simply perfect and exceeded all of my expectations for an online course.

It’s better than most if not all tutorials available on YouTube, Skillshare, and even university. I cannot stress enough how much value I found in this course and simply how much I enjoyed it.

I want to express my sincerest thanks to Zach Reinhardt for all the sheer effort that went into creating a course that is unrivaled. I eagerly look forward to all future courses by him and CG Boost.

If you want to get started with learning the fundamentals of 3D modeling there is no better place to start.

Brennan W. Curtis
Content Creator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Oct 2, 2019

Great tutorial for beginners and people who haven’t used Blender for a while

The course is amazing. Everything is well explained and if you are not sure about something you can always ask in the comment section of certain video and the response is quite quick.
Every fundamental skill you need to start is covered in this course and it gives you a great opportunity to get started on your own projects.

Price is just great for the content you get. Couldn’t have been happier. Thanks.

Karlyn-Kevyn Kollom
High Capacity Transport Vehicle Operator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 30, 2019

Used to hate 3D now I’m a Blender Nerd

I’m a 2D animator, I wanted to add 3D to my workflow and I tried learning zBrush, Cinema 4D and Houdini but nothing worked. With this course FINALLY I can say I know 3D, fell in love with Blender all thanks to Zach. Love the short video format.

Javier de Luna
Javier de Luna
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 29, 2019

This is a fantastic course!

The Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course is fantastic from front to back. It taught me more over the course of a few weeks than I had been able to figure out in the previous few years that I had been (very casually) playing around with Blender. No more struggling or fumbling around to achieve what I knew should be straightforward; the course gets you familiar with all of the basics from the ground, up.

Also, Zach has a clear and concise teaching style that is both fun and informative. I never felt overwhelmed or bored by anything that he was teaching and I’ll definitely be checking out all of Zach’s current and future courses.


Brian Kriederman
Senior Graphic Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 23, 2019

One of the Best Blender Courses Out!

I thought about buying this training course for a while, simply because of all the free tutorials out there now. Finally, I decided to purchase the training, and halfway through, I can truly say that it is worth every cent. I’m learning so much and a great plus, is that I don’t have to search all over the internet for what I am finding here. I believe that you will definitely be happy with your purchase. I know there is something in this training that everyone can learn. Well worth the money.

Kelvin Blue
K Dot Blue
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 19, 2019


Producing music has been a hobby of mine for many years, but I always felt that I wanted to add animations and stories to my music. I needed to become proficient in a software that would allow me to model environments and characters in order to create more elaborate scenes.

I came across Blender, and after getting through Blender Guru’s donut tutorial on YoutTube, I found Curtis Holt’s video “The BEST Way to Learn Blender 2.8” in my recommendations where I learned about this course.

It looked perfect to me, and seemed to cover all the things I would need to start creating my own scenes in Blender. I more or less enrolled straight away, and after getting through about half of the lessons, I can confidently say that I’m very satisfied with what I’ve been able to learn up until now.

Topics are explained in an intuitive way that is easy to follow, and the course has been really eye-opening to the possibilities of creating things from my own imagination.

I look very much forward to the rest of the course and can’t wait to start making my own creations and apply my music to them. Highly recommended!

Daniel Dahl
International Relations
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 19, 2019

All you need to Boost

I took a couple of Blender courses in the past, but being more a Zbrush user I never felt that comfortable with the software until I got the Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course. For the first time I see Blender as a very exciting and useful tool with no limits. Zach takes you step by step in a very clear and simple way to understand the core concepts that every professional Blender user should have. Mastering these, will dramatically get you up and running to create your own big projects. Highly recommended for everyone that wants get into great 3D.

Thank You Zach!

Daniel Montoya
Creative Illustrator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 18, 2019

Simply ingenious!

I’ve watched more than a few YouTube tutorial series in my quest to learn the ins and outs of Blender, but none compare to what Zach has put together in this Launch Pad course. Even as someone who already had an intermediate understanding of the software, right off the bat I was learning about mechanics that I had never really seen discussed before.

Everything is presented in a professional and concise manner that makes it fun to learn! Zach even provides Blend files for almost every lesson which allows you to easily work along with him inside environments that he has pre-assembled.

The amount of knowledge I was able to pick up over the course of this 15 hours made the price more than worth it.

I look forward to future courses from CGBoost!

John Abraham
Web Designer and Ametuer 3D Operator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 17, 2019

Knowledge given in an effective and fun way

I tried some free courses on YouTube and I could learn a bit, but often got confused with the speed and complexity presented on a “Beginner’s level course” or found it way too slow and simple.

What I like the most about Zach’s courses is that he makes the learning process engaging, interesting and fun. You always have a nice looking 3D scene to learn about the topics he is teaching. Zach created a storytelling way of teaching combined with a cool project to immediately exercise what you learn in a very comfortable pace, that makes learning 3D an addicted and fun adventure, despite its complexity and big volume of subjects to master.

The only aspect I think Zach could improve in his course are his jokes. He has great ideas for jokes, and some jokes are super funny, but sometimes his timing and execution needs a bit of more references, I think.

His knowledge and techniques are the best I’ve seen so far for learning 3D. I look forward to more of his courses, for sure.

Mark Winter
3D Student
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 15, 2019

A clear and well-designed course

I have followed the course knowing already Blender but looking for some global view of the 2.8 version. I found it very clear and helpful.

Julien Husson
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 13, 2019


This course is taking me in the direction that was needed, thank you!

Harlowe Rowe
Pierce mfg
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 13, 2019

Great course with super content

One of the best Blender tutorials I have seen so far. Really fun topic with all explained in detail, but still understandable. Hope to see more from you in the near future. Thanks Zach.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 13, 2019

Damn good Tutorial!

Years ago I won Cinema 4D Vers. 8.5 due a contest of an older PC-Newspaper, and I was happy with that a long time (used it for my work as illustrator of mostly sci-fi novels and books). Now it’s too expensive for me, and often I tried to get into the Blender world, and often I gave it up again and again, because there were too many shortcuts to memorize, and the work with Blender was… strange for me.

Now this incredible Blender 2.8 is really a game changer, and Zach’s tutorials are so impressive, easy to follow – congrats!

Please make more and more.
Thank you, Zach!

Klaus Brandt
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 12, 2019

I love this course

I’m new to Blender 2.8 and this course breaks down all the moving parts and possibilities into bite sized videos. The teaching method is relaxed and sometimes offers a few laughs; the learning material is very relevant to what I was wanting to learn.

Blender 2.8 is an amazing program that just about does it all. I can’t wait to finish the course and improve my skills and services. Great job! Let’s go!

Derriziel Pierce
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 5, 2019

Not through yet, but BOY!! such detail…best Blender course ever!

I’m only about 20% through the course and am already very impressed with his teaching methods. I thought I knew how to get around Blender well enough…but no…Zach has already shown me so many new things, he’s made the course well worth the money.

His exercises are so much fun, and they reinforce what he has explained.

I’m looking forward to going through all the videos. They are excellent and very well produced.

Thank you, Zach, so glad I found your course.

Julia Reynolds
Dezine Dynamics, Inc.
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 3, 2019

Diving Deep at a Reasonable Pace

I’m a 3D hobbyist learning Blender from Modo. Zach’s lessons and descriptions are great! He takes the time to cover all the tools and the basics up front. Things build steadily and more quickly as the modeling gets going. So far, I’ve enjoyed the pace and have been building confidently.

This is a great course for people transitioning over to Blender or for folks new to 3D. If the basics are too slow for you, jump into the modeling sections and beyond. The tips and shortcuts that Zach uses in the lessons quickly break down the challenges of modeling and the nuances of Blender. I would highly recommend any course that Zach is running!

Erik Loehfelm
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 3, 2019

At last a course that does what it states.

I’ve been into 3D going back to the Amiga days and have owned a few of the major 3D apps including Modo, Cinema 4D and Lightwave but having jumped ship from them all due to rising prices I spent a few years away from my first love.

Then I thought I’d give Blender 2.7 another try, (right mouse click select, REALLY?) anyways frustration got the better of me and I shoved 3d art to the back of the cupboard, along came 2.8 and could the hype really be true. Hm yep.

The Blender 2.8 Launch Pad is the perfect course to learn 2.8 whether as a beginner, intermediate or pro, I’ve spent a LOT of money on training over the years and at last a course that shows not only how to do stuff but why.

Excellent stuff and I’m looking forward to further courses from CG Boost.

Peter Feetham
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Sep 1, 2019

Quickly learn Blender 2.8

I have been using Blender for several years now so I wasn’t sure how much I would learn from this course. After finishing all the videos I’m happy to report that I learned a lot! I now have more knowledge of shortcuts and other tools that help to speed up my work flow. It also helped me make the jump to Blender 2.8. I would highly recommend this course – thank you CG Boost!

Jared Owen
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 30, 2019

Incredibly Helpful

I’m a complete beginner to 3D modelling and Blender, and so far I’ve found this tutorial to be amazing. The instructor is incredibly easy to follow, and has made learning Blender a joy.

David Jarvis
President, Gun Metal Games Publishing
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 29, 2019

My several years of study, fit in one course

I do not think that my review will be any different from most, as it will be positive. Buying your course, I already had the skills to work in Blender, but since I decided to try Fusion 360 and 3D Coat (later I fell in love with Fusion 360 and left Blender for a very long time), I realized that Blender 2.8 will be out. My knowledge of keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks, may be out of date. Therefore, your course came in handy. The material is accessible, and despite the fact that English is not my native language, I did not even use subtitles. I really liked the structure of the lessons: 5-10 minutes per video – the optimal amount of time. Special thanks for the files attached to each lesson. A high level is sustained from beginning to end. Of course, I will recommend your course to all my friends, you can rest assured. Well, I myself, in turn, will buy your sculpture course.

P.S. I would very much like to see in the future a course on the work of Blender in conjunction with Substance painter: UV maps, id maps, udim tile’s and so on. It would be great.

Stanislav Radzivan
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 23, 2019

If I had a dollar for each badly made video…

…I’d be broke.

It’s been a while since I wanted to move to the open source alternative and lemme tell you… I love Blender 2.8… And thanks to your course I could quickly and easily grasp the interface and get to work.

I have experience with Maya, so I knew the common modelling tools already so the modelling introduction was easy to grasp. While there is a looot of valuable content in this course, I really did miss the UV unwrapping of Blender. I had to revert to YouTube to see how that works. Nonetheless, the course is a 5/5 fully deserved.

I hope to share some work soon on the Facebook group!

Sorry about the no photo testimonial. Caught me off guard lmao.

Mateusz Wojciechowski
Graphic Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 22, 2019

Loving Blender 2.8

So far, I am very impressed with the presentation of this course. Zach is very good at explaining not only the how, but the why. I’m about 60 percent through the course, and looking forward to finishing up. Very enjoyable.

Gene Johnson
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 21, 2019

An awesome getting started for Blender 2.8 following a cool project

The course is a well outlined intro following a cool project to build a short 3D animation with a low-poly flying car. The course shows you all there’s to know about Blender 2.8 no matter if you’re a complete starter or a 3D Pro already. I can really recommend this fun, extensive and well-designed course!

Fabian Henzler
VP Product Strategy at Matrix42 AG
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 20, 2019

The Blind can see again!

I started messing with a lot of CG programs, including Blender. A person I met in a chatroom who lives in Norway, was using it. I tried it, off and on and was getting good with thanks to my friend and videos I found online.

Then as my bad luck kicked in, I had a stroke (in 2010) which took the use of my left hand (the one I draw with) and affected my memory. When I got home 6 months later, I was lost, I could barely remember how to log in on my PC, I basically gave up. I lost contact with a lot of people. I got fed up trying to play fps games since most required 2 hands, especially in PVP fps games.

I saw a video on YouTube about the new Blender 2.8 and also found Zach’s CG Boost.

Well I said it has been almost ten years and my memory is better (not as good as before my stroke) plus the new Blender 2.8 and Zack’s video gave me the drive to try it again. I am starting over but with Zach’s lessons, I have hope again.

You should get it both HIS lessons, it’s well worth it. FOR YOUR VIDEO LIBRARY.

Thomas J. Babiarz
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 17, 2019

Awesome tutorial!

I’m bad at writing this kind of things, but as Blender 2.8 got out, I was really interested to maybe give it a try, until I saw that course. I don’t regret taking it at all. I watched the full course in a few days and it was nice and easy to follow. I recommend it to anyone who want to start.

Nicolas Didier
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 16, 2019

Good courses for beginners

I had a lot of things that I were missing when I learned from YouTube tutorials. The videos in the course are simple and short, and makes it easy to learn. I’m not very good at English but I still can understand all the lessons. I’m focusing on rendering for architecture only, but the lessons gave me more useful knowledge.

Thanks, Zach.

Yuslan b Mastor
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 15, 2019

An extremely comprehensive guide to Blender 2.8

An extremely comprehensive guide to Blender 2.8, easy to understand, very high quality. Zach is a phenomenal teacher and very easy to follow! Also, the CG Boost Community forums is rich with entertaining and inspiring student work.

Matias Kritz
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 14, 2019

The Blender 2.8 course I have been waiting for

This is the Blender course I have been waiting for a long time. I never really liked the Blender versions before 2.80. I was more used to Maya and could not really start to use the old Blender. Now, with your excellent video tutorial I can really dive into Blender 2.80.

I really miss a hard copy of your tutorials, I like to have a hard copy when I am studying instead of watching a video over and over again, but that’s mine opinion.

So far, I am really impressed with your video tutorials. Very well-spoken and excellent video quality.

Jos Huntjens
NATO AWACS Radar/Computer engineering
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 14, 2019

One word: Perfect!

For years I wanted to learn Blender. Before, I followed tutorials on YouTube but missing the Blender basics didn’t help me to grow. This Blender course is even better than I expected. Zach explains everything clear and at a good pace. A nice plus is the fact, that the course exist out of small video’s and to keep it interesting there are a lot of different demo scenes created to explain the settings and tools what makes it more fun to watch. The goal of this course for me was to learn the basic settings and tools but the fact that I also learned to animate and apply camera settings was a nice surprise for me.

I’m looking forward to the next CG Boost course and thank you for helping me to understand Blender!

Happy greets,
Jurgen VT – Belgium

Jurgen Van Tomme
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 12, 2019

The best way to have a fresh start with Blender 2.80

I’m not new to 3d software since we’re using with the studio a different DCC package for about 10 years. When the Blender 2.80 final release was getting closer (and now officially launched), we were getting more and more interested in this software.

Looking around on YouTube a way to get started in Blender we’ve found for sure many free videos and tutorials, but all of them lacked a structured way to learn.

Zach Reinhardt’s “Blender 2.8 LaunchPad” on CG Boost has two strong qualities: the first, he doesn’t give for obvious any concept or action in Blender. In this way, you really learn all the single and small aspect of the software that speeds up your daily work.

The second aspect is the general creativity he put inside the class: every lesson is explained with some cool looking scene, giving a nice, fresh and enjoyable way to go through the different chapters.

I can only suggest this class not only to all the new users and people approaching a 3d software but also to the 3d artists that were using a previous package and want to dive in a professional way in the world of Blender.

Alessandro Michelazzi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 9, 2019

As a former teacher, this is one of the best courses I’ve ever seen

I’ve taught everything from marketing to art and this is one of the best laid out courses I’ve ever seen. I’ve used other courses from across the internet, both paid and free and there’s so much attention to detail that Zach has added to the course.

After completing the course, it occurred to me that I learned 3D modeling, simple texturing, lighting, and animation in a way that has felt way more fun and simple than other courses I’ve taken on those single subjects alone.

Zach pours so much thought into these courses and I’m totally confident that anyone can walk away from this course with a strong grasp of modeling fundamentals and a super impressive animation to share.

I give Zach’s Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course the highest recommendation that I can give.

Jeff Ramos
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 7, 2019

Blender 2.8 Launch Pad – a break through limits of skills

This course is phenomenal for a beginner like me, although I had already tried to hang along on various tutorials. I had also gotten a textbook, but that landed quickly in the corner, because I found only half about what I wanted to know.

My decision to take this course was a very good one: Within three weeks, I learned so much. Many useful tips, every detail is explained understandable. It is very easy to follow the instructions, because everything is structured step by step.

What I like most: I can use the course like a database because all the videos and exercises are very well labeled. So I can always fall back on something that I could not memorize. Also, very important: Zach’s clear instructions are very helpful in solving minor problems.

I highly recommend this course. I am still very enthusiastic and can hopefully present a result soon.

Rita Krüger
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Aug 5, 2019

A great starting course I could ever ask for…

It was my best decision to enroll to this Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course. It was just a few months ago I came to know about the “Blender existence” and this great big community. I’m not at all from 3d, 2d background but I wanted to learn 3d, 2d animation. Right now I’m at 45% (learning slowly in my free time).

This course helped me learn all the fundamentals and soon I’ll be animating my own produced film (which was not even in my wildest dreams) I’m very very excited about it.

About the Launch Pad course:
This course is designed in a brilliant way so that anyone can learn if given proper time and concentration. One thing I would like to mention is that this course is not boring at all. You will never feel sleepy even though it’s very technical. Zach (Guru) got an amazing voice which is very soothing.

Thank you so much Zach Reinhardt (Guru) for all your effort and hard work. No word can do justice for how thankful I am to you guru.

Regards and all the best for the others who enrolled.

Karthik Gopalakrishnan
The ROAR Productions PVT LTD
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 31, 2019

Best Blender course I’ve seen anywhere

I’m a web programmer, with some background in commercial art, and I’m getting into 3D modeling just for fun and pure interest.

I think the course sets itself apart from other courses by its goals. It’s low-poly, which is smart choice when teaching beginners 3D – it’s more immediately attainable for beginners, so they don’t give up. It’s fun and very satisfying to model the flying car! But the course goes an extra mile by adding an environment for the car to live in, and some more miles after that by taking you through animating the car and flying it through the landscape!

And it’s Blender 2.8, from which there is no going back.

Steven Alpert
NCCI Holdings, Inc. – Programmer/Analyst
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 30, 2019

Easy to follow format

So far so good, about halfway through. I like the short break downs. It is good to know about things like auto smoothing and other details, like re-centering your view-port. The scenes Zach created make for a more imaginative experience. Just staring at a boring old cube for 7.5 hours would be boring as hell.

Joseph Milstein
Graphic Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 30, 2019

Perfectly paced for beginners

This is my third subscription trying to get past the beginner plateau in Blender. It’s my favorite by far, partly because of the pace and short / to the point videos, and partly because low poly is my favorite style. Highly recommended.

Thorstein Brage Grønoset
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 30, 2019

Perfect entry in Blender 2.8

After starting to work with blender 2.78 in 2017, this course was the best choice to refresh my Blender knowledge and to rev up in Blender 2.8. The greatest thing about this course is the full scope of workflow from first abstract shapes over modeling and shading to animation and rendering.

Marty Friedrich
Product Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 30, 2019

Incredible course

This course is incredible. It covers all you need to get started if you’re new to the subject; and it goes deep enough for those looking for an update or to learn something further. The value of the content here is unbelievable. Truly amazing stuff! Thank you, Zach!

Patrick Renfro
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 29, 2019

Well worth the effort

This course gives you an extensive start on Blender. You get to know everything that is important to start work on your own projects and craft a nice clip while doing so. Overall a very satisfying experience for me.

Jan A.
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 28, 2019

Blender 2.8 Launch Pad is GREAT!!!

I’ve been using Blender since the release of 2.78. I’ve followed a lot of tutorials. After just a few of your first chapters, I’ve learned more and understanding more. Now I’m going back to my old models and trying this newfound knowledge. I’m going to spend some time with this course because in each chapter I’m learning something new. And with each new information I’m going to try it out. GREAT tutorial. Keep it up.

Wayne D Mosley
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 28, 2019

Best Online Tutorial for Blender 2.8

Zach has surpassed himself with this new course for Blender 2.8. I have looked at just about all of them, and I am really glad I picked this one.

The modeling starts in Chapter 5 but Chapters 1 through 4 are well worth the price for the entire course. Zach has a clear and concise method for teaching and getting through Chap 1 – 4 gives you the confidence and knowledge to tackle the construction for the rest of the course.

Chapter 1 – 4 videos are going into a desktop utility folder which I know I will refer to again and again even after I finish the rest of the course. It should be the manual for Blender 2.8.

Well done Zach! And thank you for all your good work.

James Armstrong
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 26, 2019

Great course from a great teacher

This course was like pure light in a tunnel of darkness. I was really worried about all the new changes that Blender is having on its new version, but Zach, my new hero, draw a line to follow; every single explanation, every single instruction made a difference between hours of hard self learning and an easy and interesting way to migrate my skills to Blender 2.8. I have no shame to say that every chapter was so good that once I finish one of them I watch it again. Thanks, Zach… you… are the best.

Eduardo Antonio Cateura Alpízar
Cubana de Aviación SA/ Computer Science Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 26, 2019

Incredibly Comprehensive

Zach has done a wonderful job. Every detail is covered. A highly recommended course for anyone starting to learn Blender 2.8. The course will be a long-time reference as I plow through this complicated program. Every feature is explained fully with excellent course materials. I’m looking forward to Zach’s other course in the future. Great job!

Wynne Stevens
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 26, 2019

From 100% Noobie to Pro

Hi Zach, this course is unbelievable! It minimized 50% of all my struggles. Almost all questions which I tried to figure out by my own – are finally answered! Looking forward to buy the second one about sculpting.
Thank You. You are amazing ?

Alexey Sofiychuk
Carnival cruise lines, Photographer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 24, 2019


I’ve watched the course in detail, and think it’s really excellent. The in efficient in depth coverage makes this superior to YouTube tutorials, and well worth the money. The only thing I wish I had in addition, is an overview by you of UV unwrapping and texturing. Thanks for making this!

Tayfun Nalbantoglu
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 24, 2019

Great course

Everything is explained really good, and a nice complete project to follow along. Enjoy it very much.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 23, 2019

Cannot say anything bad 🙂

I want to say that the course is a total quality and seriousness. It is very worth investing in. Zach manages to address from a beginner level, the use and management of this new version of Blender. It is not necessary to have previous knowledge in 3D. The concepts are clear and very well explained. It is noted that there is behind this course a great work of synthesis and explanation. In general, it is a very complete course and the concept of teaching combining theory and practice is very effective.

Thanks, Zach for all your work.

Norma Puerto
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 23, 2019

A course which covers a lot of ground and saves you a lot of time

This review is split in the 51% part of the course and the 49% part.

First 51%:
I must say, I was hesitating very long time, if I should really enroll in this course. I was struggling with the thought, that I buy half the course for “nothing” because I was “teaching myself” Blender 2.8 for the last 3-5 months. I was afraid, I’m not going to learn enough new stuff. Now that I did all the basics of the course (at 51%) I can kind of confirm, that I didn’t learn that many new things. One specific thing I found out, was the walk mode which I find perfect for placing the camera in a scene. I was also very keen on learning about PureRef.

However, having said, that I basically “did not learn” anything new, I must say, that I would always go back and enroll in this course again! After learning so many weeks from so many different tutorials, I wasn’t sure anymore I’f I learned the “right stuff” in “the right way”. For me, 80% was like confirmation that I was on the right path, doing the things I did. This gives me a very good feeling to take on the next part of my Blender journey (which will be the far more cumbersome part), which is practice, practice, practice!

So any of you, thinking if they should enroll or not, because they learned some stuff already → DO SO, NOW!
Even if it’s just for confirmation it is really worth it! Finally, a place where all the puzzles fit perfectly together and things start to make sense!

I really wish, when I started out, I had this course already. I could cut down 2/3 of the time I invested in doing things “the hard way”.

Conclusion: At 51% the course, everything was already worth 200% the money!

Second 49%:
This part is where the real work starts. I strongly recommend that you create all the assets on your own. Learning something crazy as Blender is really not just watching this course, but actually getting your own scene done in your own way. I suggest you create your own car in your own style and maybe even change some stuff on the animation part. Animation is where I personally learned the most. The idea of this car scene is great for learning and many little things are shown to you, which can be used on later projects.
The rendering part with the technical details is explained very well and gives you a lot of detailed and practical information.

In the second 49% I learned many new things and found even more things I would have been glad to know earlier in my tries with Blender.

Anyone that seriously wants to start with Blender should buy this course. There won’t be any magic tricks, that would make a digital artist out of you (that’s YOUR part of the deal). But it certainly shows you all the knowledge that you need, to jump start a Blender career.

After this course, you will be able to educate yourself through other tutorials in topics that you are specifically interested in.

Adrian Wegmann
Swiss Gouvernment Administration
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 23, 2019

What a great intro course.

This is a great intro course for new people wanting to learn Blender 2.8, as well as people coming into Blender from 2.7 and earlier.

Jason Thomas
Graphic Geek
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 23, 2019

Wonderful course!

Zach is a great teacher. His course is well paced, and he explains things and shows them in a way where I do not have to constantly stop and go back to see what he was doing as I have found in many other tutorials…even from real experts. This is important to me. I am probably one of the much older subscribers and I don’t like tutorials where they try to cram it all in as fast as possible. I do muscle my way through those but the experience is totally unpleasant and frustrating.

Because I am also following along within Blender, if the teacher does something on-screen at the same time, and often before, he is stating audibly what he is doing, I tend to miss the keystroke or the menu or the left or right-click function and I have to stop the video and go back.

Not here. I highly recommend Zach.

Michael Sheeler
Retired Illustrator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

Strong structure… as the software you’re going to learn!

I have never found a course like this, with this strong method that encourage you to learn more and follow every day. The quick tips are amazing and I think that 5/15min for lessons are a great idea for a better understanding of each concept.

Great job Zach!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019


I made the car, trees and rocks. Now starting with exercise 7. I tried Blender before with miner result, but with the new Blender 2.8 clear interface and Launch Pad course, for the first time I really understand what I am doing!

The lessons are so very well explained by detail with a good length of max 10 minutes. Every tool, window, shortcut is in detail explained. With these few first 6 lessons I already learned 200% more than any video I tried before. AND …. a lot detail of every lesson I can keep remembering! Because every detail and tool is so well explained, it is so easy to go back for freshen up when needed. It is very well worth the money!

Thanks Zach!

Johan van Mensel Sr
Home Retired
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

Practical and very accurate in the details

The course “BLENDER 2.8 LAUNCH PAD” is done very well! The videos are short and structured so as not to bore, even a simple command is explained in an involving scenic contest. I think this course is great for all levels. Thanks, Zach!

Claudio Naviglio
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

A Great Way To Start Out With Blender

As a complete newcomer to computer graphics I started out with Blender (2.8) and was totally bewildered by the huge number of tools, modes and their accompanied properties and sub-menus. Most online tutorials were for previous versions of Blender and were useless.

I bought an expensive tutorial book, but found it difficult to apply the explanations in practice.

Having to google everything I tried, I came across Zach’s course. It offered a series of video introductions into what seemed to me to be an impossible complexity. It worked for me.

As I diligently followed every step, I gradually became familiar with the basics. Slowly the complexity seemed to evaporate and within a couple of weeks (yes it takes that long) I developed a familiarity with the environment that allowed me to realise the huge potential of Blender and was able to follow not only Zach’s excellent video explanations but many others on the web that had previously seemed to me to be impossible to understand.

Peter Small
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

The best Blender Course money can buy

I’m new to Blender, and I was very very confused about the different work spaces, interface, shortcuts etc. I was completely lost and after watching the first minutes of this course I learned more than I did 2 years in college with Autodesk Maya. This is hands down the best Blender Course in the world. He explains every single detail, and he does it in a way that I understood perfectly. I’m having so much fun learning Blender. 😀

Yusuf Koloccio
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

This is more than just a launchpad

I’ve always known that Blender is a powerful 3D software with nearly limitless potential. That said, it threw me off the 1st time I opened and tried to use it. Blender’s user experience went against the standard in terms of usability and it made getting into the program very tedious and annoying. However, I believe that proper instruction can help and change one’s perspective here. Enter CG Boost; Zach really went all out here and both shows and informs with this course. The videos are short and to the point; and the overall project is fun and easy enough to get into (with some welcomed challenges).

I’m looking forward to completing this course and making use of my newly obtained skills to take my portfolio to new heights. This is worth the money because it is an actual investment.

P.S. a followup more advanced course would be awesome.

Theunis Hall
Interactions and Motion Graphics Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

The GUIDING LIGHT Blender 3D course

Being a 3D artist is nice and easy, however being a 3D artist with basic knowledge is much better!

There are a lot of tutorials that we can find everywhere… But most of the time we don’t know where to start; sometimes, we still stuck because we missed the rudiments or some useful features, etc. So this course is the GUIDING LIGHT for us!
With highly rich contents and with amazing talent for teaching, Zach gives us all the fundamental we need to be “The 3D Artist”! Don’t hesitate, it’s extremely worth it!

Thank you Zach and CG Boost!! 🙂

Nandrianina Harifera
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Wasn’t to sure if I would get too much out of this course as I’ve been a Blender user since version 2.5, but bought it to familiarize myself with the new UI and see what changes to some of the hotkeys. Also, I have only dabbled slightly with animation so thought this would be a good opportunity to learn more.

Well was I wrong on my initial point! Great course as I’ve not only learned the new UI & hot keys (Zach includes a comprehensive PDF of all the hotkeys) but, being self-taught, I’ve gotten used to doing things the way I knew how and not knowing/using any other method. Zach has shown me that there are other ways that can aide my workflow.

I wasn’t initially going to bother watching the earlier Modules about the various tools as I’ve been using them already but I’m glad I did as, for me, there was at least one nugget or “ah-ha” moment in pretty much every video!
Zach knows this program inside and out and his tips/methodology are worth the price of admission alone. Not to mention he presents them in a fun way by following along with his low poly sci-fi car project where you get to use all of Blender’s features and tools.

I haven’t completed the course yet but can’t wait to continue on and finish the project.
This course is not just for people new to Blender (of which it is a great resource) but old users as well. Would highly recommend this course to all beginner & intermediate users (and people transitioning from other 3D programs) wanting their Blender experience to become effortless.

Nick Oliver
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 22, 2019

An Excellent Course in Guiding You to the World of 3D via Blender 2.8

This course is maybe one of the best courses to learn from when you are a beginner not only for Blender 2.8, but 3d art in general. We might see scattered courses in other media like books and videos that teach the new version of Blender 2.8, but these materials can range from mostly serviceable to good, sometimes showing scattered information or not much details on steps, etc. and depend a lot on the teaching skill of the author.

Zach however is an amazing teacher in that he can describe certain features or complicated steps into something understandable. Maybe it is in his way of using words or the subtle accent, but I digress… also, the course itself is very well-structured, can be taken linearly (recommended for beginners) but can also browse on specific features that can fill gaps in your skills as you learn.

Overall, the course is very much worth it, as a stepping stone from nothing to 3d art, and also to bridge into more intermediate skills when you decide to go further in your voyage in Blender and 3d.

Marc Angelo Tabia
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 21, 2019

Very good course

I like the teaching style in the course. It is a great course which I really recommend to anyone interested in learning Blender 2.8.

Christian hohlfeld
Software Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 21, 2019

Great Introductory Course

I luckily stumbled on Zacharias Reinhardt’s YouTube channel two years ago when he first set out on his own. I’ve followed the channel since and was very glad to see him start CG Boost.

This is a great introductory course for Blender. It covers everything you need to get started and the level of detail is perfect for beginners.

Marty Fouts
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 20, 2019

Absolutely professional in every aspect

I have been using Blender around for 6 years but the new 2.8 version is a big challenge for everyone, with learning the program almost from the beginning. This is why I ordered the course as I already know the “Mastering Sculpting in Blender” by Zach which is a masterpiece itself.

I’m very satisfied since the whole structure of the content is so well thought through and clearly explained. I like it very much, that you don’t need to download the files and can watch it online. Also, I like the short length of the videos, so it is easier to remember if you would like to watch a part again. The short description under the videos as text reference is very useful as well, so there is no much need to take individual notes.

Some words about Zach yet – he is so consequent and building up the training like the German national football team their actions (they won the World Cup in soccer four times), and already trusting so much in him that being afraid not to buy anything he sells in the future. But seriously, he is a perfect professional and indirectly teaching more than Blender here.

Zsolt Cseh
Infosys – Process Lead
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2019

Great course for all

I have been using Blender for a couple of years now and feel that I am pretty proficient, but still learn new aspects every day. Detailing the changes in 2.8 was really nice, and I appreciated the short segments which I could play back if necessary. Blender 2.8 has some significant changes from 2.79 and seeing most of these before I jumped into using the new version was valuable to me.

Learning more about Eevee/shortcuts/etc. saved me a lot of time when first using Blender 2.8. The course was easy to use and provides “bookmarks” as to sections completed, and the section names made it easy to go back if I wanted to review some aspect of the changes.

I think the course was well worth the cost.

John Belding
Independent Modeler
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2019

This Course Change My Life

I always wanted to become a CG artist but did not know where to start. After I join this course (Blender 2.8 Launch Pad), it changed my life. I didn’t know anything before, but now I’m able to model and animate small 3D scenes.

At last, I want to thank Zach for this awesome course. Thank you so much!

Aqib Awan
Computer Operator
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2019

Fantastic comprehensive course

I enrolled in this course to discover the new Blender 2.8 and so far I’m really impressed! Everything is explained very well, all the little (and subtle) things are analyzed in a very precise manner and the structure of the course is fantastic! I already was a basic user of Blender but I’m discovering so many little useful things. I believe the rest of the course will be even more exciting than the first part (I’m about at 25%), I can’t wait to continue!

Really really suggested to everyone! And Zach is a fantastic instructor!

Gabriele D’Intino
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 17, 2019

Forward only forward

I’ve watched only 55 percent of your excellent course. I work and study. And so I’m a little behind. I really want to change the place of work, 3D art is only my hobby. Your course help me in it.

Aleksandr Chetverikov
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 18, 2019

A great course

This course is the most useful courses I ever had watched. I am Syrian and i don’t speak good English, but I understood everything.

Yassin Younes
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 18, 2019

All beginners in blender and 3D should start with this course

As part of my transition to 3D, I have watched hundreds of tutorials, from beginners to advanced. I really have to say I came to this course with lots of skepticism, as I know Zach from his (amazing) sculpting videos, and I am not into sculpting. I thought he won’t be different from the other videos I’ve watched, but boy… was I wrong. This is an excellent course for all who want to start their journey to become 3d artists. Even though I have been working with Blender for the past year and a half, Zach still blew my mind and gave me A LOT of new tips and tricks to use. He is an EXCELLENT instructor, and this is so important in video tutorials. I recommend this course, this is money well spent. Thanks, Zach!

Yaki Pasandi
UX Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 19, 2019

It is making me move forward.

I use Blender on my job every day for the past three years. I enrolled in other online Blender courses before. Some more complete, others more subject specific. But, none of them with a presentation so simple and understandable as this one. It made me go back to my roots to relearn some stuff and showed me some new things. Every topic is given on a pleasant size and goes straight to the point. The most important thing, to me, is that I am learning a workflow that make sense. I Can’t be grateful enough for that. Zach actually read our comments and questions. He interact with us, clear doubts, and give us a hand when we need. I can’t recommend this course enough.

Jefferson Suzuki Bitencourt
3d printing manager (title)
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2019

Excellent Blender 2.8 Course!

I am very exited and stoked about the Blender 2.80 Launch Pad Course.
It is very good explained and in a high quality which I know from Zach.
The cours refreshes my knowledge and shows me a lot of new functions to rise up ability. It also a good reference work when I am looking for any special applications. Although I only have seen a third of the course so far, I recomend it for each Blender user.
Thank you and stay motivated!!

Axel Weitz
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2019

Not just for beginners!

I have been a Blender user for a very long time. However, the 2.80 release adds an enormous amount of new functionality and in the months leading up to the release, the user interface has changed a lot. Zach’s amazing Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course has been the best way to quickly get exposed to all of the new UI changes and much of the new functionality all in one place. Zach has been one of my favorite Blender instructors for years and is very wired into the Blender community. He always manages to surprise even the most experience Blender users with tips, tricks, and shortcuts that we had no idea were in there (how do you find those, Zach?!). Once you are fully up to speed on the UI changes, you’ll easily be able to map what you find in older Blender tutorials to 2.80. Even though I’ve followed the changes for months, Zach’s course puts it all in one place to digest quickly and easily. The lectures are concise, to the point, and provide great examples. Worth every penny (pfennig?)!

Chuck Ocheret
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 16, 2019

Ein super hilf- und lehrreicher Kurs!

Mein Englisch ist leider nicht sehr gut, deshalb auf deutsch: Ich habe schon einiges an Blender-online-Kursen und Tutorials durchgeackert, aber diesen Kurs empfinde ich als den bisher besten. Die verschiedenen Blender-Tools und Möglichkeiten sind sehr klar und anschaulich erläutert, ich verstehe alles und kann dem Kurs wunderbar folgen – trotz meiner nicht gerade prickelnden Englischkenntnisse. Was mir besonders gefällt, sind die begleitenden Arbeitsmaterialen und Aufgaben, die es zu lösen gilt. Hier hat sich der Autor echt was überlegt und auch Arbeit in das Bereitstellen der Übungsmaterialien investiert. Damit hebt er sich von anderen online-Kursen ab, in denen zwar auch gut erklärt, man in puncto Üben dann aber meist allein gelassen wird. Ich freue mich aufs Weitermachen!

Elisabeth Schmidt
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 14, 2019

Very Interesting Classes

Course is very well planned and classes are very interesting to follow. Project scenes and exercises for practicing are designed in such a way that, students will love to practice and learn. New features and additions to Blender 2.8 (Tools & Gizmos) are making the whole process even more interesting. Thanks for this beautiful course, Zach.

Self learner
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 11, 2019

A perfect introduction to Blender 2.8

I have been following Zach Reinhardts Blender tutorials for some years now. They are always well done and easy to follow. I am glad that he has created this new and extensive course on Blender 2.8. The new Blender is very exciting but is quite different from previous versions and I have the feeling that I am saving quite a lot of time by following his course.
I highly recommend it to everyone, to both beginner and advanced users.

Ragnar di Marzo
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 10, 2019

Great adventure!

This is a really awesome course for beginners! One of the first for Blender 2.80. Zach is a great teacher – everything just seems so simple. 🙂

It’s real pleasure to recommend this complete course for you!

Bartosz Niedbalski
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 9, 2019


Thanks to Zach there is an extreme detailed look into Blender 2.80. Its so easy to understand and fun to watch.
He explains it very detailed. Exactly what I was looking for, for such a long time.

Thank you, Zach, thank you so much!

Indra Halim Liob
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 9, 2019

This is the 3d course you’ve been looking for!

The course is comprised of bite sized video snippets that cover everything you will need to know when learning Blender version 2.8. Each video covers its topic concisely and is very easy to understand. I come from a 3ds Max background and Zach covers all the things you will need to know to get up to speed in the quickest possible time.

You can download all the videos on their own or access them via browser to review any topic you either forgot or were having trouble understanding. The online access also has the ability to ask questions or read other questions asked by other student as well as downloadable blend files so you can follow along with some topics.

I can’t recommend this learning series highly enough, if you are looking to learn and understand 3d modeling, animating etc. It has it all, and is the best value for money you will find for a complete beginners course.

Luke Pettit
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 9, 2019

Great job!

Dear Zach Reinhardt, your course is very good, quite complete and didactic, thank you for doing this great job. The few minutes duration of the videos is perfect, since very long tutorials are tiring. I’ve already gone over half the course, however I’m a bit frustrated with Blender 2.8 because it crashes on my computer when I go into LookDev Mode or render preview. So I can not follow your course forward, and I was forced to stop at the end of the modeling module. I hope they fix Blender bugs, so I can move on. Thanks and congratulations for the excellent work.

Rafael Suarez Ziegelmaier
Teacher – IFPE
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

A fantastic introduction to Blender 2.8

I consider myself sort of beginner to intermediate level with Blender, so I did initially wonder if this course would be of value to me as I thought it was more of a beginner’s introduction to Blender 2.8. Following the advice of a few other reviewers I decided to enroll on the course anyway and see what it was like as I am far from an expert in Blender and making the move to 2.8 has proved a little confusing as I have literally only just learned 2.79 last year.

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content within this course. Yes some chapters are very basic and those with more than a basic understanding of Blender will find they already know it, but there is so much fantastically presented and informative content on almost every aspect of 2.8 that I think anyone but the most advanced users of Blender will learn things they didn’t know.

The content is very well presented in short and to the point video chapters covering all the different areas of Blender 2.8 in a clear and friendly manner. Zach’s enthusiasm for the subject comes across throughout making the course very light-hearted and easy to listen to and learn from.

I have already learned so many new features and techniques in Blender 2.8 from the first 80% of the course that it has definitely been worth the money. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Blender 2.8 and even to existing Blender users who want a crash course in 2.8 and maybe pick up some clever tips along the way.

Keith Talbot
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

An excellent course

I have found the Launch Pad course brilliantly organized. Each video is just the right length – not too long, not too short. It is full of useful information and lots of tips. Very useful for beginners and even advanced users wanting to get stuck into 2.8. I particularly like how Zach shows you at the beginning of each clip what you will be creating. This gives you a clear idea of the focus of the clip. Also, the online system that Zach uses keeps track of what videos you have watched, and also where you have watched up to, so it is very easy to re-visit a clip that you haven’t finished and to check your overall progress. All in all a very useful course, and one that I thoroughly recommend.

Alex Silver
Senior IT Trainer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

Excellent resource for beginners and experienced users alike!

I’ve been using Blender on and off for about a year, so some of the content was stuff I already knew. However, I found it to be an invaluable introduction to Blender 2.8, because it covers so many new features and changes that I haven’t seen in any other tutorial so far. Most tutorials are made using older versions of Blender, and have become outdated because of changes to the interface, removal or re-purposing of legacy features, new keyboard shortcuts, etc, and so I’ve often found myself constantly googling workarounds since switching to 2.8. Luckily, Zach‘s course puts all those frustrations to rest. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store!

Mike Cairns
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

CG Hobbyist

I recently signed in for this new course in Blender v.2.8. I’m not a beginner in Blender (I would say I am at an intermediate level), but I’m definitely a beginner for the 2.8 version.

I haven’t dug much into the course yet, for different reasons not related to the course itself, but for what I’ve seen so far I can say that the course, as others from Zach, is matching and surpassing my expectations. Very good course for beginners and for those, like me, who are looking for a good refresh of the basics (and for those who want to learn more about v.2.8 specifically).
Zach is always very thorough in his explanations of the various functions, and always full of tips and ticks.

Definitely recommended. I can’t wait to dig deeper into it

Giovanni Battista Minozzi
Senior Tunnel Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

A handy start to Blender 2.8

A great tutorial. The course is very well-structured and methodical. I have experience in Blender 2.7 and still learn because Zach explain in detail how to use the function in a better way and give lots of hints. It is useful to both beginners and more advance users, so I definitely recommend it.

Claude Ducharme
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

Quality of detail

Having started learning Blender from the beginning of the year 2019. The Blender 2.8 Launch Pad has started with the most detail and explanation of the fundamental tools and processes of any course I have done. The skills and concepts to which to use these tools has been incredible to learn. I have reached the modeling section of the course, and I am most excited of all my courses to finish. I cannot wait to take more courses from CG Boost.

Shannon Emerson
IT Systems Engineer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 8, 2019

Packed solid! Don’t let the price fool you!

When I first perused this course, I saw the final project and it thrilled me, so I decided the take the plunge. I have to say, Zach’s teaching style is spot on. Although I’m barely through #3 module, 14%, I’m already enjoying the tips and tricks. A majority of the Blender full courses are 2.79, so this course beats them as he keeps adding new content based on updates to 2.80. Keep it fresh, and they’ll keep coming back, I say. Zach delivers this content perfectly. A must for 3d beginners and pros alike.

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 7, 2019

Excellent start for any newcomers to Blender

Zach Reinhardt explains the fundamentals of Blender in depth, giving any beginner a solid understanding and concrete foundation to start experimenting with. The tutorial series motivates a person to play around and go a step further to properly learn any core part of Blender. It also inspires on a completely new level, suddenly having so many new ideas of what I want to achieve with CG. A tutorial series truly worth the costs.

Stephan Fourie
Software Developer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 6, 2019

The best all around Blender training!

Zach’s Mastering Sculpting in Blender was the best Blender training I had seen, so I was anxious for the release of his Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course. So far I have watched the getting started and fundamentals chapters, and they are excellent! The course is very easy to follow and is a comprehensive introduction to Blender 2.8. The object and modeling fundamentals chapters are organized in such a way to make it easy to go back and review particular tools and concepts. Looking forward to watching the rest of the course.

Bill Isenberger
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 6, 2019

An amazing introduction to Blender 2.8

First off, I must say I’m thoroughly enjoying the course. I’ve been involved with 3d and VFX for many years but only recently with Blender. When I signed up for the course I wasn’t sure what to expect although I had seen some of Zach’s YouTube videos and I liked his style. I am beyond happy with the quality of the course. The videos are a perfect blend of information and at just the right length. I like training that gets straight to the point and allows me to keep moving. As well as covering the information I need, the videos are just plain interesting. He has my full attention while I’m watching which I can’t say the same for other courses I’ve watched. The course is much more valuable to me than what I paid. I can finally say I now understand Blender. It used to baffle me and now I’m truly a Blender user. I can’t praise Zach highly enough. Thank you for the dedication, thought and care you’ve put into this training.

Steven Mclean
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 5, 2019

Starting in the 3D world

No doubt this course is perfect to start in the fascinating world of 3D. At first glance Blender seems like a complicated program, but this course makes it easy. I have really learned a lot from the first video. The teaching methodology is simple and clear. I recommend it.

William A. Molina S.
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 5, 2019

Super useful and complete course!

I am an intermediate level user of Blender and I found Zach’s Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course very useful and fun. He has digestible video segments on all the important functions needed to create a very cool animation. I found lots of shortcuts and features I didn’t know about even after using Blender for a few months. Zach explains things very clearly including why features behave the way they do but without doing a deep dive on technical issues. It’s really geared towards information that is immediately useful with lots of examples and blend files to illustrate the concepts. Excellent course!

Richard Grossi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 5, 2019

Beyond Impressed!

The Blender 2.8 Launch Pad course is excellent! I highly recommend this course to anyone starting their 3D design journey or upgrading to Blenders new UI. I am a professional 3D print designer and love seeing how his tips relate to my medium. Zach is extremely clear in his lessons and very active in the comments, in case you run into any obstacles. Can’t wait for more!

Jayson Wall
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 5, 2019

A beautifully crafted tutorial.

I was already using Blender prior to 2.80 but I picked it up piecemeal and thought this course was a good opportunity to both gain some familiarity with 2.80 and to fill in the gaps. This course delivers!

The best thing about the course is that it presents the material in a constantly engaging way: the projects are fun – enjoyable enough that you may well want to do them even if you already know Blender. Along the way, I’ve picked up a ton of little tricks which, while I might have managed without them, certainly make things a lot easier (instant boolean operations while in edit mode for example).

I love Zach’s teaching style: well-paced, humorous, and very engaging. The topics are nicely “bite sized” and it’s easy to sit down with a cup of coffee and just do another segment (and then, likely as not, just one more…). I’m delighted with this course.

Matthew James Webber
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 5, 2019

Great for beginner for Blender and EEVEE

I really liked this tutorial, It’s very well organized and edited. Good example scenes and a very good amount of time spend on explaining things. I think this video is must-have item for all Blender beginners. Good luck and please make videos like this, on higher level topics, too.

Injae Choi
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 3, 2019

Best course of Blender 2.8

This is the best course of all that I have found for this version of the Blender! During the study of the material did not regret the spent money. I would like to see further on the course on creating VFX effects in Blender.

Sergey Tyurin
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 3, 2019

Very beginner friendly tutorial

This course has helped me a lot, being a user of Maya and ZBrush. This software compared to other 3d packages, has much more to offer than meets the eye. The way this course is structured is very well-designed and friendly to new beginners. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into 3d.

Jose Manuel Lara
3D Modeler
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 3, 2019

A great start for Blender 2.8

This is a great course. It is very suitable for beginners of Blender. This course is gradual, clear and well-organized, and it is very useful to explain the knowledge points. I love this course very much.

Yu Gao
Alibaba Group, Creative Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 3, 2019

The missing manual for Blender (2.8).

This course is hands down the best out there for Blender at this moment. It’s very structured and easy to follow along.
Each lesson has a downloadable scene file so you can follow along with the instructor. There is a handy comment section for questions regarding the chapter you are watching.

The instructor explains the information at a comfortable pace so it’s easy to follow along. I like the detailed information in each chapter, and its focus is not only on how but also on why you should do something.

This is a very structured and easy to understand course for anyone who would like to start to use Blender!

Marc Quaedvlieg
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 3, 2019

Learning my future

I think it’s an excellent course and I’m learning a lot. The fact of making short videos allows us to move faster, which is very motivating. A suggestion in the future could be to give extra tasks that are optional in a practical way, and that could then be coupled to the final project.

Luis Rossa
Industrial Designer
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 2, 2019

Brilliant introduction

Another superb course from Zach, which will take you from beginner to Blender 2.8 hero in a few weeks. My only criticism is the lack of cat impressions this time around.

If you already have Blender experience, this is a first-rate conversion course to the 2.8 interface and you will learn something new in every lesson.

I eagerly await Zach’s soft body modeling and rigging course, which will be a perfect complement for this.

Jeremy Cooke
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 2, 2019

3D with a talented friend

I have been working in graphic design in a communication agency for over 20 years and I learned 3D on the job. Today, I want to acquire a real skill and release my creativity on Blender. So I took advantage of the release of Blender 2.8 to let me guide by Zach (sorry for the familiarity). As always, I take advantage of his teaching talent, the clarity of his explanations and the joy he conveys to each video. It is simply a pleasure to finally understand Blender globally and to be able to become autonomous in my production process.

Pure happiness for all who want to become professionals! All with this extra soul of the Blender community.
Just a huge thank you, Zach!

Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 2, 2019

Great beginners guide

Zach did a great job on this tutorial. I’ve been playing around with Blender for about 4 years and never really dove deep into it. I can get around at what I’m doing, but i really wanted to get into it this time and see what I can do. I found a style I like (Zach’s low poly style) so I signed up for the course. This is a great beginners guide and great for people like me who know enough to make a photo but not enough to make money at it, a hobbyist.

I am currently at 71.8% completed, I have watched every video and while I am not following it 100% (I picked a different car), I am able to follow him step by step.

I am American (only know English and that bad English) but I can completely understand Zach’s English, he speaks it well.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn Blender and has never even downloaded any version of it.

Zach’s corny humor as silly as it can be, makes me laugh. pew pew

~Kurt Schloemp (Draco Socard)

When I have finished the course and completed my video, I will put it on my YouTube channel.

Kurt Schloemp
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 2, 2019

Great start into Blender

This course has been amazing. Short yet concise lessons that I can go back and rewatch, really helps in me learning the software. I am coming from using Cinema 4D and while 3D is still relatively new to me, this course really helped in my transition. I would definitely recommend to anyone starting out in 3D and wants a beginner course at a low price!

Steve B
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jul 2, 2019

Just the BEST course I ever did on 3d and Blender

I’m a professional online teacher and have produced over 800 videos on Lightroom and Photoshop. So I know a thing or two about teaching online and this course is amazing. I hesitated on buying the course because I have some kind of “ok” foundation on using Blender and was worried that it was going to be boring.

Boy was I wrong. I binged watched all the videos that were available in 3 days, something I had never in the past or only on a TV show like “Games of Thrones”. It clarified so much confusion I had on Blender. I followed along and create my own car and environment, I went for a Model 3 Tesla instead of the old car but loved it.

Zach is for me the best teacher out there on Blender for several reasons:
– He is not too fast nor too slow
– He explains hard to understand concepts in simple words
– Everything is from simple to intermediate
– He uses a lot of funny examples
– His English is super easy to understand, and he is friendly and fun
– Teachable is also a great experience in watching the tutorial.

If you ever wanted to learn Blender run for it!

Serge Ramelli
Enrolled in:Blender Launch Pad
Date:Jun 27, 2019